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Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Spanaway Lake High School
16575 10th Avct E, Spanaway

0.94 m
Sprinker Tennis Center
399 149th St S, Parkland

1.32 m
Pacific Lutheran University
866 124th St S, Parkland

2.80 m
Washington High School
12335 Ainsworth Ave S, Parkland

3.00 m
McChord Air Force Base
6th St SW, Lakewood

3.35 m
Pierce High School
11002 18th Ave E, Tacoma

3.79 m
Bethel High School
21945 38th Ave E, Elk Plain

4.17 m
Fort Lews - Roosevelt Ave
Roosevelt Ave, Tacoma

5.09 m
Lakewood Racquet Club
11428 58th Ave SW, Lakewood

5.10 m
Dawson Playfield
8962 18th Ave E, Midland

5.17 m
Clover Park High School
10898 59th Ave SW, Lakewood

5.35 m
Harmon Park
8084 S I St, Tacoma

5.55 m
Lakeland Park
12699 Lakeland Ave SW, Lakewood

5.73 m
Harry Todd Park
9002 N Thorne Ln SW, Lakewood

5.87 m
Rogers High School
8760 128th St E, South Hill

6.26 m
Lochburn Middle School
5700 86th St SW, Lakewood

6.36 m
Mount Tahoma High School
7545 S Verde St, Tacoma

6.51 m
Alling Park
1134 S 60th St, Tacoma

6.91 m
Lincoln High School
4077 S 66th St, Tacoma

6.99 m
Stewart Heights Park
430 E 56th St, Tacoma

7.01 m
Mcllvaigh Middle School
Pipeline Rd E, Tacoma

7.33 m
Bally's Puyallup
3600 9th St SW, Puyallup

7.36 m
Hudloff Middle School
7702 Phillips Rd SW, Tacoma

7.41 m
DeCoursey Sports Park
7th Ave SW, Puyallup

7.71 m
Lakes High School
10320 Farwest Dr SW, Tacoma

7.85 m
Fort Lewis
Liggett Ave, Tacoma

7.87 m
Oakbrook Golf & Country Club
7791 Ruby Dr SW, Lakewood

8.01 m
Charles Wright Academy
5702 83rd Ave W, University Place

8.52 m
Steilacoom High School‎
54 Sentinel Dr, Steilacoom

8.57 m
Puyallup High School
661 W Pioneer, Puyallup

8.65 m
Puyallup Recreation Center
2101 7th St NW, Puyallup

9.47 m
Sumner Middle School
1455 Robinson Rd, Sumner

11.17 m
Titlow Park
6TH N E St, Tacoma

11.29 m
Sumner High School
1540 Mason St, Sumner

11.70 m
Daffodil Valley Sports Complex
Graham Ave, Sumner

12.18 m
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The Tacoma Tennis Network
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The 2019 Women's Top 100 Tennis LeagueLadder League2019-01-012019-12-31The Tacoma Tennis Network
The 2019 Men's Top 100 Tennis LeagueLadder League2019-01-012019-12-31The Tacoma Tennis Network
The 2019 Mixed Doubles Tennis LeagueLadder League2019-01-012019-12-31The Tacoma Tennis Network
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Sprinker Tennis Pro Shop
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