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Are you looking to play tennis in Rochester, New York? From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Rochester, New York.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Nathaniel Rochester Community School
99 Sophia Pl, Rochester

0.48 m
Wilson Foundation Academy
195 Epworth St, Rochester

0.95 m
Baden Park
525 Upper Falls Blvd, Rochester

1.36 m
Edgerton Recreation Center
41 Backus St, Rochester

1.44 m
Peter Lyman Tennis Center
Wilson Blvd, Rochester

1.51 m
David F. Gantt Recreation Center
700 N St, Rochester

1.64 m
Cobbs Hill Park
300 Norris Dr, Rochester

2.39 m
Genesee Valley Park
1346 Genesee St, Rochester

2.40 m
Park View Street
170 Park View St, Rochester

2.51 m
McQuaid Jesuit High School
1800 Clinton Ave S, Rochester

2.57 m
The Aquinas Institute of Rochester
1127 Dewey Ave, Rochester

2.62 m
Benjamin Franklin High School
79 Kilmar St, Rochester

2.67 m
East High School
800 Culver Rd, Rochester

2.70 m
John James Audubon School
500 Webster Ave, Rochester

2.75 m
Dr Walter Cooper Academy School
180 Ridgeway Ave, Rochester

2.90 m
La Grange Park
233 Lagrange Ave, Rochester

2.98 m
School of Imaging & Info
1445 Lexington Ave., Rochester, NY, Rochester

3.13 m
Northeast College High School
940 Fernwood Park, Rochester

3.22 m
Buckland Park
1341 Westfall Rd, Rochester

3.30 m
Farmington Park
600 Merchants Rd, Rochester

3.31 m
Brighton High School
1150 S Winton Rd, Rochester

3.47 m
Norton Village Park
350 Waring Rd, Rochester

3.55 m
Midtown Athletic Club
200 East Highland Dr, Rochester

3.58 m
Bishop Kearney High School
125 Kings Hwy S, Rochester

3.80 m
Monroe Community College
Monroe Community College, Rochester

3.84 m
Westgate Park
1489 Howard Rd, Rochester

4.03 m
Meridian Centre Park
Meridian Centre Blvd, Rochester

4.06 m
East Irondequoit Middle School
155 Densmore Rd, Rochester

4.16 m
Lions Park
18 Koladyne Ave, Rochester

4.16 m
The Harley School
1981 Clover St, Rochester

4.23 m
Gates Chili High School
1 Spartan Way, Rochester

4.24 m
Irondequoit High School
260 Cooper Rd, Rochester

4.49 m
Country Club of Rochester
2935 East Ave, Rochester

4.65 m
Allendale Columbia School
561 Allens Creek Rd, Rochester

4.79 m
Louis S Wolk Jewish Community Center
1200 Edgewood Ave, Rochester

4.87 m
Eastridge High School
2350 Ridge Rd E, Rochester

4.90 m
Ellison Park
395 Richs Dugway Rd, Rochester

5.06 m
Barnard Park
410 Maiden Ln, Rochester

5.18 m
Oak Hill Country Club
145 Kilbourn Rd, Rochester

5.22 m
Locust Hill Country Club
2000 Jefferson Rd, Pittsford

5.30 m
Carter Park
1281 Long Pond Rd, Rochester

5.40 m
Apollo Middle School
750 Maiden Ln, Rochester

5.45 m
Rochester Institute of Technology
68 Lomb Memorial Dr, Rochester

5.64 m
Irondequoit Country Club
4045 E Ave, Rochester

5.87 m
Nazareth College
Nazareth College, Rochester

6.02 m
Veterans Memorial Park
595 Calkins Rd, Henrietta

6.11 m
Adeline Park
124 Armstrong Rd, Rochester

6.26 m
Basil Marella Park
975 English Rd, Rochester

6.30 m
Charlotte High School
125 Atwell St, Rochester

6.40 m
Pittsford Sutherland High School
55 Sutherland St, Pittsford

6.59 m
Rush-Henrietta Senior High School
1799 Lehigh Station Rd, Henrietta

6.72 m
Greenwood Park
1550 Scribner Rd, Rochester

6.76 m
Millennium Lodge
Greece Canal Park, Rochester

6.78 m
Spezo Park
66 Beach Ter, Irondequoit

6.88 m
East Rochester High School
200 Woodbine Ave, East Rochester

7.09 m
George Badgerow Park
George Badgerow Park, Rochester

7.12 m
Athena High School
800 Long Pond Rd, Rochester

7.20 m
Calkins Road Middle School
1899 Calkins Rd, Pittsford

7.21 m
The Roger Robach Community Center
180 Bch Ave, Rochester

7.33 m
Shadow Lake
1850 Five Mile Line Rd, Penfield

7.38 m
Arcadia High School
130 Island Cottage Rd, Rochester

7.39 m
Veteran's Memorial Park
4614 Dewey Ave, Rochester

7.40 m
Monroe Golf Club
155 Golf Ave, Pittsford

7.41 m
Memorial Park
3235 Chili Ave, Rochester

7.55 m
Roth Junior High School
4000 E Henrietta Rd, Henrietta

7.65 m
Penfield High School
25 High School Dr, Penfield

7.66 m
Davis Park
48 Andony Ln, Rochester

8.05 m
Barker Road Middle School
75 Barker Rd, Pittsford

8.14 m
Webster Schroeder High School
875 Ridge Rd, Webster

8.26 m
Pittsford-Mendon High School
472 Mendon Rd, Rochester

8.27 m
Midvale Country Club
2387 Baird Rd, Penfield

8.32 m
Greece Department of Parks and Recreation
3 Vince Tofany Blvd, Rochester

8.33 m
Thornell Farm Park
480 Mendon Rd, Rochester

8.39 m
Spencerport High School
2707 Spencerport Rd, Spencerport

8.50 m
Veteran's Memorial Park
1644 Jackson Rd, Penfield

8.66 m
Webster Thomas High School
834 Publishers Pkwy, Webster

8.70 m
Penfield Country Club
1784 Jackson Rd, Penfield

8.72 m
Harris Whalen Park
Harris Whalen Park Rd, Penfield

8.86 m
Perinton Park
99 O'Connor Rd, Fairport

8.95 m
Roberts Wesleyan College
4288 Buffalo Rd #4242, North Chili

9.09 m
Potter Park
53 W Church St, Fairport

9.55 m
Park Road Elementary School
50 Park Rd, Pittsford

9.67 m
Kreag Road Park
Kreag Road, Rochester

9.82 m
Tennis Club of Rochester
570 Kreag Rd, Pittsford

9.89 m
Mendon Racquet & Pool Club
80 Topspin Dr, Pittsford

9.98 m
Martha Brown Middle School
665 Ayrault Rd, Fairport

10.15 m
Fellows Road Park
499 Fellows Rd, Fairport

10.33 m
Schantz Park
1320 State Rd, Webster

10.36 m
Grandview Park
255 Beechwood Park, Rochester

10.43 m
Parma Park
1300 Hilton Parma Rd, Hilton

10.91 m
Webster First Responders Park
1350 Chiyoda Dr, Webster

11.02 m
Webster Park
Park Rd, Webster

11.04 m
Churchville Chili Central School District
139 Fairbanks Rd, Churchville

11.16 m
Forest Ridge Community Club
8 Charing Cross, Fairport

11.21 m
Wheatland Chili High School
940 N Rd, Scottsville

11.35 m
Fairport High School
1358 Ayrault Rd, Fairport

11.41 m
Turin Tennis & Swim Club
260 Hogan Rd, Fairport

11.70 m
Markus Park
183 Quaker Meeting House Rd, Honeoye Falls

12.38 m
Fishers Park
633 Co Rd 42, Victor

12.65 m
Hilton High School
400 E Ave, Hilton

12.66 m
Churchville Park
N Main St, Churchville

13.66 m
Honeoye Falls-Lima High School
83 E St, Honeoye Falls

14.18 m
Cobblestone Creek Country Club
100 Cobble Crk Rd, Victor

14.54 m
Victor High School
953 High St, Victor

15.22 m
Gananda Middle School
1500 Dayspring Ridge, Walworth

15.90 m
Bullis Park
1125 Marina Pkwy, Macedon

16.08 m
Wayne Central High School
6200 Ontario Ctr Rd, Ontario Center

16.61 m
Cal-Mum High School
99 N St, Caledonia

16.77 m
Washburn Park
264 Park Pl, Caledonia

16.90 m
Lima Elementary School
7342 College St, Lima

17.04 m
Ginther Elementary School
40 Allen St, Brockport

17.05 m
State University College at Brockport
State University College At Brockport, Brockport

17.29 m
Walworth Park
2257 Academy St, Walworth

17.53 m
Hamlin Recreation Area
1658 Lake Rd N, Hamlin

18.02 m
Avon High School
245 Clinton St, Avon

18.22 m
Byron-Bergen Senior High School
6917 W Bergen Rd, Bergen

19.97 m
Palmyra-Macedon High School
151 Hyde Pkwy, Palmyra

20.02 m
Farmington Grove Park
1744 Maplewood Dr, Farmington

20.11 m
Bloomfield High School
21 Oakmount Ave, Bloomfield

20.32 m
Wolcott Street School
2 Trigon Park, Le Roy

22.47 m
Le Roy High School
9300 S St Rd, Le Roy

22.62 m
Wildwood Park
138 Munson St, Le Roy

23.11 m
Westplex Park
7 W Ave, Manchester

23.33 m
Jones-Blunt Park
Water St, Shortsville

24.02 m
Frank Baker Park
229 Buffalo St, Canandaigua

24.21 m
The Cottages at Troutburg
19 County Line Rd, Hamlin

24.31 m
Canandaigua Academy
435 E St, Canandaigua

24.34 m
Canandaigua Middle School
215 Granger St, Canandaigua

24.63 m
Sonnenberg Park
151 Charlotte St, Canandaigua

24.81 m
Finger Lakes Community College
3325 Marvin Sands Dr, Canandaigua

27.46 m
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Billy Nealon Tennis
Members: 1   Location: Rochester, New York
Billy Nealon Tennis Junior Challenge Ladder
Members: 37   Location: Rochester, New York
Country Club of Rochester Tennis - Members Only
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Bao Nguyen      Rochester - 5 months, 1 week
Hello, I'm in the transition to be moving to Rochester NY area. Looking for pick up games if anybody is interested. I'm approximately rated as 4.5 level.



Trevor Meier      Worldwide - 5 months, 2 weeks
I get more emails asking about tennis lessons than anything else. So, I have created a dedicated search for finding a lesson:

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Tennis Racquet Stringers
Name Location
Racquet Strings USA
Store Coming Soon
Canandaigua, New York
Home Based585-337-0631
Bell Racquet Sports
349 W. Commercial St
East Rochester, New York
Store Front(800) 724-9439
Sorrentino Stringers
119 Idlewood Road
Rochester, New York
(585) 442-3972
Racquet Strings USA
2011 East Henrietta Rd
Apt. 1
Rochester, New York
Home Based585-748-2367
Racquet Strings USA
12 Skyview Dr.
New Location New Number
Rochester, New York
Home Based585-237-8822

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