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This is an overview of all things tennis in Charlotte, North Carolina. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Charlotte, North Carolina.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Total Matches Played: 5,318

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2022 Tennis + Ladder FunLadder League2911Tennis Plus Fun Team
OPRC ScrimmageLadder League00
These are all the leagues and tournaments currently underway in the area.
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Carole Locklin      Fort Mill, South Carolina
3 years
Would like to play doubles

moussa tannous      Charlotte, North Carolina
7 months
just wana play tennis with some one
4.00 to 5.25

Kristi Hurrell      Mount Holly, North Carolina
8 months, 1 week
45 year old female looking to play weekly in mornings over summer. I love playing for the game and exercise. Probably at a 2.75 or 3.0 level. Live in Mount Holly area.
adult2.50 to 3.50

Barry Carter      Huntersville, North Carolina
1 year, 6 months
60 year old guy in Huntersville NC seeking similar for just good fun and exercise. I used to play a lot--many years ago. Looking to get back into it. Have access to a nice court at our HOA in Birkdale.

Antony Francis Kelvin Francis Maria Arokiasamy Paul      Concord, North Carolina
1 year, 6 months
Hey Everyone,

I am in Concord, North Carolina. I am looking for a hitting partner or someone I would like to play a match with. I used to play national-level tournaments back in India but took a 4-year break. I recently started playing again and would like to play a good match. Let me know if anyone is interested.
4.50 to 5.50

Trevor Meier      Worldwide
2 years, 1 month
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Noah (Eric) McDonald      Charlotte, North Carolina
1 year, 4 months
Competitive Junior play looking for competitive match play - Current UTR 10
maleyoung adult4.50 to 5.50

Harigopal Chejerla      Concord, North Carolina
1 year, 4 months
Hi I am looking opportunity to play 2.75 doubles and singles near north concord nc area.

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Local Events
Feb 05 - Feb 11 Add
There are no events this week, but there is 1 in the future.
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Local Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Alexander Street Park
739 E 12th St, Charlotte

0.92 m
Dilworth Elementary
405 E Park Ave, Charlotte

1.16 m
Independence Park
1540 Armory Dr, Charlotte

1.27 m
Johnson C Smith University
100 Beatties Ford Rd, Charlotte

1.35 m
Five Points Park
200 French St, Charlotte

1.67 m
Edgehill Park
975 S Edgehill Rd, Charlotte

1.81 m
Colonial Park
219 Providence Rd, Charlotte

1.81 m
Sedgefield Park
621 Elmhurst Rd, Charlotte

2.12 m
Freedom Park
1900 East Blvd, Charlotte

2.21 m
Midwood Park
2109 Chambwood Dr, Charlotte

2.23 m
Freedom Park - West Courts
1900 E Blvd, Charlotte

2.24 m
Veteran Park
1427 Iris Dr, Charlotte

2.31 m
Charlotte Country Club
2465 Mecklenburg Ave, Charlotte

2.79 m
E B Moore Park
901 Marsh Rd, Charlotte

2.82 m
Phillip O Berry Academy of Technology
1430 Alleghany St, Charlotte

2.85 m
West Charlotte High School
2219 Senior Dr, Charlotte

2.85 m
YWCA Central Carolinas
3420 Park Rd, Charlotte

3.06 m
Collins Park
4500 Applegate Rd, Charlotte

3.57 m
Garinger High School
1100 Eastway Dr, Charlotte

3.60 m
Myers Park Country Club
2600 Sharon Rd, Charlotte

3.63 m
Grayson Park
750 Beal St, Charlotte

3.70 m
Tuckaseegee Park
4820 Tuckaseegee Rd, Charlotte

3.91 m
Myers Park High School
2400 Colony Rd, Charlotte

4.00 m
Sugaw Creek Park
943 W Sugar Creek Rd, Charlotte

4.15 m
Sheffield Park
1311 Tarrington Ave, Charlotte

4.44 m
Charlotte Swim & Racquet Club
1000 Lomax Ave, Charlotte

4.49 m
Marion Diehl Recreation Center
2219 Tyvola Rd, Charlotte

4.54 m
Barclay Downs Swim & Racquet
2812 Inverness Rd, Charlotte

4.82 m
Jeff Adams Tennis Center
1200 West Tyvola Rd, Charlotte

5.11 m
Foxcroft Hills Swim & Racquet Club
2301 Sedley Rd, Charlotte

5.33 m
Unity Park
6401 Kelsey Dr, Charlotte

5.41 m
Park Rd Park
6220 Park Rd, Charlotte

5.51 m
Fairmeadows Swim & Racquet Club
2816 Eastburn Rd, Charlotte

5.54 m
Foxcroft East Racquet & Swim Club
7701 Fairview Rd, Charlotte

5.71 m
E E Waddell High School
7030 Nations Ford Rd, Charlotte

5.82 m
Rama Swim & Racquet Club
6109 Wheeler Dr, Charlotte

5.84 m
East Mecklenburg High School
6800 Monroe Rd, Charlotte

5.88 m
Providence Day School
5800 Sardis Rd, Charlotte

5.91 m
Charlotte Tennis Academy
6100 Birmingham Dr, Charlotte

6.01 m
Charlotte Country Day School
1440 Carmel Rd, Charlotte

6.08 m
West Mecklenburg High School
7400 Tuckaseegee Rd, Charlotte

6.35 m
Mountainbrook Swim & Racquet Club
3100 Mill Pond Rd, Charlotte

6.38 m
Levine Jewish Community Center
5007 Providence Rd, Charlotte

6.40 m
Vance High School
7600 Ibm Dr, Charlotte

6.42 m
Huntingtown Farms Club
2200 Huntingtowne Farms Lane, Charlotte

6.43 m
Mason Wallace Park
7400 Dwight St, Charlotte

6.53 m
Starclaire Swim & Tennis Club
7700 Woodstream Dr, Charlotte

6.56 m
Hornets Nest Park
6301 Beatties Ford Rd, Charlotte

6.59 m
Carmel Road Neighborhood Park
2365 Carmel Rd, Charlotte

6.74 m
Huntingtowne Farms Park
2400 Ramblewood Lane, Charlotte

6.84 m
Russell Racquet Club
1024 Sardis Ln, Charlotte

6.97 m
Sardis Swim & Racquet Club
7400 Thermal Rd, Charlotte

7.32 m
Charlotte Indoor Tennis Club
8401 Sharon Lakes Rd, Charlotte

7.52 m
Quail Hollow Country Club
3700 Glen Eagles Rd, Charlotte

7.55 m
Maersk Inc
9300 Arrowpoint Blvd, Charlotte

7.64 m
Olde Providence Racquet Club
5630 Sharon View Rd, Charlotte

7.76 m
Waverly Swim & Tennis Club
8205 Albemarle Rd, Charlotte

7.78 m
Charlotte Christian School
7301 Sardis Rd, Charlotte

7.85 m
Coulwood Park
500 Kentberry Dr, Charlotte

7.86 m
Olympic High School
4301 Sandy Porter Rd, Charlotte

7.87 m
Windyrush Country Club
6441 Windyrush Rd, Charlotte

7.96 m
Memphis University
3641 Central Ave, Charlotte

8.02 m
Environmental Services of Charlotte
1000 Louis Rose Place, Charlotte

8.10 m
U.N.C.C. - Halton Wagner Tennis Complex
8950 Cameron Blvd, Charlotte

8.14 m
South Mecklenburg High School
8900 Park Rd, Charlotte

8.31 m
Carmel Country Club
4735 Carmel Rd, Charlotte

8.40 m
Cameron Wood Swim & Racquet
3228 Birnen Dr, Charlotte

8.79 m
Park Crossing Swim & Racquet
10201 Park Crossing Dr, Charlotte

8.83 m
Beverly Crest Swim & Racquet Club
7100 Hensey's Way, Charlotte

8.84 m
Independence High School
1967 Patriot Dr, Charlotte

8.90 m
Providence High School
1800 Pineville Matthews Rd, Charlotte

8.99 m
Charlotte Country Day School - Middle School Campus
5936 Green Rea Rd, Charlotte

9.21 m
Covenant Day School
800 Fullwood Rd, Matthews

9.66 m
Pine Lake Country Club
5504 Lebanon Rd, Mint Hill

9.85 m
Prosperity Athletic Club
9300 Browne Rd, Charlotte

9.92 m
North Mecklenburg High School
11201 Old Statesville Rd, Huntersville

9.96 m
Hembstead Swim & Racquet Club
2760 Oakmeade Dr, Charlotte

9.99 m
Raintree Country Club
8600 Raintree Ln, Charlotte

10.26 m
Mallard Creek High School
3825 Johnston Oehler Rd, Charlotte

10.42 m
Piper Glen Country Club
4300 Piper Glen Dr, Charlotte

10.64 m
Providence Plantation Racquet & Swim Club
3100 Houston Branch Rd, Charlotte

10.72 m
Wilgrove Park
7750 Jim Harper Lane, Mint Hill

10.79 m
Painted Tree Swim & Racquet Club
11709 Painted Tree Rd, Charlotte

10.82 m
Charlotte Latin School
9502 Providence Rd, Charlotte

10.90 m
Belmont Abbey College - Sacred Heart Campus
200 Mercy Dr, Belmont

11.13 m
Belmont Abbey College
100 Belmont Mount Holly Rd, Belmont

11.16 m
South Point High School
906 S Point Rd, Belmont

11.27 m
Hopewell High School
11530 Beatties Ford Rd, Huntersville

11.27 m
David W Butler High School
1810 Matthews Mint Hill Rd, Matthews

11.34 m
Regent Park Club
5404 Regent Pkwy, Fort Mill

11.40 m
Rocky River High School
10505 Clear Creek Commerce Dr, Charlotte

11.45 m
Mount Holly Swim & Racquet Club
306 Madison Dr, Mount Holly

11.48 m
Davis Park
204 Park Dr, Belmont

11.54 m
Matthews Tennis & Swim Club
2110 Pleasant Plains Rd, Matthews

11.56 m
The Ballantyne Hotel
10000 Ballantyne Commons Pkwy, Charlotte

11.68 m
Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge
10000 Ballantyne Commons Pkwy, Charlotte

11.72 m
Stuart W Cramer High School
101 Lakewood Rd, Belmont

12.23 m
Mint Hill Veterans Memorial Park
8850 Fairview Rd, Charlotte

12.32 m
Provincetowne Dr, Charlotte

12.39 m
Ballantyne Country Club
14801 Ballantyne Country Club Dr, Charlotte

12.43 m
Life Time Athletic Charlotte
11220 Golf Links Dr, Charlotte

12.47 m
Raeburn Swim Club
12049 Parks Farm Ln, Charlotte

12.59 m
Stallings Road Park
4050 Stallings Rd, Harrisburg

12.74 m
Holbrook Park
100 Sherwood Dr, Huntersville

12.79 m
Colonel Francis Beatty Park
4330 Weddington Rd, Matthews

12.87 m
Stallings Park
276 Stallings Rd, Stallings

12.89 m
Skybrook Swim & Racquet Club
830 Skybrook Dr, Huntersville

12.98 m
Nation Ford High School
1400 A O Jones Blvd, Fort Mill

12.99 m
Hickory Rdge High School
7321 Raging Ridge Road, Harrisburg

13.13 m
6001 Providence Country Club Dr, Charlotte

13.31 m
Providence Pointe
15440 Prescott Hill Ave, Charlotte

13.33 m
Cox Mill High School
1355 Cox Mill Rd, Concord

13.44 m
Springfield Tennis Courts
420 Horton Grove Rd, Fort Mill

13.54 m
Ardrey Kell High School
10220 Ardrey Kell Rd, Charlotte

13.54 m
Weddington Tennis Club
4315 Matthews-Weddington Rd., Weddington

13.56 m
Cramer Mountain Country Club
102 Hidden Pastures Dr, Cramerton

13.57 m
Copper Ridge Condominium Association
16215 Redstone Mountain Ln, Charlotte

13.74 m
Jay M Robinson High School
300 Pitts School Rd SW, Concord

13.77 m
MacAulay Neighborhood
16023 Hallaton Dr, Huntersville

13.94 m
The Club at Longview
8801 Longview Club Dr, Weddington

13.96 m
Blakeney Racquet and Swim Club
10607 Rea Rd, Charlotte

14.10 m
Lake Wylie YMCA
41 Thunderbird Ln, Lake Wylie

14.16 m
16748 Bridgehampton Club Dr, Indian Land

14.25 m
Tintinhull lbs
Tintinhull Ln, Weddington

14.27 m
Northstone Country Club
15801 Northstone Dr, Huntersville

14.31 m
North Mecklenburg Park
16131 Old Statesville Rd, Huntersville

14.47 m
East Gaston High School
1744 LnRd, Mount Holly

14.53 m
Birkdale Swim & Tennis
8915 Devonshire Dr, Huntersville

14.57 m
Gaston Christian School
1625 Lowell Bethesda Rd, Gastonia

14.70 m
River Hills Country Club
Moore's Lndg, Clover

14.86 m
Marvin Creek
519 Briar Patch Terrace, Waxhaw

14.88 m
Hunter Oaks
814 Beckford Glen Dr, Waxhaw

14.95 m
Palisades Country Club
13417 Grand Palisades Pkwy, Charlotte

15.38 m
Red Ventures
1101 Red Ventures Dr, Fort Mill

15.41 m
Firethorne Country Club
1108 Firethorne Club Dr, Marvin

15.43 m
Frank Liske Park
4001 Stough Rd, Concord

15.52 m
Cannon School
5801 Poplar Tent Rd, Concord

15.58 m
Leroy Springs Club
971 Tom Hall St, Fort Mill

15.65 m
Firethorne Club Pool
1057 Spyglass Ln, Waxhaw

15.72 m
Peachtree Place Apartments
1 Peach Ln, Fort Mill

15.73 m
Dorton Park
5790 Poplar Tent Rd, Concord

15.73 m
Southampton Racquet & Swim Club
2813 Kendrick Rd, Gastonia

15.86 m
Providence Downs
8723 Kentucky Derby Dr, Marvin

15.97 m
Robbins Park
17738 W Catawba Ave, Cornelius

16.04 m
Fort Mill High School
225 Munn Rd E, Fort Mill

16.17 m
Ashbrook High School
2222 S New Hope Rd, Gastonia

16.19 m
Bailey Road Park
11536 Bailey Rd, Cornelius

16.34 m
Gardner Acres Swim & Tennis Club
937 Ridgeway Dr, Gastonia

16.39 m
Tega Cay Tennis Club
15083 Molaki Dr, Tega Cay

16.56 m
Forestview High School
5545 Union Rd, Gastonia

16.61 m
William A Hough High School
12420 Bailey Rd, Cornelius

16.62 m
Cowan's Ford Golf Club
761 Club Dr, Stanley

16.64 m
Tega Cay - Wuertle Tennis Courts
7280 Tega Cay Dr, Tega Cay

16.71 m
Forestview High School
5545 Union Rd, Gastonia

16.73 m
Cabarrus Country Club
3247 Weddington Rd, Concord

16.74 m
Sun Valley Middle School
1409 Wesley Chapel Rd, Monroe

16.75 m
Sun Valley High School
5211 Old Charlotte Hwy, Monroe

16.84 m
Weddington High School
4901 Weddington Rd, Matthews

16.87 m
River Run Country Club
19125 River Falls Dr, Davidson

17.00 m
Jetton Park
19000 Jetton Rd, Cornelius

17.16 m
The Peninsula Club
19101 Peninsula Club Dr, Cornelius

17.27 m
Park on E Liberty Hill Rd
4698 E Liberty Hill Rd, York

17.33 m
Gastonia Country Club
3700 Country Club Dr, Gastonia

17.35 m
BridgeMill - Indian Land
Harcourt Crossing, Indian Land

17.43 m
Central Cabarrus High School
505 Hwy 49 S, Concord

17.47 m
Marvin Ridge High School
2825 Crane Rd, Waxhaw

17.61 m
Porter Ridge High School
2839 Ridge Rd, Indian Trail

17.90 m
Cuthbertson High School
1400 Cuthbertson Rd, Waxhaw

18.26 m
Bradley Center
1200 Modena St, Gastonia

18.36 m
Valhalla Swim & Racquet Club
8302 Viking Dr, Marvin

18.48 m
Torrence Chapel Park
21309 Torrence Chapel Rd, Cornelius

18.59 m
Marvin Caldwell Park
362 Georgia St SW, Concord

18.60 m
Northwest Cabarrus High School
5130 NW Cabarrus Dr, Kannapolis

18.60 m
Knobloch Indoor Tennis Center
Baker Dr, Davidson

18.84 m
Park on Collins Rd
8376 Collins Rd, Fort Mill

18.84 m
Silver Creek HOA
1001 High Brook Dr, Waxhaw

18.87 m
Ferguson Park
1401 Golf Course Dr, Gastonia

18.92 m
Davidson College - Covington
Patterson Court Circle, Davidson

18.97 m
Racquet Club of Gastonia
3116 Howe Dairy Rd, Gastonia

18.97 m
Lawson Dr, Waxhaw

19.07 m
Bethel Presbyterian Church
2427 State Hwy 557, Clover

19.29 m
Concord Swim & Tennis Club
155 Eastcliff Dr Southeast, Concord

19.90 m
Les Myers Community Park
338 Lawndale Ave, Concord

19.94 m
Beverly Hills Park
631 Miramar St, Concord

20.06 m
233 Country Club Dr NE, Concord

20.25 m
Shiland Hills Racquet & Swim Club
2583 Aspen Ter, Rock Hill

20.32 m
North Gaston High School
1133 Ratchford Dr, Dallas

20.43 m
Concord High School
481 Burrage Rd NE, Concord

20.52 m
The Club at Westport
1699 Golf Course Dr S, Westport

20.60 m
Rock Hill Tennis Center
897 Maplewood Ave, Rock Hill

20.61 m
Rolling Hills Country Club
2722 W Roosevelt Blvd, Monroe

20.79 m
Verdict Ridge Country Club
7332 Kidville Rd, Denver

20.83 m
Clover High School
1625 Hwy 55 E, Clover

21.30 m
Clover Junior High School
1555 Hwy 55 E, Clover

21.38 m
Winthrop Park
College Lake Rd, Rock Hill

21.72 m
Chalfant Airport
200 Overbrook Dr Northeast, Concord

21.84 m
Fewell Park
1271 Thornwell Ave, Rock Hill

21.98 m
Piedmont High School
3006 Sikes Mill Rd, Unionville

22.02 m
A L Brown High School
415 E 1st St, Kannapolis

22.54 m
Dickerson Park
899 N Johnson St, Monroe

22.96 m
Baker Creek Park
1275 W A St, Kannapolis

22.98 m
Jaycee Park
199 Cedar St, Monroe

23.38 m
Central Academy of Technology and Arts
600 Brewer Dr, Monroe

23.48 m
Northwestern High School
2503 W Main St, Rock Hill

23.61 m
Monroe High Schooll
1 High School Dr, Monroe

24.99 m
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