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This is an overview of all things tennis in Dayton Ohio. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, and courts in Dayton Ohio. You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.
Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Riverview Park
Edwin C. Moses & Riverview Dr, Dayton

0.23 m
McKinley Park
12 Forest Ave, Dayton

0.36 m
Sinclair Community College Building 8
444 W Third St, Dayton

0.49 m
Linden Playground
434 Norwood Ave, Dayton

0.74 m
Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School
505 S Ludlow St, Dayton

0.90 m
Northwest Recreation Center
1600 Princeton Dr, Dayton

1.43 m
Burns - Jackson Park
504 Buckeye St, Dayton

1.44 m
Burkham Center Park
1371 Bancroft St, Dayton

1.45 m
Jim Nichols Tennis Center
2601 Ridge Ave, Dayton

1.60 m
Bomberger Park
1306 E 5th St, Dayton

1.64 m
Claridge Park
992 Lamar St, Dayton

1.82 m
University of Dayton - Caldwell St
139 Caldwell St, Dayton

2.02 m
Old River Park
1940 S Patterson Blvd, Dayton

2.07 m
College Hill Park
Shaftsbury Dr And Campus Dr, Dayton

2.22 m
Dunbar High School
1400 Albritton Dr, Dayton

2.24 m
Sandalwood Playground
198 Kurtz Ave, Dayton

2.27 m
Stuart-Patterson Park
401 Alaska St, Dayton

2.33 m
Mallory Park
843 Burwood Ave, Dayton

2.58 m
Dayton Country Club
555 Kramer Rd, Dayton

2.64 m
Rosa Parks Pre-K-8 School
3705 Lori Sue Ave, Dayton

2.67 m
Highland Park
999 Koening Ave, Dayton

2.76 m
Walnut Hills Park
304 Buchanan Ave, Dayton

2.80 m
Burkhardt Community Park
215 Burkhardt Ave, Dayton

2.86 m
The Virginia Hollinger Memorial Tennis Club
201 Shafor Blvd, Dayton

2.90 m
Residence Park
608 Elmhurst Rd, Dayton

2.90 m
Thurgood Marshall High School
4447 Hoover Ave, Dayton

2.91 m
Southern Hills Park
1545 Sacramento Dr, Kettering

2.93 m
Miami Valley Golf Club
3311 Salem Ave, Dayton

3.00 m
Oakwood Community Center (Shafor Park)
105 Patterson Rd, Dayton

3.18 m
Shafor Park
105 Patterson Rd, Dayton

3.18 m
Highview Hills Park
3499 Nancy Ave, Dayton

3.21 m
Belmont High School
2615 Wayne Ave, Dayton

3.23 m
Nordale Park
2603 Enterprise Ave, Dayton

3.46 m
Nordale Park
2608 Enterprise Ave, Dayton

3.47 m
Ora Everett Park
3050 Kreitzer Rd, Moraine

3.71 m
Hickorydale Park
W Hillcrest Ave, Dayton

3.88 m
The Christopher Club
3150 S Dixie Dr, Dayton

3.99 m
Jane Newcom Park
1198 Tudor Rd, Dayton

4.07 m
Pinewood Park
779 Alexander Dr, Dayton

4.07 m
Belmont Park
2366 Glenarm Ave, Dayton

4.15 m
Trailsend Mansion
3500 Governors Trail, Kettering

4.28 m
Orchardly Park
336 Orchard Dr, Oakwood

4.32 m
Orchardly Park
367 Wonderly Ave, Dayton

4.32 m
Blairwood Park
5092 Hagen Ave, Dayton

4.48 m
Tait Rd Park
3760 Tait Rd, Kettering

4.55 m
Judge Arthur O. Fisher Park
5661 Dayton-Liberty Rd, Dayton

4.57 m
Eastview Recreation Club
5006 Bayside Dr, Dayton

4.62 m
Wright Patterson AFB - Prairies Youth Center
641 Chapel Ln, Riverside

4.81 m
Stebbins High School
1900 Harshman Rd, Dayton

4.83 m
C F Holliday Elementary School
4100 S Dixie Dr, Dayton

4.93 m
Kettering Fairmont High School
3301 Shroyer Rd, Kettering

4.94 m
Moraine Country Club
4075 Southern Blvd, Dayton

4.94 m
Dayton Center Courts Tennis Academy
4801 Salem Ave, Dayton

5.08 m
Wenzler Park
3535 Sharewood Ct, Kettering

5.36 m
Wenzler Park
3535 Sharewood Ct, Kettering

5.36 m
Park Layne Park
5757 Kevin Dr, Riverside

5.38 m
Oak Park
2055 Malcom Dr, Kettering

5.40 m
Forest Ridge Association Club
6801 Union Schoolhouse Rd, Dayton

5.45 m
Shellabarger Park
5899 Barrett Dr, Riverside

5.49 m
Kantner Park
1530 Brownleigh Rd, Kettering

5.61 m
Walther Park
4437 Overland Trl, Kettering

5.66 m
Walther Park
4437 Overland Trl, Kettering

5.66 m
Layer Park
2276 Bushwick Dr, Dayton

5.74 m
Trotwood Community Park
23 Whispering Dr, Trotwood

5.89 m
Miami Valley Hunt & Polo Club
2465 Keystone Club Dr, Dayton

5.97 m
Wayne Park
4707 Brandt Pike, Dayton

6.06 m
The Miami Valley School
5151 Denise Dr, Dayton

6.30 m
Ernst Park
1030 E David Rd, Kettering

6.38 m
Ernst Park
1030 E David Rd, Kettering

6.38 m
Club Marinole
802 Judith Dr, Dayton

6.59 m
Miami View Park
5911 Munger Rd, Dayton

6.61 m
Joe Weinder Park
72 S Locust St, West Carrollton

6.72 m
Crestwood Club
2645 Baylor Ct, Kettering

6.83 m
Kettering Tennis Center
4565 Gateway Circle, Dayton

6.93 m
Old Lane Park
500 Druewood Lane, Dayton

6.99 m
Kettering Middle School
3000 Glengarry Dr, Kettering

7.06 m
Dominick Lofino Park
640 Grange Hall Rd, Beavercreek

7.38 m
Dominick Lofino Park
640 Grange Hall Rd, Beavercreek

7.38 m
Four Seasons Towne Club
5600 Brampton Rd, Dayton

7.47 m
J F Kennedy Park
5073 Bigger Rd, Kettering

7.49 m
Woodhaven Swim & Tennis Club
3519 Seajay Dr, Beavercreek

7.88 m
Robert Wilson Park
1913 Robinhood Dr, West Carrollton

7.89 m
Green Park
6720 Yorkcliff Pl, Dayton

8.15 m
Helke Park
829 Randler Ave, Vandalia

8.19 m
Village South Park
381 S Village Dr, Dayton

8.24 m
Village South Park
6450 Marshall Rd, Centerville

8.24 m
Quail Run Racquet Club
4225 Brown Rd, Dayton

8.47 m
Yankee Park
7500 Yankee St, Dayton

8.51 m
Wright State University
3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy, Fairborn

8.54 m
Butler High School
600 S Dixie Dr, Vandalia

8.55 m
Oak Creek Club
2328 Pondview Dr, Dayton

8.62 m
Woodhaven Swim & Tennis Club
7620 Yankee St, Dayton

8.75 m
Activity Center Park
221 N Main St, Centerville

9.07 m
Five Season Sports Club
4425 Possum Run Rd, Dayton

9.13 m
Pleasant Hill Swim & Tennis Club
360 Zengel Dr, Centerville

9.29 m
Sycamore Trails Park
1753 Maue Rd, Miamisburg

9.40 m
Sycamore Trails Park
1749 Maue Rd, Miamisburg

9.40 m
Beavercreek High School
2660 North Dayton Xenia Rd, Dayton

9.64 m
Beavercreeek High School
2660 Dayton-Xenia Rd, Beavercreek

9.65 m
Beavercreek High School
2660 Dayton Xenia Rd, Dayton

9.65 m
Miamisburg High School
3955 S Gebhart Church Rd, Miamisburg

9.79 m
Maplewood Park
1434 Ironwood Dr, Fairborn

9.88 m
Black Oak Swim Club
1570 Ambridge Rd, Centerville

9.94 m
Centerville High School
500 E Franklin St, Dayton

10.12 m
Forest Field Park
2100 E Centerville Station Rd, Washington Township

10.50 m
Westover Park
400 Schroeder St, Miamisburg

10.57 m
Country Club of the North
1 Club N Dr, Xenia

10.76 m
Petrikis Park
3771 W Franklin St, Bellbrook

10.95 m
Brookview Swim & Tennis Club
2480 Periwinkle Dr, Bellbrook

11.39 m
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Taylor Stevens      Dayton - 1 year, 10 months
I haven't played tennis in a while, but I am looking to get back into it. I am in the Dayton area.

Tarun Kapoor      Miamisburg - 2 years, 2 months
I just moved to Miamisburg, Ohio area, looking to practice regularly with a good player and willing to travel 10-15 miles in either direction. Please reach out to me. - Thanks, Tarun

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