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This is an overview of all things tennis in Austin, Texas. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Austin, Texas.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Looking for a tennis partner, or a group of players to play with? Do you want to check-in to a court, and let everyone know the current conditions? Post a comment here, and we will notify everyone nearby.
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Trevor Meier      Worldwide
3 days, 23 hours
Right now, you can get a Premium Membership for an entire year, for only $15.

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Alan Songer      Pflugerville, Texas
9 months
Looking for someone to play with near the Pflugerville area. I played very competitively in high school, but am needing to shake the rust off a bit.

Tom Hall      Buda, Texas
4 weeks
Hello, I'm visiting family in Buda this week, 7/18-23, and looking to play. I'm doing some clinics at Rippner in So Austin. I'm a 3.5-4.0 player. Reach out if interested.
adult3.50 to 4.00

Trevor Meier      Worldwide
1 year, 8 months
I have been adding more and more features to our "events" tool. Events are a great way to organize play sessions, and attract a group of players to meet at a specific place and time.

Here are some of the features...
- Minimum and maximum players
- Auto cancel if minimum players is not met
- Required playing levels
- Specify the gender
- Determine allowed guests per member
- Determine when members can sign up
- Repeat the event up to a year
- Check-in to the event
- Waiting lists
- Take online payments
- Send invitations
- Determine who can see your event

To see or create events in your area, just click the calendar icon at the top right of any page.

Siddharth Shah      Pflugerville, Texas
12 months
Looking for partner 3.0 or better. I have just moved from Boston in area and looking to play doubles
3.00 to 4.50

JanicaGermaine Ceniza      Pflugerville, Texas
1 year, 1 month
Hi all, looking for a new rally partner. Currently open all week.

M Sun      Austin, Texas
9 months, 2 weeks
We have a meetup in South austin that is mostly 3.5-4.0 level:

..and a chat group that has more 4.0-4.5 players looking for hitting partners:

Helena Sanders      Austin, Texas
9 months, 3 weeks
Hey there, I’m in Austin visiting family and looking for people to play with over the next month. I’d love to keep in practice! My schedule is flexible, and I’m ready to take advantage of this great weather
I’m 38, been playing regularly for a year and half back in Amsterdam

Steve Adrien      Austin, Texas
9 months, 3 weeks
I guess it has been sometime since I last visited GTN, there's now a premium membership :D. I'm looking for a rally/practice partner in the South Austin vicinity. I play at the SATC but open to good courts with lights on the weekday evenings and I'm open for weekend play from sun up to noon.

Rayee Roded      Cedar Park, Texas
1 year, 4 months
Looking for a tennis partner to play once a week. I can beat a 4.0, but would consider myself a 3.75

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Local Events
Aug 15 - Aug 21 Add
There are no events this week, or in the future.
Where is everyone playing tennis? Use an event to organize play sessions for a group of players. Players can rsvp for an event, and the system takes care of the rest. Learn more.
Local Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Penick-Allison Tennis Center (UT Home Courts)
1701 Trinity St, Austin

0.88 m
West Austin Park
945 Maufrais St, Austin

1.12 m
A Texas School For the Deaf
1227 S 1st St, Austin

1.22 m
Martin Junior High School
1601 Haskel, Austin

1.32 m
Little Stacy Park
1400 Eastside Dr, Austin

1.34 m
Caswell Tennis Center
2312 Shoal Creek, Austin

1.53 m
Austin High Tennis Center
2001 W Cesar Chavez St, Austin

1.62 m
Fulmore Middle School
201 East Mary, Austin

1.69 m
Eastwoods Park
3001 Harris Park Ave, Austin

1.73 m
Rosewood Recreation
2300 Rosewood Ave, Austin

1.76 m
Metz Park
2707 Canterbury St, Austin

1.79 m
West Enfield Park
2000 Enfield Rd, Austin

1.87 m
Zilker Park
1900 Bluebonnet Ln, Austin

2.19 m
O. Henry Middle School
2610 West 10th St, Austin

2.23 m
South Austin Tennis Center
1000 Cumberland Rd, Austin

2.30 m
South Austin Park and Recreation Center
1000 Cumberland Rd, Austin

2.30 m
Travis High School
1211 E. Oltorff, Austin

2.40 m
Bailey Park
1101 W 33rd St, Austin

2.44 m
St. Edwards University
St. Edwards Dr & Sherwood, Austin

2.53 m
Western Hills Athletic Club
4801 Rollingwood Dr, Austin

2.61 m
Allen Elementary School
4783 Glissman Rd, Austin

2.79 m
Patterson Park
4200 Brookview Rd, Austin

2.85 m
Pharr Tennis Center
4201 Brookview, Austin

2.89 m
Shipe Park
4400 Avenue G, Austin

2.96 m
Ramsey Park
4301 Rosedale Ave, Austin

3.13 m
Givens Park
3801 E 12th St, Austin

3.16 m
ACC Riverside
967 Grove Blvd, Austin

3.23 m
TN Porter Middle School
2206 Prather Lane, Austin

3.41 m
Whitaker Fields
4901 Guadalupe St, Austin

3.45 m
Hill Country Middle School
1300 Walsh Tarlton, Austin

3.56 m
Westwood Country Club
3808 W 35th St, Austin

3.67 m
Civitan Park
513 Vargas Rd, Austin

3.76 m
Johnston High School
1012 Arthur Stiles, Austin

3.82 m
Joslin Park
4500 Manchaca Rd, Austin

3.98 m
Westlake High School
4100 Westbank Dr, Austin

4.22 m
McCallum High School
5600 Sunshine Dr, Austin

4.30 m
Perry Park
4900 Fairview Park, Austin

4.56 m
Lamar Middle School
6201 Wynona, Austin

4.81 m
Pearce Middle School
6401 N Hampton Dr, Austin

4.98 m
Crockett High School
5601 Manchaca Rd, Austin

4.99 m
Reagan High School
7104 Berkman Dr, Austin

4.99 m
Brentwood Park
6700 Arroyo Seca, Austin

5.15 m
Dottie Jordan Park
2803 Loyola Ln, Austin

5.23 m
Mendez Middle School
5106 Village Square, Austin

5.35 m
John P Ojeda Junior High School
4900 McKinney Falls Pkwy, Austin

5.60 m
Dove Springs Recreation Center
5801 Ainez Dr, Austin

5.61 m
Travis Country Hilltop Pool
Republic of Texas Blvd, Austin

5.62 m
Bedicheck Middle School
6800 Bill Hughes Rd, Austin

5.62 m
Northwest District Park
7000 Ardath St, Austin

5.73 m
LBJ High School
7309 Lazy Creek Dr, Austin

6.05 m
Murchison Middle School
3700 North Hills Dr, Austin

6.13 m
Austin Country Club
4408 Long Champ Dr, Austin

6.19 m
Small Middle School
4801 Monterey Oaks Blvd, Austin

6.40 m
Lost Creek Country Club
2612 Lost Creek Blvd, Austin

6.43 m
Courtyard Tennis and Swim Club
5608 Courtyard Dr, Austin

6.65 m
Covington Middle School
3700 Convict Hill Rd, Austin

6.66 m
Lanier High School
1201 Payton Gin Rd, Austin

6.70 m
Burnett Middle School
8401 Hathaway, Austin

6.85 m
Barton Creek Country Club
8212 Barton Club Dr, Austin

6.96 m
Austin Tennis Center
7800 Johnny Morris Rd, Austin

7.00 m
Wooldridge Elementary School
1412 Norseman Terrace, Austin

7.08 m
Dobie Middle School
1200 E Rundberg Ln, Austin

7.14 m
Anderson High School
8403 Mesa, Austin

7.41 m
Westover Hills Club
8706 Westover Club Dr, Austin

8.01 m
Mary Moore Searight Park
907 Slaughter, Austin

8.08 m
Dick Nichols Park
8011 Beckett Rd, Austin

8.11 m
West Ridge Middle School
Palomino Ridge Dr, Austin

8.76 m
Bowie High School
4103 West Slaughter Ln, Austin

8.76 m
Akins High School
10701 South First St, Austin

8.97 m
IBM Tennis Courts
11301 Burnet Rd, Austin

9.40 m
Great Hills Country Club
5914 Lost Horizon Dr, Austin

9.43 m
Gorzycki Middle School
7412 W Slaughter Ln, Austin

9.50 m
Onion Creek Country Club
2150 Onion Creek, Austin

9.57 m
Quarries Park
4309 Red Cloud Dr, Austin

9.87 m
Riverplace Country Club
4207 River Place Blvd, Austin

9.89 m
Del Valle High School
5201 Ross Rd, Del Valle

9.90 m
Vandegrift High School
9700 McNeil Dr, Austin

10.41 m
Bailey Middle School
4020 Lost Oasis Hollow, Austin

10.48 m
Riata Park
Riata Trace Pkwy, Austin

11.15 m
John B. Connally High School
13212 N. Lamar, Austin

11.31 m
Mountainview Park
11152 Callanish Park Dr, Austin

11.58 m
Circle C Tennis Club
7401 Highway 45, Austin

11.71 m
Manor High School
12700 Gregg Manor Rd, Manor

12.21 m
Austin Tennis Academy
13001 Spanish Oaks Club Blvd, Bee Cave

12.52 m
Balcones Country Club
11210 Spicewood Club Dr, Austin

12.55 m
Rattan Creek Park
13031 Tamayo Dr, Austin

12.55 m
McNeil High School
5720 McNeil Dd, Austin

12.70 m
Springwoods Park
9006 Bubbling Springs Trail, Austin

12.86 m
Travis County North East Metro Park
Killingsworth Ln, Manor

13.06 m
Park of the Villages
10700 Gungrove Dr, Austin

13.25 m
Anderson Mill Park
Lake Creek and School House, Austin

13.64 m
Westwood High School
12400 Mellow Meadow Dr, Austin

13.65 m
Old Stage Park
Hymeadow and Lake Creek, Austin

13.66 m
El Salido Park and Pool
11500 El Salido Pkwy, Austin

13.84 m
Pflugerville High School
1301 West Pecan, Pflugerville

13.86 m
Springwoods Park at Lyndhurst
9906 Parliament House Rd, Austin

14.11 m
Lake Travis High School
3322 Ranch Road 620 South, Austin

14.21 m
Cedar Park High School
2150 Cypress Creek Rd, Cedar Park

15.31 m
Milburn Park
1901 Sunchase, Cedar Park

15.74 m
Frontier Park
1502 Frontier Trl, Round Rock

15.91 m
Avery Ranch Park
10121 Morgan Creek Dr, Austin

16.07 m
Lakeway World of Tennis
World of Tennis Square, Austin

16.30 m
Hendrickson High School
2905 Farm to Market Road 685, Pflugerville

16.35 m
Cat Hollow Park
16855 Sabertooth Dr, Brushy Creek

16.44 m
Polo Tennis and Fitness
14101 Canonade Ct, Austin

16.44 m
Live Oak Golf Course
530 Flamingo Blvd, Lakeway

16.45 m
Round Rock West Park
610 Lime Rock Dr, Round Rock

16.57 m
Nelson Ranch Park
901 Nelson Ranch Rd, Cedar Park

16.61 m
Clay Madsen Recreation Center
1600 Gattis School Rd, Austin

16.62 m
Round Rock West Park
349 Deepwood Dr, Round Rock

16.68 m
Creekside Park
1100 Buttercup Creek, Cedar Park

16.86 m
Buttercup Creek Park (Pool)
401 Twin Oaks Trail, Cedar Park

16.97 m
Fern Bluff Elementary School
17857 Park Valley Dr, Brushy Creek

17.24 m
Vista Ridge High School
200 Vista Ridge, Cedar Park

17.56 m
Stella Park
606 Virginia Dr, Round Rock

18.22 m
G.A. Stark Park
1409 Provident, Round Rock

18.29 m
Stony Point High School
1801 Bowman Dr, Austin

18.67 m
Forest Creek Country Club
100 Twin Ridge Pkwy, Round Rock

19.37 m
Leander High School
301 S Bagdad Rd, Leander

19.62 m
Blockhouse Creek Elementary
2601 Spy Cv, Leander

19.71 m
Family Tennis Center
4616 Rimrock Dr, Lago Vista

19.92 m
Henry S. McNeil Community Park
3701 N I-35, Round Rock

20.06 m
Lago Vista High School
21392 Ranch Rd, Lago Vista

20.44 m
Bar K Park
6608 Bar-K Clubhouse Court, Lago Vista

20.46 m
Perdenales Country Club
847 Paisley Dr, Briarcliff

20.80 m
Lakecliff Racquet Club
25609 Kahala Sunset Court, Spicewood

23.80 m
Tennis Racquet Stringers
Name Location
Western Oaks Racquet Stringing
4910 WoodCreek Road
Austin, Texas
Store Front(512) 917-6345
Dave's Tennis
3001 Colonial Parkway
Austin, Texas
Home Based512-585-7500
New Tech Tennis
7208 McNeil Drive, Suite 204
Austin, Texas
Store Front512-250-9454

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