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This is an overview of all things tennis in Manatee County, Florida. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Manatee County, Florida.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Looking for a tennis partner, or a group of players to play with? Do you want to check-in to a court, and let everyone know the current conditions? Post a comment here, and we will notify everyone nearby.
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James Titus      Sarasota, Florida
1 month
I'm looking for players near Sarasota if anyone is interested.

Tony Taffuri      Lakewood Ranch, Florida
2 months, 2 weeks
Hi , new to the area and former college player .trying to find players in the area , i am in lakewood ranch. I can play early am before 9 am or evening 5.30 or later , weekends anytime.

Ira Rosner      Sarasota, Florida
3 months, 2 weeks
I am looking to play singles. Either sets or just hitting. I usually play at Potter Park, but can do Twin Lakes or other courts in the Sarasota area. Give me a shout.
adult3.25 to 4.00

Igor Kryvolapov      Lakewood Ranch, Florida
1 month
Ні! My name is Igor. I’m from Ukraine. Now in Lakewood Ranch and be there until 10th of March. I can play in any location in Lakewood Ranch. Best time to play till 9:30 am or after 17:00 pm. I’m about 4,5 level. Thanks ?
3.50 to 5.50

Tony Taffuri      Lakewood Ranch, Florida
1 month
Thx for the stringing recommendations! One more area question - Are their any courts that have a ball machine you can rent ? I know Lakewood ranch country club does but that is just for members. I just want to pay for court time and ball machine.

Tony Taffuri      Sarasota, Florida
1 month
Can anyone recommend a place or stringer

Angela Marshall      Lakewood Ranch High School
1 month, 3 weeks
Looking to hit and rally

Marie- France Caron      Ellenton, Florida
1 month, 1 week

my name is Marie France, snowbird from Canada. I am here until mid April and would love to play tennis, single or double women . I am a level 3.5 . I can travel to play anywhere around Bradenton, Sarasota area. I am also available to play mixed doubles with my husband
would love to have an opportunity to meet and play with some of you

Trevor Meier      Worldwide
7 months, 1 week
Right now, you can get a Premium Membership for an entire year, for only $15.

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Andre Normand      Ellenton, Florida
1 month, 2 weeks
me and my wife are looking for couples who would like to play mixed doubles. We are able to travel anywhere around Bradenton area. Thanks.

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Local Events
Mar 21 - Mar 27 Add
Where is everyone playing tennis? Use an event to organize play sessions for a group of players. Players can rsvp for an event, and the system takes care of the rest. Learn more.
Local Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranch
751 Rye Wilderness Trl, Parrish

2.32 m
Lakewood National Golf Club
17605 Lakewood Nat'l Pkwy, Lakewood Ranch

3.11 m
Esplanade Golf and Country Club at Lakewood Ranch
12825 Malachite Dr, Lakewood Ranch

4.53 m
R Dan Nolan Middle School
6615 Greenbrook Blvd, Bradenton

4.86 m
The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club
70th Terrace East, Bradenton

5.43 m
Lakewood Ranch High School
5500 Lakewood Ranch Blvd, Bradenton

6.05 m
Summerfield Community Park
6402 Lakewood Ranch Blvd, Bradenton

6.27 m
The Lake Club
8307 Lake Club Blvd, Lakewood Ranch

6.27 m
Freedom Elementary School
9515 E State Rd 64, Bradenton

6.35 m
Braden River Middle School
6215 River Club Blvd, Bradenton

6.48 m
River Wilderness Country Club
1 Wilderness Blvd, Parrish

6.76 m
River Club Golf Course
6600 River Club Blvd, Bradenton

6.77 m
Rosedale Country Club
5100 87th St E, Bradenton

6.97 m
Creekwood Tennis Courts
49th Avenue East and Creekwood Blvd, Bradenton

7.49 m
Lakewood Ranch Country Club
8488 Legacy Blvd, Bradenton

7.78 m
River Strand Country Club
7135 Grand Estuary Trail, Bradenton

7.92 m
The Out-of-Door Academy - Upper School
5950 Deer Dr, Sarasota

7.97 m
Tara Preserve Community Center
7340 Tara Preserve Ln, Bradenton

7.99 m
Braden River High School
6545 53rd Ave E, Bradenton

8.30 m
Creekside Tennis Center
6318 47th Ave E, Bradenton

8.43 m
Tara Country Club
6602 Drewrys Bluff, Bradenton

8.50 m
Shoreview at Lakewood Ranch Waterside by Pulte Homes
7824 Grande Shores Dr, Sarasota

8.61 m
University Place Community Park
7850 Copper Creek Blvd, Bradenton

8.91 m
Dayspring Episcopal Conference
8411 25th St E, Parrish

9.03 m
University Park Country Club
The Park Blvd, Bradenton

9.48 m
Tidewater Preserve
4700 Tidewater Preserve Blvd, Bradenton

9.81 m
Sabal Harbour Homeowners Association
4650 Sabal Harbour Dr, Bradenton

9.86 m
The Tuscany Apartments
6208 Medici Ct, Sarasota

9.95 m
Palm-Aire Country Club
5601 Country Club Way, Sarasota

10.24 m
The Founders Club
3001 Founders Club Dr, Sarasota

10.27 m
Peridia Country Club
4950 Peridia Blvd E, Bradenton

10.29 m
Longwood Park
6050 Longwood Run Blvd, Sarasota

10.59 m
Longwood Athletic Club
5802 Longwood Run Blvd, Sarasota

10.73 m
John H Marble Recreation Complex
5120 37th St E, Bradenton

10.76 m
Carlton Arms of Bradenton
Colonial Dr, Bradenton

10.80 m
Tradition At Palm Aire
8453 Gardens Cir, Sarasota

10.95 m
Buffalo Creek Middle School
7320 69th St East, Palmetto

10.98 m
Sun N Fun Resort - West Oak
7125 Fruitville Rd, Sarasota

11.03 m
Tuscany Lakes
3288 60th Ave E, Ellenton

11.05 m
Gateway Lakes
1000 Marlin Lakes Cir, Sarasota

11.09 m
Sun N Fun Resort - Virginia Dr
7125 Fruitville Rd, Sarasota

11.09 m
Mansion Memorial Park
1400 36th Ave E, Ellenton

11.59 m
The Meadows Country Club
3101 Longmeadow, The Meadows

11.60 m
Louise R. Johnson Middle School
2121 26th Ave E, Bradenton

11.76 m
Fruitville Park
5151 Richardson Rd, Sarasota

11.97 m
Southeast High School
1200 37th Ave E, Bradenton

12.59 m
Heron's Run
350 Herons Run Dr, Sarasota

12.64 m
Glazier Gates Park
1023 4th Ave E, Bradenton

12.81 m
4470 McIntosh Park Dr, Sarasota

12.87 m
McIntosh Middle School
701 McIntosh Rd, Sarasota

12.91 m
Bobby Jones Golf Complex
Circus Blvd, Sarasota

12.92 m
Huntington Place Apartments Homes
3201 Huntington Pl Dr, Sarasota

13.18 m
Sara Scott Harllee Middle School
6423 9th St E, Bradenton

13.22 m
The Lexington
3539 Cheshire Square, Sarasota

13.22 m
Loucareas Tennis Academy
3rd St E, Bradenton

13.24 m
The Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee
580 McIntosh Rd, Sarasota

13.32 m
Manatee Convention & Civic Center
1 Haben Blvd, Palmetto

13.34 m
Bradenton Village
1421 2nd St W, Bradenton

13.39 m
Sarasota Lakes RV Resort
1674 University Pkwy, Sarasota

13.46 m
Booker Middle School
2250 Myrtle St, Sarasota

13.50 m
Youth Athletic Complex
2810 17th St, Sarasota

13.60 m
Colonial Oaks Park
5300 Colonial Oaks Blvd, Fruitville

13.67 m
Newtown Estates Park
2800 Newtown Blvd, North Sarasota

13.72 m
Lincoln Middle School
305 17th St E, Palmetto

13.79 m
Bent Tree Country Club
4700 Bent Tree Blvd, Sarasota

13.93 m
Avion Park
185 S Pompano Ave, Sarasota

14.02 m
Heritage Oaks Country Club
4800 Chase Oaks Dr, Sarasota

14.03 m
Youth Athletic Complex
823 N Tuttle Ave, Sarasota

14.06 m
Misty Creek Country Club
8954 Misty Creek Dr, Sarasota

14.11 m
Oak Park
7285 Proctor Rd, Sarasota

14.20 m
Timber Chase Apartments
419 N Briggs Ave, Sarasota

14.20 m
Winterset RV Resort
8515 Us Hwy 41 N, Palmetto

14.22 m
Palmetto Historical Park
950 6th St W, Palmetto

14.31 m
Girl's Inc of Sarasota County
201 S Tuttle Ave, Sarasota

14.38 m
Park on 18th Ave
1900 18th Ave W, Bradenton

14.43 m
Gates of Bradenton
4537 26th St W, Bradenton

14.65 m
Palmetto High School
1200 17th St, Palmetto

14.68 m
Fisherman's Cove RV Resort
100 Palmview Rd, Palmetto

14.71 m
Florida National Army Guard
1498 10th St W, Palmetto

14.81 m
Gillespie Park
710 N Osprey Ave, Sarasota

14.92 m
Terra Ceia Bay Golf & Tennis Club
2802 Terra Ceia Bay Blvd, Palmetto

15.08 m
Payne Park Tennis Center
Adams Ln & Payne Pkwy, Sarasota

15.16 m
Sarasota High School
1000 S School Ave, Sarasota

15.27 m
Pioneer Park
1131 Cocoanut Ave, Sarasota

15.30 m
Riverside Club - Hayes Bayou Clubhouse
2550 Pier Dr, Ruskin

15.32 m
Arlington Park
2675 Waldemere St, Sarasota

15.32 m
Bayshore High School
5401 34th St W, Bradenton

15.42 m
Riverside Club - Landing Clubhouse
Manatee Club Dr, Ruskin

15.42 m
State College of Florida
5840 26th St W, Bradenton

15.51 m
Park on 34th St
4618 34th St W, Bradenton

15.54 m
Sandpippers Golf Club
1702 S Pebble Beach Blvd, Greater Sun Center

15.58 m
Bradenton Christian School
3635 Cortez RD W, Bradenton

15.65 m
St Stephen's Episcopal School
315 41st St W, Bradenton

15.68 m
IMG Bollettieri Tennis Academy
5500 34th St W, Bradenton

15.74 m
Miller Elementary School
4201 Manatee Ave W, Bradenton

15.78 m
The Ritz-Carlton Sarasota
1111 Ritz Carlton Dr, Sarasota

15.84 m
Twin Lakes Park
6700 Clark Rd, Sarasota

15.88 m
Gt Bray Park
4501 36th Ave W, Bradenton

15.91 m
Electa Lee Magnet Middle School
4000 53rd Ave W, Bradenton

15.94 m
Champions Walk
4216 53rd Ave W, Bradenton

15.99 m
Bradenton Country Club
4646 9th Ave W, Bradenton

16.02 m
Sarasota Middle School
4826 Ashton Rd, Bee Ridge

16.07 m
Academy Park Tennis Courts
5500 34th St W, Bradenton

16.11 m
The Racquet Club El Conquistador
4511 Bay Club Dr, Bradenton

16.42 m
Colonial Baptist Church
2616 51st St W, Bradenton

16.45 m
GT Bray Park Recreation Center
33rd Ave Dr W, Bradenton

16.63 m
Marsh Harbor Marina
4307 13th St W, Palmetto

16.66 m
The Colonnade Apartments
3516 Coronado Dr, Sarasota

16.70 m
W D Sugg Middle School
3801 59th St W, Bradenton

16.73 m
Solana Vista Apartments
5501 Fishermans Dr, Bradenton

16.77 m
Ruskin Elementary School
101 E College Ave, Ruskin

16.95 m
Bath and Racquet Club
Glengary St, Sarasota

17.03 m
Timber Creek Golf Club
4550 Timber Ln, Bradenton

17.14 m
Bird Key Yacht Club
301 Bird Key Dr, Sarasota

17.21 m
Riverview High School
1 Ram Way, Sarasota

17.37 m
The Field Club
1400 Field Rd, South Sarasota

17.92 m
Longboat Key Club & Resort - Islandside
431 Longboat Club Dr, Longboat Key

17.95 m
Martha B King Middle School
600 75th St NW, Bradenton

18.02 m
Bradenton Preparatory Academy
7900 40th Ave W, Bradenton

18.24 m
Village Walk
8109 Camminare Dr, Sarasota

18.40 m
Longboat Key Club
Harbourside Dr, Longboat Key

18.47 m
Longboat Key Club Moorings
2600 Harbourside Dr, Longboat Key

18.51 m
Sarasota Sports Club
3600 Torrey Pines Blvd, Sarasota

18.61 m
Longboat Key Tennis Center
590 Bay Isles Rd, Longboat Key

18.74 m
Turtle Rock in Palmer Ranch
8500 Turtle Rock Blvd, Sarasota

18.97 m
The Resort and Club at Little Harbor
536 Bahia Beach Blvd, Ruskin

19.04 m
The Mirabay Club
200 Mirabay Blvd, Apollo Beach

19.10 m
Sandhill Preserve on Palmer Ranch by DiVosta Homes
12255 Hidden Hammock Ct, Sarasota

19.11 m
Vintage Grand on Palmer Ranch
4005 Crockers Lake Blvd, Sarasota

19.11 m
Bayfront Park
4052 Gulf Of Mexico Dr, Longboat Key

19.14 m
Potter Park
4299 Players Pl, Sarasota

19.22 m
Saratoga Place
4998 Central Sarasota Pkwy, Sarasota

19.27 m
Sarasota Surf & Racquet Club
5900 Midnight Pass Rd, Sarasota

19.28 m
The Palm Bay Club
5960 Midnight Pass Rd, Siesta Key

19.29 m
Siesta Beach
948 Beach Rd, Sarasota

19.35 m
Potter Park
8587 Potter Park Dr, Sarasota

19.40 m
Stoneybrook Country Club
8801 Stoneybrook Blvd, Sarasota

19.63 m
Cedars Tennis Resort
645 Cedars Court, Longboat Key

19.81 m
Apollo Beach Recreation Center
664 Golf & Sea Blvd, Apollo Beach

20.11 m
The Oaks Club
301 Mac Ewen Dr, Osprey

20.98 m
Lake Vista Park
6113 12th St S, St Petersburg

24.71 m
Coquina Key Park
Sea Horse Dr SE, St Petersburg

24.97 m
Flagler Pointe Apartments
6321 24th St S, St Petersburg

25.25 m
Reserve at Lake Pointe
2535 Lynn Lake Cir S, St Petersburg

25.53 m
St Petersburg Country Club
2000 Country Club Way South, St Petersburg

25.90 m
St. Petersburg Tennis Center
650 18th Ave, St Petersburg

26.05 m
Campbell Park
1463 7th Ave S, St Petersburg

27.19 m
Wildwood Park
1000 28th St S, St Petersburg

27.67 m
Tennis Racquet Stringers
Name Location
St. Petersburg Tennis Stringing ER
1023 Locust St. NE
Bradenton, Florida
Home Based941-387-6863
St. Petersburg Tennis Stringing ER
1023 Locust St. NE
St Petersburg, Florida
Home Based941-387-6863

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Nate Griffin
Bradenton, Florida
Tara Gerber
Lakewood Ranch, Florida
Erik Patel
Bradenton, Florida
Cuong Truong
Lakewood Ranch, Florida
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Sarasota, Florida
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