Tennis in Greenwich, Connecticut

Are you looking to play tennis in Greenwich, Connecticut? From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Greenwich, Connecticut.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Millbrook Club
61 Woodside Dr, Greenwich

0.90 m
Bruce Park
Bruce Park Dr, Greenwich

0.93 m
Field Club of Greenwich
276 Lake Ave, Greenwich

0.93 m
Greenwich Academy
200 N Maple Ave, Greenwich

1.02 m
Greenwich High School
10 Hillside Rd, Greenwich

1.15 m
Pemberwick Park
123 Pemberwick Rd, Greenwich

1.47 m
Loughlin Avenue Playground
17 Loughlin Ave, Cos Cob

1.56 m
Western Middle School
1 Western Junior Hwy, Greenwich

1.59 m
Belle Haven Club
00 Harbor Dr, Greenwich

1.62 m
Greenwich Racquet Club
1 River Road, Cos Cob

1.75 m
Greenwich Country Day School
401 Old Church Rd, Greenwich

1.77 m
Riverside Yacht Club
102 Club Rd, Greenwich

1.89 m
Byram Park
4 Ritch Ave West, Greenwich

1.90 m
Central Middle School
9 Indian Rock Lane, Greenwich

1.97 m
Bailiwick Club of Greenwich
12 Duncan Drive, Greenwich

2.28 m
Greenwich Country Club
19 Doubling Rd, Greenwich

2.33 m
Harkness Park
Arbor Dr & King St, Port Chester

2.40 m
Eastern Middle School
51 Hendrie Ave, Greenwich

2.53 m
Port Chester High School
1 Tamarack Rd, Port Chester

2.68 m
Round Hill Golf Club
33 Round Hill Club Rd, Greenwich

2.87 m
Greenwich Catholic Elementary School
471 N St, Greenwich

2.90 m
Binney Park
91 Wesskum Wood Rd, Old Greenwich

3.01 m
Sound Shore Indoor Tennis
303 Boston Post Rd, Port Chester

3.07 m
Pine Ridge Park
7 Berkley Dr, Rye Brook

3.14 m
Garibaldi Park
39 Garibaldi Place, Rye Brook

3.28 m
Doral Arrowwood
975 Anderson Hill Road, Port Chester

3.41 m
Innis Arden Golf Club
120 Tomac Ave, Old Greenwich

3.44 m
Greenwich Civic Center
90 Harding Rd, Old Greenwich

3.55 m
SUNY Purchase College
735 Anderson Hill Rd, Port Chester

3.95 m
Convent of the Sacred Heart
1177 King St, Greenwich

4.04 m
Apawamis Club
1-29 Dogwood Ln, Rye

4.14 m
Westchester Country Club
99 Biltmore Ave, Rye

4.15 m
Lione Park
Stillwater Ave & Merrell Ave, Stamford

4.18 m
Manursing Island Club
Manursing Way, Rye

4.18 m
Southfield Park
200 Southfield Ave, Stamford

4.31 m
Rye Recreation Park
281 Midland Ave, Rye

4.36 m
Burning Tree Country Club
120 Perkins Rd, Greenwich

4.38 m
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
2000 Westchester Ave, Purchase

4.47 m
Manhattanville College
2900 Purchase St, Purchase

4.69 m
Brunswick Middle School
1252 King St, Greenwich

4.69 m
Fairview Country Club
1241 King St, Greenwich

4.74 m
Renaissance Westchester Hotel
80 W Red Oak Lane, Harrison

4.79 m
Rye High School
1 Parsons St, Rye

4.79 m
Scalzi Park
Bridge St & Washington Blvd, Stamford

4.82 m
Willow Ridge Country Club
123 North Street, Harrison

4.93 m
Old Oaks Country Club
3100 Purchase St, Purchase

4.95 m
Century Country Club
233 Anderson Hill Rd, Purchase

5.11 m
Stamford Yacht Club
97 Ocean Drive W, Stamford

5.15 m
Shippan Racquet Club
45 Harbor Dr, Stamford

5.18 m
Griffith E Harris Golf Course
1300 King St, Greenwich

5.18 m
Roxbury Swimming & Tennis Club
240 Roxbury Rd, Stamford

5.30 m
Disbrow Park
11 Preston St, Rye

5.44 m
White Plains High School
550 N St, White Plains

5.58 m
Rye Racquet Club
3 South Rd, Harrison

5.59 m
West Hill High School
125 Roxbury Rd, Stamford

5.60 m
Stamford High School
198 Hillandale Ave, Stamford

5.64 m
Woodway Beach Club
95 Hobson St, Stamford

5.66 m
Harrison Avenue School
197 Nelson Ave, Harrison

5.69 m
Brae Burn Country Club
39 Brae Burn Dr, Harrison

5.71 m
Cummings Park
464 Shippan Ave, Stamford

5.75 m
Magnet High school
411 High Ridge Rd, Stamford

5.78 m
Chelsea Piers
1 Blachley Rd, Stamford

6.09 m
Westchester Hills Golf Club
8 Fairway Dr, White Plains

6.18 m
Tamarack Country Club
55 Locust Rd, Greenwich

6.22 m
Ridgeway Country Club
400 Ridgeway, White Plains

6.22 m
Burke Rehabilitation Hospital
785 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains

6.32 m
Rye Neck School
300 Hornidge Rd, Harrison

6.32 m
Coveleigh Club
459 Stuyvesant Ave, Rye

6.43 m
Presbyterian Hospital Westchester Division
21 Bloomingdale Rd, White Plains

6.48 m
Harrison High School
255 Union Ave, Harrison

6.50 m
Cove Island Park
1281 Cove Rd, Stamford

6.57 m
Burke Rehabilitation & Sports
230 Westchester Ave, White Plains

6.62 m
Newfield Swim & Tennis Club
80 Red Bird Rd, Stamford

6.71 m
Gillie Park
79 Gedney Way, White Plains

6.72 m
Delfino Park
110 Lake St, White Plains

6.72 m
Archbishop Stepinac High School
950 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains

6.76 m
Stamford Indoor Tennis
23 Radio Place, Stamford

6.78 m
Shenorock Shore Club
475 Stuyvesant Avenue, Rye

6.80 m
113 King St, Armonk

6.83 m
American Yacht Club
Stuyvesant Ave, Rye

6.87 m
Middlesex Club
20 Echo Dr N, Darien

7.05 m
Pace University Law School
78 N Broadway, White Plains

7.19 m
Weed Beach Park
155 Nearwater Ln, Darien

7.22 m
Swiss Re Health Club
175 King St, Armonk

7.32 m
Fenway Golf Club
384 Old Mamaroneck Rd, White Plains

7.36 m
Noroton Yacht Club Junior
23 Baywater Dri, Darien

7.48 m
Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club
555 South Barry Ave, Mamaroneck

7.54 m
Sterling Farms Golf Club
1349 Newfield Ave, Stamford

7.55 m
King Low Heywood Thomas
1450 Newfield Ave, Stamford

7.59 m
IBM Corporation
1 New Orchard Rd, Armonk

7.61 m
Italian Center of Stamford
1620 Newfield Avenue, Stamford

7.74 m
Armonk Indoor Sports Center
205 Business Park Drive, Armonk

7.74 m
Harbor Island Sportime Club
Harbor Island Park, Mamaroneck

7.81 m
Quaker Ridge Golf Club
146 Griffen Ave, Scarsdale

7.85 m
Crossway Field
45 Harvest Dr, Scarsdale

7.86 m
Rochambeau School Adult Continuing Education
228 Fisher Ave, White Plains

7.93 m
Scarsdale Middle School
134 Mamaroneck Rd, Scarsdale

7.94 m
Wee Burn Golf Club
410 Hollow Tree Ridge Rd, Darien

7.95 m
Beach Point Club
900 Rushmore Ave, Mamaroneck

8.00 m
Grand Slam Tennis Club
1 Bedford-Banksville Rd, Bedford

8.01 m
Travis Hill Park
299 Woodland Hills Rd, White Plains

8.01 m
Wynmor Park
Secor Rd And Wynmor Rd, Scarsdale

8.07 m
Orienta Country Club
1054 Walton Ave, Mamaroneck

8.09 m
Darien High School
80 High School Ln, Darien

8.19 m
Mohawk Day Camp
200 Old Tarrytown Rd, White Plains

8.25 m
Woodway Country Club
540 Hoyt Street, Darien

8.33 m
Badger Sports Club
119 Rockland Ave, Larchmont

8.57 m
Armonk Tennis Club
546 Bedford Rd, Armonk

8.60 m
Mill Neck Preserve
646 Bayville Rd, Bayville

8.60 m
Hampshire Country Club
1025 Cove Rd, Larchmont

8.61 m
Westchester Community College
75 Grasslands Rd, White Plains

8.61 m
County Tennis Club of Westchester
5 Brook Lane, Scarsdale

8.65 m
Mamaroneck Central School
1100 Palmer Ave, Larchmont

8.76 m
Brite Avenue Park
71 Brite Ave, Scarsdale

8.80 m
Scarsdale Country Club
1 Club Way, Hartsdale

8.88 m
Woodlands Middle School
475 W Hartsdale Ave, Hartsdale

8.89 m
Bonnie Briar Country Club
808 Weaver St, New Rochelle

8.92 m
Flint Park
Locust Ave, Larchmont

8.94 m
Butler Field
98 Popham Ln, Scarsdale

9.01 m
Valhalla High School
300 Columbus Ave, Valhalla

9.03 m
Yosemite Park
Geyser Pl, White Plains

9.03 m
Westlake Middle School
825 Westlake Dr, Thornwood

9.08 m
Maplewood Swim & Tennis Club
202 West Hartsdale Ave, Hartsdale

9.11 m
Glen Cove Golf Course
109 Lattingtown Rd, Glen Cove

9.12 m
Metropolis Country Club
1 Sciortina Pl, Fairview

9.20 m
Westlake High School
825 Westlake Dr, Thornwood

9.20 m
Stanco Park
Lattingtown Rd, Glen Cove

9.24 m
Fox Meadow Tennis Club
14 Wayside Ln, Scarsdale

9.30 m
Mamaroneck Memorial Park
4 Baldwin Ave, Larchmont

9.31 m
Iona Grammar School
173 Wilputte Place, New Rochelle

9.33 m
Woodlands High School
475 W Hartsdale Ave, Hartsdale

9.34 m
Country Club of Darien
300 Mansfield Ave, Darien

9.36 m
Pinebrook Tennis Center
2 Albert Leonard Pl, New Rochelle

9.37 m
Larchmont Yacht Club
1 Woodbine Ave, Larchmont

9.40 m
Rockrimmon Country Club
2949 Long Ridge Rd, Stamford

9.42 m
Tokeneke Club
4 Butlers Island Rd, Darien

9.44 m
Westwood Swimming & Tennis
592 Columbus Avenue, Thornwood

9.53 m
Cherry Lawn Park
120 Brookside Rd, Darien

9.55 m
Iona Preparatory High School
255 Wilmot Rd, New Rochelle

9.57 m
The Creek Club
1 Horse Hollow Rd, Locust Valley

9.58 m
Edgemont High School
200 White Oak Lane, Scarsdale

9.60 m
Albert Leonard Middle School
25 Gerada Lane, New Rochelle

9.61 m
Locust Valley High School
99 Horse Hollow Rd, Locust Valley

9.67 m
Glen Cove Mansion Hotel
200 Dosoris Lane, Glen Cove

9.77 m
Massaro Park
84 Cabot Ave, Elmsford

9.81 m
Webb Institute
298 Crescent Beach Rd, Glen Cove

9.84 m
Serenity Show Stable
175 Ingleside Dr, Stamford

9.86 m
Rumbrook Park East
Sprain Brook Pkwy, White Plains

9.88 m
Old Tappen Park
Old Tappan Rd, Glen Cove

9.92 m
Wee Burn Beach Club
6 Anchor Rd, Rowayton

9.94 m
Roton Point Association
43 Pine Point Rd, Rowayton

10.01 m
Larchmont Shore Club
1 Oak Bluff Ave, Larchmont

10.03 m
Sunningdale Country Club
300 Underhill Rd, Scarsdale

10.08 m
Vernon Hills Country Club
666 White Plains Rd, Eastchester

10.15 m
North Shore Day School
85 Crescent Beach Rd, Glen Cove

10.15 m
Anthony F Veteran Park
11 Olympic Lane, Ardsley

10.16 m
Rowayton Community Center
33 Highland Ave, Norwalk

10.28 m
The Ursuline School
1354 N Ave, New Rochelle

10.28 m
Wykagyl Country Club
1195 North Ave, New Rochelle

10.35 m
New Rochelle Tennis Club
114 Valley Rd, New Rochelle

10.42 m
Seawanhaka Yacht Club
314 Yacht Club Rd, Oyster Bay

10.42 m
Elmwood Country Club
289 Dobbs Ferry Rd, White Plains

10.47 m
Leewood Park
62 Leewood Dr, Eastchester

10.52 m
Huguenot Park
20 Sicard Ave, New Rochelle

10.71 m
Turf and Tennis
5 Browns Lane, Hawthorne

10.77 m
Portledge School
355 Duck Pond Rd, Locust Valley

10.83 m
Nassau Country Club
30 St Andrews Ln, Glen Cove

10.89 m
New Rochelle High School
98 Flandreau Ave, New Rochelle

10.96 m
Brien Mc Mahon High School
300 Highland Ave, Norwalk

11.00 m
Ferndale Seminary
Little Fox Lane, Norwalk

11.02 m
Fox Run Elementary School
228 Fillow St, Norwalk

11.05 m
Ashford Park
700 Ashford Ave, Ardsley

11.05 m
Ardsley Swim and Tennis Club
200 Sprain Rd, Scarsdale

11.20 m
Friends Academy
270 Duck Pond Rd, Locust Valley

11.28 m
Springwood Park
78 Sheehan Ave, Norwalk

11.30 m
Siwanoy Country Club
Pondfield Rd, Bronxville

11.30 m
Oak Hills Tennis Club
165 Fillow St, Norwalk

11.31 m
Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park
Westend Ave, Oyster Bay

11.43 m
Main Street Playground
70 S High St, Tuckahoe

11.44 m
College Racquet Club
171 White Plains Rd, Bronxville

11.45 m
Flax Hill Park
99 Norton Pl, Norwalk

11.52 m
Surf Club
280 Davenport Ave, New Rochelle

11.60 m
New Canaan Field Club
164 Smith Ridge Rd, New Canaan

11.60 m
Pocantico Hills School
599 Bedford Rd, Sleepy Hollow

11.64 m
Woodward Avenue Park
1 Sable St, Norwalk

11.73 m
Mount Vernon High School
100 California Rd, Mt. Vernon

11.81 m
Bedford Village Memorial Park
45 Greenwich Rd, Bedford

11.84 m
Castaways Yacht Club
425 Davenport Ave, New Rochelle

11.85 m
West Neck Park
8 Smugglers Cove, Huntington

11.88 m
The Country Club of New Canaan
95 Country Club Rd, New Canaan

11.95 m
Robbie Wagner Tournament Inc
60 Sea Cliff Ave, Glen Cove

11.98 m
Sheldon Ave Park
199 Sheldon Ave, Tarrytown

12.01 m
Neptune Boat Club
545 Davenport Ave, New Rochelle

12.01 m
Piping Rock Country Club
150 Piping Rock Rd, Locust Valley

12.02 m
Oyster Bay High School
150 East Main St, Oyster Bay

12.04 m
Bronxville Field Club
40 Locust Ln, Mt. Vernon

12.11 m
VIP Beach & Tennis Club
600 Davenport Ave, New Rochelle

12.12 m
Hudson Pines Farm
180 Bedford Rd, Tarrytown

12.12 m
Tarrytown House Estate
49 East Sunnyside Ln, Tarrytown

12.13 m
Bronxville Village Tennis Courts
5 Garden Ave, Bronxville

12.17 m
Roosevelt High School
631 Tuckahoe Rd, Yonkers

12.19 m
Imperial Yacht Club
583 Davenport Ave, New Rochelle

12.20 m
Pound Ridge Tennis Club
2 Major Lockwood Ln, Pound Ridge

12.20 m
Harris St, Norwalk

12.36 m
Maureen Freyne
186 Weyman Ave, New Rochelle

12.40 m
Sleepy Hollow High School
210 N Broadway, Tarrytown

12.41 m
Matthews Park
295 W Ave, Norwalk

12.44 m
Glen Head Country Club
240 Glen Cove Road, Glen Head

12.45 m
Old Croton Trailway State Park
Old Croton Trailway State Park, Irvington

12.48 m
Mill River Country Club
103 Mill River Rd, Oyster Bay

12.50 m
Pound Ridge Town Park
179 Westchester Ave, Pound Ridge

12.57 m
Shore and Country Club
220 Gregory Blvd, East Norwalk

12.58 m
Village Club of Sands Point
1 Thayer Lane, Sands Point

12.62 m
Andrus Park
1392 New York 100, Yonkers

12.67 m
New York Athletic Club
31 Shore Rd, Pelham

12.68 m
The Masters School
91 Clinton Ave, Dobbs Ferry

12.71 m
NYAC Platform Tennis
31 Shore Rd, Pelham

12.73 m
Pelham Country Club
940 Wynnewood Rd, Pelham

12.76 m
Mercy College
555 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry

12.78 m
Bedford Tennis Club
535 Cantitoe St, Bedford

12.79 m
Yonkers Tennis Center
493 Sprain Rd, Yonkers

12.79 m
Silvermine Elementary School
157 Perry Ave, Norwalk

12.82 m
Hillside Park
Hillside Ave, Hastings-On-Hudson

12.83 m
Cedar Brook Golf & Tennis Club
32 Oak Lane, Old Brookville

12.86 m
Ludlow Park
99 Gregory Blvd, Norwalk

12.87 m
Ardsley Country Club
N Mountn Dr, Irvington

12.90 m
North Shore High School
450 Glen Cove Ave, Glen Head

12.93 m
MT Vernon Tennis Center
431 Garden Ave, Mt. Vernon

13.01 m
Beacon Farm
202 Lighthouse Rd, Northport

13.06 m
Shorehaven Golf Club
14 Canfield Ave, Norwalk

13.12 m
Riverview Manor Tennis Club
57 Buena Vista Dr, Hastings-On-Hudson

13.15 m
Reynolds Field
26 Chauncey Ln, Hastings-On-Hudson

13.15 m
Pine Hollow Country Club
6601 Northern Blvd, East Norwich

13.15 m
Cold Spring Harbor Beach Club
101 Shore Rd, Cold Spring

13.23 m
North Shore Country Club
500 Shore Rd, Glen Head

13.23 m
Port Washington Tennis Academy
100 Harbor Rd, Port Washington

13.26 m
Muttontown Country Club
5933 Northern Boulevard, Oyster Bay

13.27 m
Hutchinson Field
101 Secor Ln, Mt. Vernon

13.29 m
Welty Park
57 Bryn Mawr Terrace, Yonkers

13.34 m
Glen Head Elementary School
7 School St, Glen Head

13.38 m
St Luke's School
377 N Wilton Rd, New Canaan

13.40 m
Phelps Child Care Center
3 Phelps Lane, Tarrytown

13.41 m
Rockefeller State Park
1 Rockwood Rd, Sleepy Hollow

13.41 m
The Lake Club
165 Thayer Pond Rd, Wilton

13.49 m
Tennis Club of Hastings
100 River St, Hastings-On-Hudson

13.54 m
Martin Luther King High School
1 S Broadway, Hastings-On-Hudson

13.57 m
Nathan Hale Middle School
176 Strawberry Hill Ave, Norwalk

13.60 m
Manorhaven Town Park
33 Manorhaven Blvd, Port Washington

13.62 m
Glenwood Landing Elementary School
60 Cody Ave, Glen Head

13.70 m
Orchard Beach
1 Orchard Beach Rd., New York City

13.79 m
Schreiber High School
101 Campus Dr, Port Washington

13.80 m
St. Joseph's Seminary
201 Seminary Ave, Yonkers

13.84 m
ClubFit - Briarcliff Manor
584 North State Road, Briarcliff Manor

13.91 m
Gibbs College
10 Norden Place, Norwalk

13.94 m
Vista Tennis Club
451 Oakridge Dr, South Salem

14.00 m
Huntington Country Club
483 W Main St, Cold Spring Harbor

14.12 m
Norwalk High School
55 County St, Norwalk

14.12 m
Kinsley Park
Moresmere Ave & Park Ave, Yonkers

14.14 m
Manhasset Bay Yacht Club
455 Main St, Port Washington

14.20 m
Engineers Country Club
55 Glenwood Rd, Roslyn Harbor

14.28 m
The Head of the Bay Club
191 Bay Rd, Huntington Bay

14.29 m
Seven Bridges Field Club
160 Seven Bridges Rd, Chappaqua

14.31 m
Cold Spring Harbor Junior High School
82 Turkey Lane, Cold Spring Harbor

14.36 m
Intensity Fitness and Tennis
490 Westport Ave, Norwalk

14.38 m
Bay Hills Beach
9 Beach Dr, Huntington Bay

14.45 m
Amackassin Club
557 Palisade Ave, Yonkers

14.51 m
Port Washington Yacht Club
1 Yacht Club Dr, Port Washington

14.60 m
Long Island University - CW Post Campus
720 Northern Blvd, Old Westbury

14.64 m
Lincoln High School
375 Kneeland Ave, Yonkers

14.66 m
Cardinal Spellman High School
1991 Needham Ave, New York City

14.73 m
Westport Longshore Club
260 S Compo Rd, Westport

14.75 m
Cranbury Elementary School
10 Knowalot Ln, Norwalk

14.79 m
Tibbetts Brook Park
S County Trailway, Yonkers

14.81 m
Racquet Club At Old Westbury
24 Quail Run, Old Westbury

14.85 m
Harry S Truman High School
750 Baychester Ave, Bronx

14.86 m
North Hempstead Country Club
291 Port Washington Blvd, Port Washington

14.90 m
Bedford Hills Memorial Park
Saw Mill River Pkwy, Bedford Hills

14.92 m
Trevor Park
431 Warburton Ave, Yonkers

14.95 m
Tam O'Shanter Golf Club
74 Fruitledge Rd, Glen Head

14.98 m
New York Institute of Technology
Northern Blvd And Valentines Lane, Glen Head

14.98 m
Rockland Country Club
380 Route 9W, Sparkill

15.07 m
Heckscher Park
164 Main St, Huntington

15.10 m
Harbor Hill School
3 Glen Cove Rd, Greenvale

15.16 m
Haffen Park
1801 Hammersley Ave., New York City

15.27 m
Plandome Country Club
145 Stonytown Rd, Plandome Manor

15.33 m
Conor Park
McLean & Central Park Ave, Yonkers

15.34 m
Sportime Roslyn
1 Landing Rd, Roslyn

15.34 m
Sylvan Tennis Club
26 Sylvan Rd South, Westport

15.40 m
Syosset High School
70 S Woods Rd, Syosset

15.42 m
Park Hill Racquet Club
2 Glenbrook Ave, Yonkers

15.43 m
Wildwood Pool & Tennis Club
935 Middle Neck Rd, Kings Point

15.44 m
Old Westbury Country Club
270 Wheatley R, Old Westbury

15.50 m
Doubleday Complex
170 Riverside Ave, Westport

15.51 m
Centerport Beach Park
220 Little Neck Rd, Centerport

15.53 m
Dolce Palisades Hotel
334 Route 9W, Sparkill

15.55 m
Finley Middle School
20 Greenlawn Rd, Huntington

15.58 m
Plandome Village
16-28 Park Dr, Plandome

15.58 m
Middlebrook Middle School
131 School Rd, Wilton

15.62 m
Memorial Park
53 Piermont Ave, Nyack

15.65 m
Huntington High School
Oakwood & McKay Rd s, Huntington

15.77 m
Wilton Riding Club
57 Riding Club Rd, Wilton

15.78 m
Our Lady of Mercy School
815 Convent Rd, Syosset

15.81 m
Diplomacy Middle School
3710 Barnes Ave, New York City

15.82 m
Huntington Crescent Club
15 Washington Dr, Huntington

15.84 m
Raymond G Esposito Trail
101 S Franklin St, South Nyack

15.86 m
Pelham Bay Park
Bruckner Blvd. and Middletown Rd., New York City

15.89 m
Van Cortlandt Park - Woodlawn
1 E 233rd St, New York City

15.91 m
East Hills Village Park
209 Harbor Hill Rd, Roslyn

15.95 m
The Harvey School
260 Jay St, Katonah

16.03 m
Cold Spring Valley Racquet Club
82 E Gate Dr, Huntington

16.05 m
The Franciscan Brothers - Camp Alvernia
105 Prospect Rd, Centerport

16.06 m
Roslyn High School
475 Round Hill Rd, Roslyn Heights

16.10 m
Onatru Park
99 Elmwood Rd, South Salem

16.10 m
Nyack Field Club
335 North Midland Ave, Nyack

16.13 m
SUNY College at Old Westbury
223 Store Hill Rd, Old Westbury

16.13 m
Wilton High School
395 Danbury Rd, Wilton

16.16 m
Saint Thomas Aquinas College
125 Route 340, Sparkill

16.19 m
Tomb Memorial Field
15 Elmridge Rd, Kings Point

16.19 m
Glen Oaks Club
175 Post Rd, Old Westbury

16.25 m
Jericho High School
99 Old Cedar Swamp Rd, Jericho

16.27 m
Fay Park
55 Depeyster St, Yonkers

16.31 m
Parkwood Tennis Center
65 Arrandale Ave, Great Neck

16.35 m
Parkwood Indoor Tennis
65 Arrandale Ave, Great Neck

16.40 m
Athletic Field
Fairview Ave, Great Neck

16.44 m
Mary Jane Davies Green
1 Memorial Pl, Manhasset

16.47 m
Roslyn Estates Tennis Club
25 The Tulips, Roslyn Heights

16.50 m
Cold Spring Country Club
1 Green Meadow Ln, West Hills

16.53 m
North Middle School
77 Polo Rd, Great Neck

16.55 m
Katonah Memorial Park
North St, Katonah

16.55 m
Huntington Indoor Tennis
100 Broadway, Huntington Station

16.56 m
Williamsbridge Oval
E 208th St & Bainbridge Ave., New York City

16.58 m
Manhasset High School
200 Memorial Place, Manhasset

16.61 m
Arrandale Avenue Town Park
77 Polo Rd, Kings Point

16.61 m
Oheka Castle Hotel
135 West Gate Dr, West Hills

16.62 m
Crest Hollow Country Club
8325 Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury

16.66 m
Skyview Health Club
5701 Arlington Ave, New York City

16.67 m
Riverdale Country School - Hill Campus
5250 Fieldston Ave, New York City

16.67 m
Parade Ground - Van Cortlandt Park
3545 Jerome Ave, Bronx

16.68 m
Town Farm Ball Park
136 Compo Rd N, Westport

16.71 m
North High School
35 Polo Rd, Great Neck

16.71 m
Strathmore Vanderbilt Country Club
260 Country Club Dr, Manhasset

16.73 m
Horace Mann High School
231 W 246th St, New York City

16.77 m
Allenwood Park
5 Greenacre Ct, Great Neck

16.77 m
Oldfield Middle School
2 Oldfield Rd, Huntington

16.77 m
Syosset Woodbury Community Park
7800 Jericho Tpke, Woodbury

16.77 m
Oakwood Park
455 Oakwood Rd, Huntington

16.78 m
Alpine Swim & Racquet Club
Sylvan Ave, Alpine

16.79 m
Park Avenue Tennis Club
100 Partridge Ln, Huntington

16.79 m
Morley County Park
500 Searingtown Rd, Roslyn

16.81 m
Old Westbury Equestrian Center
203 Store Hill Rd, Old Westbury

16.83 m
Manor Field Park
76 E 5th St, Huntington Station

16.83 m
Van Cortlandt Park - Stadium
W 242nd St & Broadway, New York City

16.86 m
Nyack High School
360 Christian Herald Rd, Nyack

16.86 m
Piquet Lane Tennis & Swim Club
68 Piquets Lane, Woodbury

16.88 m
Roslyn Middle School
375 Locust Lane, Roslyn Heights

16.89 m
Ruckman Park
185 Ruckman Rd, Closter

16.94 m
Rolling Hills Country Club
333 Hurlbutt St, Wilton

16.99 m
Northport Tennis Club
40 Maple Cir, Northport

17.00 m
Harry B Thompson Middle School
98 Ann Dr, Syosset

17.02 m
John Jay High School
60 N Salem Rd, Katonah

17.06 m
Tappan Zee High School
15 Dutch Hill Rd, Orangeburg

17.07 m
Tappan Zee High School
15 Dutch Hill Rd, Orangeburg

17.07 m
Shelter Rock Tennis Club
Powerhouse Rd, Manhasset

17.09 m
Whitney Pond Park
Northern Blvd & Community Dr, Manhasset

17.12 m
Village Park
Masefield Way, Saddle Rock

17.15 m
Silver Spring Country Club
439 Silver Spring Rd, Ridgefield

17.15 m
Riverdale Yacht Club
800 W 254th St, Bronx

17.18 m
Independence Park
Palisades Interstate Pkwy, Orangeburg

17.18 m
The Royalton at Roslyn Country Club
33 Club Dr, Roslyn Heights

17.21 m
New York Tennis Club
3081 Harding Ave, New York City

17.22 m
Lewisboro Town Park
1079 NY-35, South Salem

17.31 m
Riverdale Country School - River Campus
4900 Palisade Ave, New York City

17.35 m
Lehman College
250 Bedford Park Blvd, New York City

17.36 m
Walt Whitman High School
301 West Hills Rd, Huntington Station

17.37 m
Jericho-Westbury Indoor Tennis
44 Jericho Tpke, Jericho

17.43 m
Fordham University
441 E Fordham Rd, Bronx

17.49 m
Alpine Country Club
80 Anderson Ave, Demarest

17.50 m
Bronx Park
Bronx Park East and Brady Ave., New York City

17.50 m
Academy of the Holy Angels
315 Hillside Ave, Demarest

17.53 m
Montammy Golf Club
Montammy Dr, Alpine

17.60 m
Little Plains Park
99 Tufts Pl, Greenlawn

17.63 m
Ban Suk Korean United Methodist
11 Powells Lane, Old Westbury

17.65 m
Herricks Middle School
7 Hilldale Dr, Searingtown

17.65 m
North Hills Country Club
Long Island Expy N Service Rd, Manhasset

17.66 m
Laurel Avenue Junior High School
158 Laurel Ave, Northport

17.67 m
Four Seasons Racquet Club
589 Danbury Rd, Wilton

17.73 m
Great Neck Estates Park
Parkwood Dr, Great Neck

17.78 m
Westbury High School
1 Post Rd, Old Westbury

17.81 m
Harborfields High School
98 Taylor Ave, East Northport

17.81 m
Fresh Meadow Country Club
255 Lakeville Rd, Great Neck

17.81 m
Staples High School
70 N Ave, Westport

17.83 m
St James Park
Jerome Ave & 193rd St, New York City

17.91 m
Seton Park
W. 232nd St. and Independence Ave, New York City

17.92 m
Firefighters Memorial Field
98 Gerstein St, Croton-On-Hudson

17.94 m
In Tech Academy High School
2975 Tibbett Ave, New York City

17.95 m
Buckley Country Day School
I. U. Willets Rd, Roslyn

17.95 m
Scully Restoration
508 Mt Holly Rd, Katonah

17.97 m
Stonyhill Equestrian Center
929 Fort Salonga Rd, Fort Salonga

18.01 m
Cantiague Park
480 W John St, Hicksville

18.05 m
Albertson Park
89 San Juan Ave, Albertson

18.10 m
North Shore Hebrew Academy High School
400 N Service Rd, North Hills

18.11 m
Pierre Van Cortland Middle School
3 Glen Pl, Croton-On-Hudson

18.12 m
Northport High School
154 Laurel Hill Rd, East Northport

18.13 m
John F. Kennedy High School
99 Terrace View Ave, Bronx

18.15 m
Wakelee Field
243 County Rd, Demarest

18.16 m
Old Bethpage Middle School
33 Bedford Rd, Plainview

18.20 m
Jewish Community Center
411 E Clinton Ave, Tenafly

18.21 m
Waccabuc Country Club
90 Mead St, Waccabuc

18.22 m
Weston High School
115 School Rd, Weston

18.23 m
Westbury Middle School
455 Rockland St, Westbury

18.26 m
Wheatley School
11 Bacon Rd, Old Westbury

18.27 m
East Wilston High School
11 Bacon Rd, Old Westbury

18.27 m
Cresskill High School
1 Lincoln Dr, Cresskill

18.32 m
Herricks High School
100 Shelter Rock Rd, New Hyde Park

18.33 m
Veteran's Memorial Park
81 County Rd 16, Orangeburg

18.36 m
Dick Savitt Tennis Center
218th St, New York City

18.37 m
Northern Valley Regional High School
100 Central Ave, Old Tappan

18.38 m
LeHavre Club
16868 9th Ave, Whitestone

18.38 m
Northport Middle School
11 Middleville Rd, Fort Salonga

18.38 m
Village Park
Horace Harding Blvd, Lake Success

18.41 m
Douglaston Club
600 235th St, Little Neck

18.41 m
Great Neck South Middle School
339 Lakeville Rd, Lake Success

18.46 m
Westport Tennis Club
1696 Post Road East, Westport

18.47 m
Middle School 167
1970 W Farms Rd, New York City

18.47 m
Driftwood Day Camp
331 Mount Misery Rd, Melville

18.52 m
Tenafly Racquet Club
195 County Rd, Tenafly

18.52 m
Great Neck South High School
341 Lakeville Rd, Great Neck

18.52 m
Adlai E Stevenson High School
1980 Lafayette Ave, Bronx

18.54 m
Mannetto Hills Park
Round Swamp Rd, Plainview

18.56 m
Brookline Park
100 3rd St, Cresskill

18.56 m
Fairfield County Hunt Club
174 Long Lots Rd, Westport

18.57 m
Demarest High School
150 Knickerbocker Rd, Demarest

18.60 m
Bronx Middle School 318
1919 Prospect Ave, New York City

18.64 m
Eastern Athletic Club
854 East Jericho Turnpike, Huntington Station

18.64 m
Plainview-Old Bethpage Middle School
121 Central Park Rd, Plainview

18.65 m
Bay Terrace Indoor Tennis
212-00 23rd Ave, Bayside

18.65 m
Carle Place High School
2 Terrace Dr, Carle Place

18.66 m
Martin Bunky Reid Park
Broadway Ave & Urban Ave, New Cassel

18.74 m
Inwood Hill Park
W 207th St. and Seaman Ave., New York City

18.75 m
Tenafly Borough High School
19 Columbus Dr, Tenafly

18.76 m
Plainview Old Bethpage Park
175 Washington Ave, Plainview

18.77 m
Englewood Cliffs Rec Department
Johnson Ave, Englewood Cliffs

18.79 m
Long Island School for the Gifted
165 Pidgeon Hill Rd, Huntington Station

18.83 m
Clinton G Martin Park
Marcus Ave & New Hyde Park Rd, New Hyde Park

18.86 m
James Kiernan Jr High School
1025 Morrison Ave, New York City

18.87 m
Park on Brightside Ave
68 Brightside Av, East Northport

18.91 m
George Street Park
67 George St, Harrington Park

18.91 m
Deepdale Gardens Community Center
5825 Little Neck Pkwy, New York City

18.94 m
Clarkstown South High School
31 Demarest Mill Rd, West Nyack

18.96 m
Crotona Park
E. 173d St. and Crotona Ave., New York City

18.97 m
West Nyack Swim and Tennis Club
282 Germonds Road, Bardonia

18.99 m
North Shore Towers Country Club
27240 Grand Central Parkway, Great Neck

19.00 m
Roosevelt Common
100 Riveredge Rd, Tenafly

19.00 m
Howard B. Mattlin Middle School
100 Washington Ave, Plainview

19.02 m
Crocheron Park
215th Place & 33rd Ave, New York City

19.03 m
Ciuccoli Field
80 E Ridge St, Ridgefield

19.09 m
Louis Pasteur Park
52 Ave & Marathon Pkwy, New York City

19.10 m
POBJFK High School
50 Kennedy Dr, Plainview

19.13 m
Bronx Elementary School 93
1535 Story Ave, New York City

19.14 m
Hicksville Senior High School
180 Division Ave, Hicksville

19.20 m
North Shore Tennis & Racquet Club
3428 214th Plac, New York City

19.22 m
John Glenn High School
478 Elwood Rd, East Northport

19.26 m
East Northport Middle School
1075 5th Ave, East Northport

19.27 m
Wilson Park
State Pl, Mineola

19.28 m
Multi Park Project
83 Pershing St, Dumont

19.38 m
Pitts Park
Clay Pitts Rd, Huntington

19.41 m
Park Street Playground
293 Haworth Ave, Haworth

19.41 m
Bayside Athletic Field
204th St, New York City

19.45 m
Elwood Park
Elwood Park, Huntington

19.47 m
W T Clarke High School
740 Edgewood Dr, Salisbury

19.50 m
Chaminade High School
319 Jackson Ave, Mineola

19.52 m
Reis Park
82 Primrose St, Katonah

19.57 m
North Hempstead Town Park
1801 Evergreen Ave, New Hyde Park

19.58 m
Knickerbocker Country Club
188 Knickerbocker Rd, Tenafly

19.60 m
Terry Farrell Park
Old Country Rd, Huntington Station

19.60 m
Englewood Field Club
363 Engle St, Englewood

19.63 m
Weston Field Club
38 Ladder Hill Rd S, Weston

19.64 m
Mineola High School
10 Armstrong Rd, Garden City Park

19.71 m
The Patterson Club
1118 Cross Highway, Fairfield

19.75 m
Dwight-Englewood School
315 E Palisade Ave, Englewood

19.79 m
Merritt Tennis Courts
390 Ehrhardt Rd, Pearl River

19.85 m
New Hyde Park Memorial High School
500 Leonard Blvd, North New Hyde Park

19.87 m
Hemlock Playground
25 Maple St, Garden City

19.89 m
Edgewood Country Club
449 Rivervale Rd, Westwood

19.91 m
Pearl River High School
275 E Central Ave, Pearl River

19.94 m
River Vale Municipal Court
406 Rivervale Rd, Westwood

19.95 m
Albertus Magnus High School
798 New York 304, Bardonia

19.97 m
Memorial Park
149th St & 25th Ave, New York City

19.97 m
Nanuet High School
103 Church St, Nanuet

19.99 m
Fairfield Tennis Center
15 Old Dam Rd, Fairfield

20.02 m
White Beeches Country Club
70 Haworth Dr, Haworth

20.03 m
Half Hollow Hills High School
375 Wolf Hill Rd, Dix Hills

20.03 m
Bethpage Community Park
1001 Stewart Ave, Bethpage

20.04 m
Dwight Elementary School
1600 Redding Rd, Fairfield

20.05 m
Benjamin N Cardozo High School
5700 223rd St, New York City

20.09 m
Weston Racquet Club
405 Newtown Tpke, Weston

20.10 m
Pascack Brook Park
150 Emerson Rd, Westwood

20.12 m
New Hyde Park Memorial Park
610 Albert St, New Hyde Park

20.15 m
Caledonia Park
949 Caledonia Rd, Dix Hills

20.20 m
The Greens At Half Hollow
1 Altessa Blvd, Melville

20.23 m
Local Events
Sep 21 - Sep 27 Add
There are no events this week, or in the future.
Where is everyone playing tennis? Use an event to organize play sessions for a group of players. Players can rsvp for an event, and the system takes care of the rest. Learn more.
Active Tennis Networks
Picture Network Details
The Long Island Tennis Network
Members: 100   Location: Brentwood, New York
Official Network - The Long Island Tennis Network is an official network of GTN. This network is...
Sulli Flex League
Members: 39   Location: Ridgefield, Connecticut
This is a round robin summer league ladder for players in the 3.5 - 4.0 range....
Huntington Tennis Association
Members: 213   Location: Huntington, New York
The HTA is a community tennis organization open to all player levels. We have been...
Middlesex Club
Members: 27   Location: Darien, Connecticut
Tennis players from Middlesex Club.
LeHavre Tennis Club
Members: 2   Location: Whitestone, New York
LeHavre Tennis Club-For members who play and reside in the LeHavre Community.
Kissena Park Tennis Players Association
Members: 15   Location: Flushing, New York
For players who enjoy playing at Kissena Park.
Preseason NY Open
Members: 1   Location: Great Neck, New York
Tennis Group for preseason tournament
Maverick Tennis Network
Members: 69   Location: Port Washington, New York
Maverick Tennis and the Maverick Tennis Network is dedicated to the Hard Core...
Hudson Valley Tennis Network
Members: 24   Location: Ossining, New York
Primary purpose is to setup friendly, competitive tennis scrimmage matches for...
Weston Middle School
Members: 1   Location: Weston, Connecticut
Members: 2   Location: Norwalk, Connecticut
New York/Long Island Sunday Night Tennis
Members: 24   Location: Great Neck, New York
Enjoyable matches on Sundays 7:30pm - 10pm, from Oct to April   ...
astoria tennis ladder
Members: 52   Location: Astoria, New York
Fairfield County Tennis
Members: 210   Location: New Canaan, Connecticut
The Fairfield county men's singles league is played in 2019 at the New Canaan...
Long Island New York Tennis Group
Members: 43   Location: Huntington, New York
Gather tennis lovers and play for fan!
Grand Slam Tennis Club
Members: 7   Location: Greenwich, Connecticut
4.0 Men's Singles League Thursday nights at Grand Slam in Banksville.
Solaris Sport & Racquet Club Junior Program
Members: 1   Location: Hawthorne, New York
Junior Program Match Play ladders for Solaris Sport & Racquet Club located in...
Members: 58   Location: Astoria, New York
Anthony F. Veteran Park Tennis Network
Members: 42   Location: Ardsley, New York
This network is for all tennis enthusiasts who enjoy playing at Anthony F. Veteran...
Chelsea Piers
Members: 98   Location: Stamford, Connecticut
Sunday evenings at 7pm The men’s singles league is open to players with a USTA or...
Sportime Kings Park Tennis Network
Members: 45   Location: Kings Park, New York
The Long Island Tennis Network is a tennis organization that helps bring tennis...
Shippan Racquet Club
Members: 10   Location: Stamford, Connecticut
Singles tennis: 3.5 level
Drill & Play Alumni
Members: 18   Location: Manhattan, New York
Originally set up for Yorkville / Sutton East tennis - Drill & Play Alumni that want...
Sthrathmore Vanderbilt Country Club
Members: 4   Location: Manhasset, New York
2014 club championship
CP Tennis Ladder
Members: 7   Location: Manhattan, New York
This is a ladder in support of expanding the playing network for players in Central...
Huntington Local Club
Members: 17   Location: Huntington, New York
players with similar levels get together and play
Members: 7   Location: Westport, Connecticut
INTENSITY is Westport/Norwalk's premier tennis facility. We have multiple men's and...
Fairfield Indoor Tennis
Members: 4   Location: Fairfield, Connecticut
Fairfield Indoor Tennis in Fairfield, CT. AKA, the Bubble
Harlem Junior Tennis and Educatioal Program
Members: 1   Location: Manhattan, New York
Non- profit tennis program for children ages 7-18
GRC Ladies
Members: 14   Location: Greenwich, Connecticut
Members of this network can sign up for the Greenwich Racquet Club ladies singles...
Manhasset Tennis Network
Members: 23   Location: Manhasset, New York
Tennis network for Manhasset residents.
Sportime Bethpage
Members: 4   Location: Bethpage, New York
League play from Sept 2017- May 2018
Four Seasons Racquet Club
Members: 1   Location: Wilton, Connecticut
Men's Tuesday Singles League
Papi Tennis
Members: 49   Location: Bronx, New York
501 (3) (c) not for profit LGBTQ tennis group based in Bronx New York. All levels,...
Stamford Yacht Club
Members: 42   Location: Stamford, Connecticut
Open to Stamford Yacht Club members.
Westchester Women Singles Players
Members: 1   Location: Briarcliff Manor, New York
Women's Singles: 3.0-4.0
College Racquet Club
Members: 1   Location: Bronxville, New York
College Racquet Club has been providing top-rated tennis lessons, junior tennis...
These are the networks in the area. Networks are online communities of tennis players. Create a network.
Activities Underway
Picture Name Type Start End Network
LIBERTYLadder League2020-10-242021-11-30
The Top 100 Tennis LadderLadder2021-01-012021-12-31The Long Island Tennis Network
2021 HTA LaddersLadder League2021-04-152021-09-30Huntington Tennis Association
2021 Flex Singles LeagueLadder League2021-04-222021-10-15Sulli Flex League
Mixed Doubles LeagueLadder League2021-05-062021-10-29
2021 Papi Tennis Summer Ladder (3.5 and above)Ladder2021-05-212021-10-31Papi Tennis
2021 Papi Tennis Summer Ladder (3.0 and below)Ladder2021-05-212021-10-31Papi Tennis
Saturday up the river ladderLadder League2021-06-302021-09-29Middlesex Club
These are all the leagues and tournaments currently underway in the area.
Tennis Lessons
Picture Lesson Details
No lessons found that met your search criteria.
These are the tennis lessons in the area. Submit a lesson.
Local Chat
Looking for a tennis partner, or a group of players to play with? Do you want to check-in to a court, and let everyone know the current conditions? Post a comment here, and we will notify everyone nearby.
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Trevor Meier      Worldwide - 9 months, 1 week
I have been adding more and more features to our "events" tool. Events are a great way to organize play sessions, and attract a group of players to meet at a specific place and time.

Here are some of the features...
- Minimum and maximum players
- Auto cancel if minimum players is not met
- Required playing levels
- Specify the gender
- Determine allowed guests per member
- Determine when members can sign up
- Repeat the event up to a year
- Check-in to the event
- Waiting lists
- Take online payments
- Send invitations
- Determine who can see your event

To see or create events in your area, just click the calendar icon at the top right of any page.

Sodia Besyakov      Tarrytown - 1 week, 3 days
Hi, looking for a partner to practice (2.5-3), in Westchester/closer CT area. I'm personally located in Tarrytown. Message me if you like to practice some.
2.50 to 3.25

Mate Galovic      East Northport - 1 week, 4 days
Looking for players around East northport area if anyone is interested I didn’t play in while just teaching kids

Victoria U      East Northport - 3 weeks, 3 days
Looking for tennis players level 3 to 4 to play in East Northport-Northport/Huntington/Commack area.
femaleadult3.00 to 4.00

Jennifer McKenzie      Manhattan - 1 month, 1 week
hi is anyone available to play today at 5PM?

Daniel Bui      Fort Lee - 1 month, 1 week
Looking to play around the Fort Lee NJ Area, can play after 6 PM on weekdays and around a 2.5-3 skill level
male2.25 to 3.00

Juliana Barajas Gamboa      Astoria Park - 2 months, 2 weeks
Hi, I just started to play, I want to learn, but also do cardio and practice tennis. I have my tennis permit in Astoria Park. Anyone in Astoria Park for Today or Tomorrow Sat. 10th Morning?
adult2.25 to 3.00

Gina Moore      Anthony F Veteran Park - 1 month, 2 weeks
SEEKING WOMAN (4.0) Doubles/Mixed Player to finalize upcoming, Oct. 2021 adult seasonal tennis group out of Rye Racquet Club, Harrison, NY:

*Oct. 2 thru Apr. 16, 2022 (14 wks., 2 Har-Tru courts)
*6-8 PM (alternating Saturdays--play 2x per month)
*Great group of committed, diverse, and competitive Westchester league players (men and women, late 30s thru early 60s—experienced doubles player of any age welcome)

Please email me directly (or connect via GTN) if you may be interested—or know of anyone who might be. (Looking to solidify courts ASAP.)


F. Gina Moore (Court Captain)
Hartsdale, NY
4.00 to 4.50

Trevor Meier      Worldwide - 1 month, 2 weeks
I get more emails asking about tennis lessons than anything else. So, I have created a dedicated search for finding a lesson:

Do you or your club teach tennis lessons? If so, submit a listing for your lesson here:

Vinayak Gurjar      Norwood - 2 months, 3 weeks
Looking for a partner to play at sundown. Lots of courts in the area...
adult3.00 to 5.00

You must live within 25 miles of this location to submit comments. All players at this location will be notified when a comment is made.
Tennis Racquet Stringers
Name Location
Gut Reaction: Racquet Sports Specialist
313 Heights Road
Darien, Connecticut
Store Front203-656-9590
True Tension Raquet Sports
177 Post Rd W
Westport, Connecticut
(203) 226-3361
Stringer Pro
105-17 Martense Ave 3fl
Corona, New York
Anthony Nazzaro
52 Cypress Lane
Yorktown, New York

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