Tennis in St George Utah

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Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Dixie State College
399 700 E, St George

0.41 m
Cox Park
1000 S 900 E, St George

0.57 m
Dixie High School
825 S 100, St George

0.75 m
Summit Athletic Club
1532 E 1450 S, St George

1.33 m
Larkspur Park
600 E Fort Pierce Drive, St George

1.56 m
Tonaquint Park
1851 South Dixie Dr, St George

2.06 m
Stone Cliff Townhomes
2240 E Cobalt Dr, St George

2.08 m
Cotton Manor Condos
345 N 2450 E, St George

2.21 m
The Ridge Condos
583 RidgeView Dr, St George

2.34 m
River Hollow
1345 S 2670 E, St George

2.37 m
Pineview Park
2050 S Alveo Dr, Washington

2.44 m
Park at Green Valley HOA
545 S Valley View Dr, St George

2.70 m
Pelican Hills Condos
810 S Dixie Dr, St George

2.73 m
Pineview High School
2850 E 750 N, St George

2.76 m
Valley View Apartments
826 N 1110 W Circle, St George

2.81 m
Crown Pointe HOA
584 S Dixie Dr, St George

2.97 m
Amira Resort & Spa
1999 W Canyon View Dr, St George

3.10 m
Desert Hills High School
East Desert Hills Dr, St George

3.11 m
Sports Village HOA
860 S Village Rd, St George

3.13 m
Rio Virgin HOA
875 Rio Virgin Dr, St George

3.21 m
Hidden Valley Park
3505 S Barcelona Dr, St George

3.29 m
Crystal Lakes HOA
150 S Crystal Lakes Dr, St George

3.41 m
Bloomington Country Club
3174 Bloomington Dr, St George

3.58 m
Sunbrook Rec Center
2366 W Sunbrook Dr, St George

3.85 m
Snow Canyon High School
1385 North Lava Flow Dr, St George

4.32 m
Santa Clara City Park
1291 N Canyon View Dr, St George

4.61 m
Sun River Comm Center
1353 Country Club Dr, St George

4.99 m
Entrada HOA
2552 W Sinagua Trail, St George

5.62 m
Padre Lakes Townhomes
451 E Padre Lakes Dr, Ivins

7.02 m
Coral Canyons
3150 E Grasslands Pkwy, St George

7.40 m
Unity Park
200 W 400 S, Ivins

7.87 m
Kayenta Rec Association
800 N. Kayenta Parkway, Ivins

9.65 m
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