Tennis in Louisville, Kentucky

Are you looking to play tennis in Louisville, Kentucky? From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, and courts in Louisville, Kentucky.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.
Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Old Walnut Park
979 W Muhammad Ali Blvd, Louisville

0.47 m
Toonerville Trolley Park
240 E Oak St, Louisville

1.37 m
Central Park
557 W Magnolia Ave, Louisville

1.50 m
Shelby Park
610 E Oak St, Louisville

1.54 m
California Park
1601 W St Catherine St, Louisville

1.57 m
Clifton Park
1645 Arlington Ave, Louisville

2.11 m
Lannan Park
2601 Marine St, Louisville

2.14 m
Triangle Park
2221 S 4th St, Louisville

2.60 m
University Park Apartments
2202 James Guthrie Ct, Louisville

2.65 m
Bass Rudd
350 E Warnock St, Louisville

2.70 m
Tyler Park
1363 Baxter Ave, Louisville

2.75 m
Algonquin Park
2791 Burwell Ave, Louisville

2.83 m
George Rogers Clark Park
1024 Thruston Ave, Louisville

3.00 m
Saint Xavier High School
3121 Poplar Level Rd, Louisville

3.01 m
River Oak
69 Lake Ave, Louisville

3.17 m
Russell Lee Park
3530 W Magnolia Ave, Louisville

3.34 m
Bellarmine University
1948 Norris Pl, Louisville

3.55 m
River Road Country Club
Zorn Ave, Louisville

3.59 m
Cherokee Park
2135 Barret Hill Rd, Louisville

3.76 m
Mockingbird Valley Racquet Club
3000 Mellwood Ave, Louisville

3.76 m
Audubon Country Club
3265 Robin Rd, Louisville

3.93 m
Louisville Tennis Center
Sheridan Ave, Louisville

4.07 m
Chickasaw Park
Chickasaw Park Rd, Louisville

4.08 m
Crescent Hill Park
Zorn Ave, Louisville

4.18 m
Wyandotte Park
1148 Beecher St, Louisville

4.44 m
Sacred Heart Academy
Wentworth Ave, Louisville

4.52 m
Seneca Park
3081 Rock Creek Dr, St Matthews

4.72 m
Atherton High School
2900 Dundee Rd, Louisville

4.72 m
Louisville Country Club
40 Mockingbird Valley Dr, Louisville

4.87 m
Jeffersonville High School
2315 Allison Ln, Jeffersonville

5.06 m
Louisville Male High School
4409 Preston Hwy, Louisville

5.10 m
Woodsmill Apartments
5075 Quail Hollow Rd, Louisville

6.30 m
Fountain Square Apartments
3558 Fountain Dr, Louisville

6.36 m
Western High School
2487 Rockford Ln, Shively

6.88 m
Advantage Tennis & Fitness
4014 Dutchmans Ln, Louisville

6.92 m
Petersburg Park
5043 Ellington Ave, Buechel

7.02 m
Auburndale Park
810 Palatka Rd, Louisville

7.17 m
Klondike Park
3807 Klondike Ln, Buechel

7.26 m
Holy Cross High School
5144 Dixie Hwy, Louisville

7.33 m
Fern Valley Tennis Club
3621 Fern Valley Rd, Louisville

7.40 m
The Oaks at St. Andrews
6815 Brooklawn Dr, Louisville

7.60 m
Buechel Park
2298 Beargrass Ave, Buechel

7.71 m
Black Mudd Park
Old Rangeland Rd, Louisville

7.83 m
Grove At Lyndon
5029 Sunset Ct, Lyndon

8.01 m
Partridge Meadows Apartments
1403 Juniper Dr, Lyndon

8.45 m
Countrybrook Apartments
1712 Bridgeview Ln, Lyndon

8.48 m
Okolona Park
1130 Clay Ave, Okolona

8.55 m
Lyndon Crossing
8331 Doncaster Way, Lyndon

8.65 m
Woodbridge of Louisville
8519 Glenridge Ct, Lyndon

8.96 m
Sylvania Park
6654 Sylvania 5 Rd, Pleasure Ridge Park

9.04 m
Canter Chase
8804 Furlong Dr, Lyndon

9.17 m
Ab Sawyer Park
9200 Whipps Mill Rd, Lyndon

9.59 m
Fairdale High School
1001 Fairdale Rd, Fairdale

9.71 m
Hays Kennedy Park
6461 Bass Rd, Prospect

9.73 m
Nelson Hornbeck Park
707 Fairdale Rd, Fairdale

10.02 m
Jeffersontown High School
9560 Old 6 Mile Ln, Jeffersontown

10.20 m
Chestnut Ridge
9607 Balsam Way, Jeffersontown

10.35 m
Highview Park
7201 Outer Loop, Louisville

10.45 m
Hounz Lane Park
2448 Hounz Ln, Anchorage

10.49 m
Stuart Middle School
4601 Valley Station Rd, Louisville

10.89 m
Fern Creek Park
8669 Ferndale Rd, Fern Creek

10.90 m
Boulder Creek of Vantage
3598 Ruckriegel Pkwy, Jeffersontown

11.38 m
Crosby Park
11580 Cedardale Rd, Middletown

11.84 m
Garden Gate Apartments
11805 Duane Point Cir, Middletown

11.90 m
Blue Lick Park
4000 Mud Ln, Okolona

12.08 m
Mcneely Lake Park
6704 Price Ln, Okolona

12.20 m
Blankenbaker Crossings
2751 Blankenbaker Rd, Jeffersontown

12.21 m
Charlie Vettiner Park
Somer Rd, Louisville

12.27 m
Bullitt Central High School
3200 E Hebron Ln, Shepherdsville

14.93 m
South Oldham High School
Clore Ave, Crestwood

16.65 m
Bullitt Central High School
1330 Kentucky 44, Shepherdsville

17.79 m
Bullitt East High School
11585 Old Mill Rd, Mount Washingto

18.23 m
Doe Valley
Doe Valley Pkwy, Brandenburg

26.55 m
Local Scheduled Play
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Justin Vance      Louisville - 1 year, 2 months
Would anyone like to play this Sunday the 25th? I can meet anywhere in the Louisville area. 502 287 8318. Thanks, JV
3.00 to 5.00

Justin Vance      Louisville - 1 year, 2 months
Looking to play in Louisville or the brand new courts in Mt. Washington on weekends or weekday afternoons...
3.00 to 4.50

Duane M.      Louisville - 3 years, 4 months
Looking for someone for singles mostly on weekends. Favorite parks are Fern Creek and Highview.

Gary P      Jeffersonville - 2 years, 2 months
Looking for a partner. I live in Jeffersonville. The Jeff High or Clarksville Aquatic Center courts are both convenient locations for me. I am a mediocre player. Looking to play singles for fun/competition. Very flexible schedule.

Mike McGuire      Louisville - 4 years, 1 month
I'm looking for some new blood in the Louisville area

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