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Are you looking to play tennis in Spokane, Washington? From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Spokane, Washington.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Gonzaga University
602 E Cataldo Ave, Spokane

0.97 m
Manito Park
1702 S Grand Blvd, Spokane

0.97 m
Grant Park
1317 E 11th Ave, Spokane

1.10 m
Liberty Park
1716 E 4th Ave, Spokane

1.23 m
North Central High School
425 W Indiana Ave, Spokane

1.50 m
Mission Park
1208 E Mission Ave, Spokane

1.51 m
Cannon Park
1511 N Elm St, Spokane

1.84 m
Comstock Park
3258 S Howard St, Spokane

1.95 m
Sacajawea Middle School
206 E 33rd Ave, Spokane

2.09 m
Corbin Park
699 Corbin Park, Spokane

2.22 m
Hamblen Park
3901 S Napa St, Spokane

2.77 m
Ferris High School
3020 East 37th Ave, Spokane

3.19 m
Spokane Racquet Club
1903 S Dearborn Rd, Spokane

3.32 m
Shadle Park High School
4327 North Ash St, Spokane

3.45 m
Franklin Park
302 W Queen Ave, Spokane

3.60 m
Minnehaha Park
4299 E Euclid Ave, Spokane

3.75 m
Spokane Club
5900 E 4th Ave, Spokane

4.03 m
Harmon Park
6199 N Market St, Spokane

4.60 m
Friendship Park
680 E Greta Ave, Spokane

5.01 m
North Park Racquet & Athletic Club
8121 N Division St, Spokane

5.40 m
Westwood Middle School
5612 W Hallett Rd, Cheney

5.42 m
West Valley High School
8301 East Buckeye Ave, Spokane

5.96 m
Graves Gym
100 N College Rd, Spokane

6.95 m
University Rec Center
300 W Hawthorne Rd, Spokane

7.08 m
Mission Park
11123 E Mission, Spokane

7.44 m
Mead High School
302 W Hastings Rd, Spokane

8.14 m
Fairways Golf Course
9810 W Melville Rd, Cheney

8.42 m
East Valley High School
15711 E Wellesley Ave, Spokane

10.55 m
Family Housing Northeast
Ft Wright Oval, Fairchild AFB

10.75 m
Warrior Park
300 W Castle St, Fairchild AFB

11.41 m
Family Housing West
Carolina Dr, Fairchild AFB

11.92 m
Cheney Middle School
298 Parkway Dr, Cheney

12.84 m
Hagelin Park
689 Cedar St, Cheney

13.47 m
Medical Lake High School Courts
200 E Barker St, Medical Lake

13.73 m
Salnave Park
311 S Presley Dr, Cheney

14.73 m
Pavillion Park
N Molter Rd, Liberty Lake

14.95 m
Rocky Hill Park
25127 E Mission Ave, Liberty Lake

15.96 m
Local Events
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There are no events this week, or in the future.
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Active Tennis Networks
Picture Network Details
Spokane Tennis Network
Members: 18   Location: Spokane, Washington
For all players of all skill levels in and around Spokane to connect and develop our...
Medical Lake Tennis
Members: 1   Location: Medical Lake, Washington
Medical Lake Tennis Tournament
TAGS - Tennis Association of Greater Spokane
Members: 13   Location: Spokane, Washington
TAGS has been around for 40 years, although it used to be called the STA, Spokane...
MITB Tennis Spokane
Members: 3   Location: Spokane, Washington
MITB Sports is organizing ladder leagues across the nations. Champions at each level...
MITB Tennis Flex League Spokane
Members: 1   Location: Spokane, Washington
Visit for details on how flex league works. Pay $35 for the year...
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Activities Underway
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Tennis Lessons
Picture Lesson Details
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Local Chat
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Trevor Meier      Worldwide - 12 months
I have been adding more and more features to our "events" tool. Events are a great way to organize play sessions, and attract a group of players to meet at a specific place and time.

Here are some of the features...
- Minimum and maximum players
- Auto cancel if minimum players is not met
- Required playing levels
- Specify the gender
- Determine allowed guests per member
- Determine when members can sign up
- Repeat the event up to a year
- Check-in to the event
- Waiting lists
- Take online payments
- Send invitations
- Determine who can see your event

To see or create events in your area, just click the calendar icon at the top right of any page.

Trevor Meier      Worldwide - 4 months, 1 week
I get more emails asking about tennis lessons than anything else. So, I have created a dedicated search for finding a lesson:

Do you or your club teach tennis lessons? If so, submit a listing for your lesson here:

Trevor Meier      Worldwide - 11 months, 3 weeks
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Please help us grow by inviting your friends. :)

Madi Shakhan      Liberty Lake - 1 year, 2 months
Hello everyone. Looking for tennis partner. I can play on weekends, or after 5 p.m. during week (Mon-Fri).
My level 3.5 or little bit more.

Michael MacDonald      Spokane - 1 year, 10 months
Looking for new people to play singles/doubles with in the area. Have racket will travel to pretty much anywhere in the Spokane metro.
maleadult2.50 to 3.50

Clinton Kingsbury      Spokane - 4 years, 4 months
I'm looking for someone that wants to play 2-4 times a week. I live on the South Hill so any court up on the hill works for me. Preferably after 5:30pm weeknights. I currently have a couple of players that I play with 1-2 times a week but they aren't always available. And since my main goal is to get 1 hour of cardio in 3-4 times a week, that's why I'm seeking an additional partner to play with.

I live in Spokane, Washington.

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Tennis Racquet Stringers
Name Location
1034 E. Stanley Dr.
Medical Lake, Washington

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