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Are you looking to play tennis in Zurich, Switzerland? From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Zurich, Switzerland.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Looking for a tennis partner, or a group of players to play with? Do you want to check-in to a court, and let everyone know the current conditions? Post a comment here, and we will notify everyone nearby.
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Niclas Austrell      Kloten - 1 year, 12 months
Hello everybody, I am looking for someone to hit with around Zurich or Zurich airport. I am available anytime and I am level 3.5

Steven Ly      Zurich - 5 months
Hi Everyone, looking for a tennis partner in Zürich to play in the evening or week end. Cheers

Imanol Zubizarreta      Zurich - 3 months, 2 weeks

I just moved to Zurich and would like to keep playing tennis. I am a basketball guy (played pro basketball in Spain) who is now improving his tennis. I started playing two years ago and I am improving in a significant way.

I am working for an American company so maybe even the mornings can work better for me.

Trevor Meier      Worldwide - 1 year, 6 months
I have been adding more and more features to our "events" tool. Events are a great way to organize play sessions, and attract a group of players to meet at a specific place and time.

Here are some of the features...
- Minimum and maximum players
- Auto cancel if minimum players is not met
- Required playing levels
- Specify the gender
- Determine allowed guests per member
- Determine when members can sign up
- Repeat the event up to a year
- Check-in to the event
- Waiting lists
- Take online payments
- Send invitations
- Determine who can see your event

To see or create events in your area, just click the calendar icon at the top right of any page.

Trevor Meier      Worldwide - 11 months
I get more emails asking about tennis lessons than anything else. So, I have created a dedicated search for finding a lesson:

Do you or your club teach tennis lessons? If so, submit a listing for your lesson here:

Trevor Meier      Worldwide - 1 year, 6 months
There is now an "Invite your friends" link at the bottom of your "My Links" drop down at the top left of each page (when logged in).

Please help us grow by inviting your friends. :)

Fabio De Rosa      Zurich - 2 years
Hello, I am looking for someone to hit with once-twice a week after work.
I need to brush up my tennis, intermediate level here and available to play in Zurich.

Elena Sousa Sánchez      Zurich - 2 years, 4 months
Would you be up to play in Zurich or around at the beginning of April? I am flexible on the dates and timetable.
4.50 to 5.75

Rizwan Javed      Zurich - 3 years, 5 months
hay every one I am looking for a Tennis partner. after private training, I have now M level. and I got ASVZ membership as well.

Emir Cevro      Zurich - 3 years, 10 months
Looking for someone to play with. Advanced player. Evenings and weekends work best.

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There are no events this week, or in the future.
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Local Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
ASVZ Irchel
winterthurestrasse 190, Zurich

1.25 m
Guggach Sportszentrum
Käferholzstrasse 40, Zurich

1.29 m
Hardhof 19, Zurich

1.86 m
ASVZ Sport Center Fluntern
Zürichbergstrasse 196, Zurich

1.97 m
Mythenquai 301, Zurich

2.12 m
Grasshopper-Club Zürich Sektion Tennis
Kartausstrasse 11, Zurich

2.27 m
Hegianwandweg 127, Zurich

2.40 m
Fronwaldstrasse 115, Zurich

2.74 m
TC Witikon
Eschenhaustrasse 29, Zurich

2.89 m
TA Lengg
Bleulerstrasse 41, Zurich

2.89 m
Stiglenstrasse 60, Zurich

3.01 m
TC Bührle
Stelzenstrasse, Seebach, Zurich

3.16 m
Sportcenter Schumacher
Am Stadtrand 46, Dübendorf

3.28 m
Tennisclub Zollikon TCZ
Gustav-Maurer-Strasse, Zollikon

3.29 m
Tennisclub im Hau Witikon
Im Hau, Zurich

3.46 m
TC Wallisellen
Schützenstrasse, Wallisellen

3.88 m
Wiesenstrasse 8, Schlieren, Zurich

4.28 m
Tennis Waldmann
Eichstockweg, Dübendorf

4.39 m
Tennisclub Kilchberg
Nidelbadstrasse 30, Kilchberg

4.82 m
Hotel Allegra
Hamelirainstrasse 3, Kloten

4.90 m
TC Swiss Re
Rifertstrasse 15, Adliswil

5.02 m
Tennisclub Itschnach
Zumikerstrasse 80, Küsnacht

5.08 m
Tenniscenter Urdorf
Steinackerstrasse 20, Urdorf, Zurich

5.29 m
Tennisclub Schlösseri
Hermikonstrasse 1, Schwerzenbach

5.39 m
Tennisclub Dietlikon
Obere Wangenstrasse 33, Wangen-Brüttisellen

5.58 m
Grindel Sports
Grindelstrasse 11, Zurich

5.67 m
Tennis Club Rüschlikon
Vorder Längimoosstrasse 14, Rüschlikon

5.87 m
Tennisschule Cochand
Büchelweg, Thalwil

6.20 m
Tennis & Squash Center Sihltal
Sihltalstrasse 63, Zurich

6.31 m
Tennisclub Hof Gattikon Thalwil
Hofwiesenstrasse 31, Gattikon

6.64 m
Tennis Club Volketswil
Brugglenstrasse, Volketswil

7.53 m
Fun Bowl Stockmatt
Zürichstrasse 183, Affoltern am Albis

7.88 m
Tennisclub Uster
Winikerstrasse, Uster

9.09 m
Tennis Zentrum Horgen
Waldeggstrasse 7, Horgen

10.14 m
Sportzentrum Pfäffikersee
Auwiesenstrasse 51, Winterthur

10.57 m
Tennisclub Uetikon am See
Talstrasse, Utica

10.65 m
Tennishalle Wädenswil
Industriestrasse 10, Wädenswil

11.27 m
Tennisclub Neubüel Wädenswil
Zugerstrasse 204, Wädenswil

11.41 m
Tennisclub Pfäffikon
Stogelenweg 20, Pfäffikon

11.81 m
Sportcenter Stork AG
Schachenstrasse 15, Oetwil am See

11.90 m
Tennis Club Oetwil am See
Schachenstrasse 30, Oetwil am See

12.03 m
Tennisclub Grüningen
Werkstrasse, Grüningen

12.49 m
Tennis Rigacker Center
Rigackerstrasse 5, Wohlen

12.55 m
Tenniscenter Grüze
In Hölderli 9, Winterthur

13.04 m
UTA United Tennis Academy Ahmed Wahba
Reidholzstrasse 28A, Richterswil

14.09 m
Teme Tennis Menzingen AG
Industriestrasse 2, Menzingen

14.85 m
Tennis und Squash Felsenegg AG
Schweissrütistrasse 1, Wila

14.93 m
Tennisclub Hünenberg
Dersbachstrasse, Hünenberg

15.31 m
Tennisclub Hallwilersee
Strandbadweg, Meisterschwanden

15.63 m
Sport- Freizeitzentrum Tellimatt
Tellimattstrasse, Aesch

16.24 m
Tenniscenter White Line
Hellmühlestrasse 4, Meierskappel

18.30 m
Sportcenter Grünfeld AG
Grünfeldstrasse 20, Rapperswil-Jona

18.43 m
Baumli Sport
Sempachstrasse 12, Hochdorf

19.01 m
Tennishalle Moos
Moosstrasse, Reinach

19.03 m
DonPhil Philipp Tennis
Aapark 20A, Lachen

19.75 m
TC Uhwiesen
Wassergasse 8248 Laufen-Uhwiesen, Schaffhausen

20.29 m
Tennis-u. Squashhalle Auen AG
Neuhofstrasse 23, Frauenfeld

20.71 m
Sportcenter Leuholz AG
Leuholz 2, Wangen

20.96 m
Tennis Center Schenkon F. Colferai
Zellfeld, Schenkon

23.65 m
Tennisclub Triengen
Schäracher 1, Triengen

24.53 m
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