Tennis in Astoria, New York

This is an overview of all things tennis in Astoria, New York. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Astoria, New York.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Local Stats

Ladder Leagues Underway:
Team Leagues Underway:
Tournaments Underway:
Total Matches Played: 16,882

5118 Local Players

Activities Underway
Picture Name Type Players Matches Network
LPTLLadder League51263
Metuchen-Plainfield-Piscataway-Brunswick Ladder LeagueLadder League40
Dodgers Team League00
Einstein Ladder 2022!Ladder League3310
The 2022-2023 great neck winter kickoff tournamentTournament10
Life Time Tennis LadderLadder League6696
Australian Open 2023Tournament00
Club Champs TemplateTournament90
These are all the leagues and tournaments currently underway in the area.
Local Chat
Looking for a tennis partner, or a group of players to play with? Do you want to check-in to a court, and let everyone know the current conditions? Post a comment here, and we will notify everyone nearby.
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Alexander Fishbane      Hudson River Park
4 months
Looking for a partner to hit on weekdays in Manhattan. I am probably about a 2.5, but am a little rusty

Kari Litzmann      New York City, New York
5 months, 3 weeks
Hi, I’m new here. I am getting back into tennis after a long hiatus so I’d say I’m an advanced beginner. Anyone know if there’s a league or consistent place to play within an organized group for my level to practice and advance? Im also up for meeting once a week or so with one or two people. I am located near the courts in Fort Greene Brooklyn. Would love to play there but also interested in indoor places in Brooklyn for when it gets colder. Thanks for any tips!
2.25 to 3.75

Zam S      Cooper Park
3 days, 23 hours
Hello hello, during this winter 2023, would love to find a regular tennis partner(s) to play with in Brooklyn in the mornings between 8am and 10:30am. Read my bio for more about me and my skill level. Looking for players who are serious about playing consistently. Reply with a good number to reach you on WhatsApp or signal to arrange ☺️

***Attn Male Players: I’m extremely unattractive and married so please be about the game.
3.00 to 5.00

India L-B      New York City, New York
3 months, 2 weeks
Looking for a partner to hit on weekends in Brooklyn
adult3.00 to 5.00

Zam S      New York City, New York
3 days, 23 hours
Hello hello, during this winter 2023, would love to find a regular tennis partner(s) to play with in Brooklyn in the mornings between 8am and 10:30am. Read my bio for more about me and my skill level. Looking for players who are serious about playing consistently. Message me I’ll be happy to exchange WhatsApp ☺️

Zam S      Cooper Park
3 days, 23 hours
Hello hello, during this winter 2023, would love to find a regular tennis partner(s) to play with in Brooklyn in the mornings between 8am and 10:30am. Read my bio for more about me and my skill level. Looking for players who are serious about playing consistently. Message me I’ll be happy to exchange WhatsApp ☺️
3.50 to 5.00

Ted DeCagna      North Caldwell, New Jersey
5 days, 15 hours
Hello Players,

I am a former 27 year 4.0 USTA Captain/player. I coordinate great matches on Monday nights at Tiger Racket Club, West Caldwell , 8-10 PM
Cost is $ 38. For 2 hours!

I am well known for setting up great matches at the 4.5, 4.0, 3.5 & 3.0 level. Please text me by Saturday PM to reserve a spot. ( I sometimes have spots still available on Sunday)

My number is (phone hidden) and my email (email hidden) Please let me know if I may put you on my weekly invitation list? Please send me your and cell number as most communication is by text.

Thank You


Ted DeCagna
Tennis Coordinator
adult3.00 to 4.50

Ted DeCagna      West Caldwell, New Jersey
1 week, 5 days
Hello Tennis Players,

I am a former 27 year 4.0 USTA Captain/player. I coordinate great social challenge tennis nights every Monday nights at Tiger Racket Club, West Caldwell , 8-10
$ 38. For a 2 hour match with new balls and bottled refreshments. Players matched up with equal caliber players. I have a great reputation . This is my 13th season coordinating social matches. Please Email me and send me your cell number by Saturday to reserve a spot.

I also coordinate matches on Friday at 5 Star, Murray Hill Tennis Club, New Providence, 8:00 to 10:00 PM for only $42. (Cash) for 2 hour social match with new balls and bottled refreshments.

I am well known for setting up great matches at the 4.5, 4.0,3.5 & 3.0 level. My number is (phone hidden) and my email (email hidden) Please let me know if I may put you on my weekly invitation list? Please send me your and cell number.

Thank You

adult3.00 to 4.50

Ted DeCagna      West Caldwell, New Jersey
2 weeks, 5 days
Hello Players,

I am a former 27 year 4.0 USTA Captain/player. I coordinate great matches on Monday nights at Tiger Racket Club, West Caldwell , 8-10 PM
Cost is $ 38. For 2 hours!

I am well known for setting up great matches at the 4.5, 4.0, 3.5 & 3.0 level. Please text me by Saturday PM to reserve a spot. ( I sometimes have spots still available on Sunday)

Please let me know if I may put you on my weekly invitation list? Please send me your and cell number as most communication is by text. I will first respond by email.

Thank You


Ted DeCagna
Tennis Coordinator
adult3.00 to 4.50

Ted DeCagna      West Caldwell, New Jersey
2 weeks, 5 days
Hello Tennis Players,

I am a former 27 year 4.0 USTA Captain/player. I coordinate great matches on Monday nights at Tiger Racket Club, West Caldwell , 8-10 PM
Cost is $ 38. For 2 hours!

I am well known for setting up great matches at the 4.5, 4.0, 3.5 & 3.0 level. Please text me by Saturday PM to reserve a spot. ( I sometimes have spots still available on Sunday)

My number is (phone hidden) and my email (email hidden) Please let me know if I may put you on my weekly invitation list? Please send me your and cell number as most communication is by text.

Thank You


Ted DeCagna
Tennis Coordinator
adult3.00 to 4.50

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Local Events
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There are no events this week, or in the future.
Where is everyone playing tennis? Use an event to organize play sessions for a group of players. Players can rsvp for an event, and the system takes care of the rest. Learn more.
Local Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Elementary School 111
3715 13th St, New York City

0.58 m
888 Main St., New York City

0.81 m
Astoria Heights Playground
45th St, New York City

0.96 m
Astoria Park
21st St & Hoyt Ave, Astoria

0.97 m
William C Bryant High School
4810 31st Ave, New York City

1.06 m
City View Racquet Club
43-34 32nd Place, Long Island City

1.17 m
Sunnyside Garden Park
48-21 39th Ave, New York City

1.17 m
Roosevelt Island Racquet Club
281 Main St, New York City

1.34 m
Yorkville Tennis Club
1725 York Ave, New York City

1.39 m
The Rockefeller University
1230 York Ave, New York City

1.40 m
Mamie Fay Primary School
2121 Ditmars Blvd, New York City

1.48 m
Eastside Tennis Club
220 East 76th St, New York City

1.57 m
Sutton East Tennis Club
488 E 60th St, New York City

1.59 m
Champion Tennis Club
1918 First Ave, New York City

1.67 m
Town Tennis Club
430 E 56th St, New York City

1.74 m
Carnegie Park
E 92nd St, New York City

1.74 m
Lexington School For the Deaf
26-26 75th Street, New York City

1.87 m
SporTime Randall's Island
8 Randalls Is, New York City

2.20 m
Travers Park
34th Ave & 78th St, New York City

2.23 m
Garden School
33-16 79th St, Jackson Heights

2.25 m
Racquet & Tennis Club
370 Park Ave, New York City

2.27 m
Randall's Island Park
1 Randall's Island, New York City

2.29 m
James B Colgate Elementary School
42-00 72 St, New York City

2.36 m
Central Park
93d St. near West Drive, New York City

2.52 m
Vanderbilt Tennis Club
15 Vanderbilt Ave, New York City

2.55 m
Frank Principe Park
Maurice Ave, Queens

2.77 m
Louis J. Brandeis High School
101 W 84th St, New York City

2.88 m
Manhattan School For Children
154 W 93rd St, New York City

2.91 m
Hunter College Brookdale Campus
425 E 25th St, New York City

2.94 m
Fordham Law School
200 W 61st St, New York City

3.02 m
McCarren Park
Berry St & N 13th St, New York City

3.09 m
East Elmhurst Playground
25th Ave & 98th St, New York City

3.12 m
Cooper Park
Morgan Ave, Kings County

3.22 m
Augustus Saint-Gaudens Grade School
320 E 20th St, New York City

3.24 m
Fred R Moore Elementary School
2121 5th Ave, New York City

3.27 m
Manhattan Plaza Racquet Club
450 West 43rd St, New York City

3.35 m
Riverside Park - Clay Courts
Riverside Drive and W. 96th St., New York City

3.42 m
High School of Enterprise
850 Grand St, Brooklyn

3.56 m
St. Mary's Park
472 St. Anns Ave, New York City

3.57 m
John B Russwurm Elementary School
2230 5th Ave, New York City

3.57 m
Cathedral Preparatory Seminary
56-25 92nd St, New York City

3.57 m
Columbia Middle School
425 W 123rd St, New York City

3.58 m
Midtown Tennis Club
341 8th Ave, New York City

3.67 m
Columbia University
3030 Broadway, New York City

3.68 m
River Place
650 W 42nd St, New York City

3.71 m
Starr Playground
Suydam St, Ridgewood

3.79 m
Bronx Elementary School
628 Tinton Ave, New York City

3.82 m
Harlem Tennis Center
40 W 143rd St, New York City

3.86 m
Riverside Park - Hard Courts
Riverside Drive and W. 119th St., New York City

3.90 m
Alfred E Smith High School
333 E 151st St, New York City

3.99 m
Brian Watkins Tennis Center
Delancey St. and FDR Dr., New York City

4.03 m
Juniper Valley Park
Juniper Blvd S & 79th St, New York City

4.03 m
The City College of New York
160 Convent Ave, New York City

4.07 m
John F Hylan Elementary School
60 Cook St, New York City

4.15 m
Stadium Tennis Center at Mill Pond Park
725 Exterior St, Bronx

4.21 m
Patricia McEldowney Field
6669 Anthony M Defino Way, West New York

4.23 m
Frederick Johnson Playground
W. 151st St. and 7th Ave., New York City

4.32 m
North Hudson Park - Braddock Park
JFK Boulevard E & 79th St, North Bergen

4.43 m
Seward Park High School
350 Grand St, New York City

4.47 m
USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center
11101 Corona Ave, New York City

4.47 m
Riverbank State Park
679 Riverside Dr, New York City

4.48 m
Shuang Wen Middle School
327 Cherry St, New York City

4.59 m
Intermediate School 291
231 Palmetto St, New York City

4.63 m
Weehawken Waterfront Park
Port Imperial Blvd, Union City

4.64 m
Academy of Urban Planning High School
400 Irving Ave, Brooklyn

4.66 m
Flushing Meadows - Corona Park Public Courts
New York Ave & Perimeter Rd, Flushing

4.66 m
Binghamton Racquet Club
737 River Rd, Edgewater

4.72 m
World's Fair Playground
Grand Central Pkwy And 62nd Dr, Flushing

4.73 m
Marcy Playground
Myrtle Ave, New York City

4.77 m
Hudson River Park
Westside Hwy, New York City

4.90 m
Sheraton Lincoln Harbor Hotel
500 Harbor Blvd, Union City

4.92 m
Eubie Blake elementary School
787 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn

4.95 m
Cliffside Park High School
64 Riverview Ave, Cliffside Park

5.01 m
Bronx Elementary School 93
1535 Story Ave, New York City

5.02 m
Stevens Institute of Technology - Castle Point Apts
Castle Point Terrace, Hoboken

5.06 m
Stevens Institute of Technology - Hayden Lot
Wittpen Walk, Hoboken

5.09 m
Forest Hills High School
67-01 110th St, Forest Hills

5.09 m
Mckinney Junior High School
101 Park Ave, New York City

5.10 m
Watchtower Society - Sports Facility
69 Adams St, Brooklyn

5.16 m
West Side Tennis Club
1 Tennis Place, Forest Hills

5.20 m
Leavitts Park
137th St, New York City

5.26 m
Edgewater Veterans Field Park
1199 River Rd, Edgewater

5.28 m
James Kiernan Jr High School
1025 Morrison Ave, New York City

5.29 m
Victor Kilken Field
6662 Cottage Ave, North Bergen

5.30 m
Washington Market Park
199 Chambers St, New York City

5.32 m
Columbus Park
900 Clinton St, Hoboken

5.47 m
George Westinghouse High School
105 Johnson St, New York City

5.49 m
Fort Greene Park
DeKalb & S Portland Ave., New York City

5.50 m
Brooklyn Hospital Center
151 Ashland Pl, New York City

5.51 m
Cliffside Park Middle School
440 Oakdene Ave, Cliffside Park

5.52 m
Adlai E Stevenson High School
1980 Lafayette Ave, Bronx

5.58 m
Long Island University
161 Ashland Pl, Brooklyn

5.58 m
Decatur Playground
167 Decatur St, New York City

5.61 m
Crotona Park
E. 173d St. and Crotona Ave., New York City

5.66 m
Jackie Robinson Park
Malcolm X. Blvd & Chauncey St, New York City

5.67 m
Boys & Girls High School
1700 Fulton St, Brooklyn

5.80 m
Daniel Carter Beard Jr High School
14480 Barclay Ave, New York City

5.83 m
Washington Park
New York Ave & 2nd St, Union City

5.84 m
Highland Park
Elton St & Jamaica Ave, New York City

5.87 m
Middle School 167
1970 W Farms Rd, New York City

5.88 m
Forest Park
Park Lane South & 89th St, New York City

5.92 m
Queens College
65-30 Kissena Blvd, Flushing

5.93 m
Bronx Middle School 318
1919 Prospect Ave, New York City

5.97 m
Fort Washington Park
Hudson River at 170th St., New York City

5.99 m
Memorial Park
149th St & 25th Ave, New York City

6.00 m
Ridgefield Memorial High School
555 Walnut St, Ridgefield

6.07 m
Kew Forest School
11917 Union Tpke, New York City

6.07 m
Brooklyn Children's Center
1819 Bergen St, New York City

6.11 m
Avalon Cove
444 Washington Blvd, Jersey City

6.14 m
Brooklyn Collegiate High School
2021 Bergen St, New York City

6.16 m
Middle School 394
188 Rochester Ave, New York City

6.19 m
Van Voorhees Park
Congress St. and Columbia St., New York City

6.21 m
Rafael Cordero Middle School
350 Linwood St, New York City

6.36 m
The Discovery Elementary School
65-11 155th St, Fresh Meadows

6.37 m
Kissena Park
Parsons Blvd & Rose Ave, New York City

6.38 m
Hamilton Park
20 E Hamilton Pl, Jersey City

6.45 m
Horace Mann Elementary School
8650 109th St, New York City

6.58 m
Middle School 150
364 Sackman St, New York City

6.59 m
Lincoln Terrace Park
Buffalo & Rochester Ave, Brooklyn

6.60 m
Lincoln Terrace Park
Buffalo & E New York Ave, New York City

6.61 m
Pershing Field Tennis Courts
857 Summit Ave, Jersey City

6.61 m
Terrace Avenue Park
179 Terrace Ave, Jersey City

6.66 m
William Birch Park
1501 9th St, Fort Lee

6.71 m
Buchmuller Park
Buchmuller Park, Secaucus

6.81 m
Fort Lee Racquet Club
532 North Ave, Fort Lee

6.82 m
Bronx Park
Bronx Park East and Brady Ave., New York City

6.88 m
Secaucus High School
11 Millridge Rd, Secaucus

7.01 m
Coytesville Park
2285 7th St, Fort Lee

7.04 m
Achievement First Crown Heights Middle School
790 E New York Ave, Brooklyn

7.05 m
Robert Vanwyck Junior High School
8505 144th St, New York City

7.10 m
Bushwick High School
550 Wheeler Ave, New York City

7.17 m
Francis Lewis High School
5820 Utopia Pkwy, New York City

7.21 m
Palisades Park Overpeck Park
47 Fort Lee Rd, Leonia

7.25 m
Middle School 252
1084 Lenox Rd, New York City

7.27 m
LeHavre Club
16868 9th Ave, Whitestone

7.32 m
St James Park
Jerome Ave & 193rd St, New York City

7.32 m
Leonia Tennis Club
Moore Ave, Leonia

7.33 m
Fordham University
441 E Fordham Rd, Bronx

7.39 m
New York Tennis Club
3081 Harding Ave, New York City

7.42 m
Inwood Hill Park
W 207th St. and Seaman Ave., New York City

7.45 m
St. John's University
8000 Utopia Pkwy, New York City

7.49 m
Linden Playground
Linden Blvd & Vermont St, New York City

7.53 m
Hillcrest High School
160-05 Highland Ave, New York City

7.55 m
Bayside Athletic Field
204th St, New York City

7.58 m
Jamaica High School
16701 Gothic Dr, New York City

7.66 m
Dick Savitt Tennis Center
218th St, New York City

7.75 m
Ridgefield Park High School
1 Ozzie Nelson Dr, Ridgefield Park

7.82 m
St Peters University
2641 John F Kennedy Blvd, Jersey City

7.87 m
Middle School 66
845 E 96th St, New York City

7.89 m
John F. Kennedy High School
99 Terrace View Ave, Bronx

7.94 m
Harmon Cove Tower
Harmon Cove Tower, Secaucus

7.95 m
Overpeck County Park Ridgefield Park
Challenger Rd, Ridgefield Park

7.96 m
Lehman College
250 Bedford Park Blvd, New York City

7.97 m
Prospect Park
50 Parkside Ave, New York City

7.97 m
Hobart Street Field
70 Hobart St, Ridgefield Park

7.99 m
Bay Terrace Indoor Tennis
212-00 23rd Ave, Bayside

8.08 m
Leonia High School
100 Christie Heights St, Leonia

8.09 m
Knickerbocker Field Club
114 East 18th Street, New York City

8.12 m
In Tech Academy High School
2975 Tibbett Ave, New York City

8.14 m
Fresh Meadows Elementary School
19625 Peck Ave, New York City

8.15 m
Rockwood Place
225 Rockwood Pl, Englewood

8.22 m
Pelham Bay Park
Bruckner Blvd. and Middletown Rd., New York City

8.22 m
York College
9420 Guy R Brewer Blvd, New York City

8.24 m
St Joseph Park
48 Rooney Pl, Moonachie

8.25 m
North Shore Tennis & Racquet Club
3428 214th Plac, New York City

8.27 m
Williamsbridge Oval
E 208th St & Bainbridge Ave., New York City

8.44 m
Crocheron Park
215th Place & 33rd Ave, New York City

8.46 m
Seton Park
W. 232nd St. and Independence Ave, New York City

8.54 m
Cunningham Park & Tennis Center
Union Turnpike & 197th St, Fresh Meadows

8.54 m
Canarsie High School
1600 Rockaway Pkwy, New York City

8.55 m
Lincoln Park
937 Communipaw Ave, Jersey City

8.60 m
Detective Keith L. Williams Park
Liberty Ave & 173rd St, New York City

8.61 m
Hawthorne Elementary School
233 Fycke Ln, Teaneck

8.81 m
Dwight-Englewood School
315 E Palisade Ave, Englewood

8.87 m
South Shore High School
6565 Flatlands Ave, New York City

8.88 m
Diplomacy Middle School
3710 Barnes Ave, New York City

8.89 m
Van Cortlandt Park - Stadium
W 242nd St & Broadway, New York City

8.98 m
Benjamin N Cardozo High School
5700 223rd St, New York City

9.01 m
Haffen Park
1801 Hammersley Ave., New York City

9.03 m
Audubon Park
272 Stegman St, Jersey City

9.08 m
Parade Ground - Van Cortlandt Park
3545 Jerome Ave, Bronx

9.09 m
St. Albans Memorial Park
Merrick Rd & 111th Rd, New York City

9.17 m
Police Officer Edward Byrne Park
135th Ave & 132nd St, New York City

9.20 m
Brooklyn College
2900 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

9.22 m
Englewood Cliffs Rec Department
Johnson Ave, Englewood Cliffs

9.26 m
Horace Mann High School
231 W 246th St, New York City

9.28 m
Harry S Truman High School
750 Baychester Ave, Bronx

9.36 m
Charles Memorial Park
98th St, Howard Beach

9.36 m
Baisley Pond Park
155th St. & 118th Ave., New York City

9.37 m
Douglaston Club
600 235th St, Little Neck

9.38 m
Riverdale Country School - River Campus
4900 Palisade Ave, New York City

9.43 m
Lyndon B Johnson Elementary School
125-20 Sutphin Blvd, New York City

9.48 m
Columbus Park
199 W Franklin St, Hackensack

9.51 m
Van Cortlandt Park - Woodlawn
1 E 233rd St, New York City

9.59 m
Village Park
Masefield Way, Saddle Rock

9.59 m
The Magnet Middle School
4715 18th Ave, New York City

9.60 m
Great Neck Estates Park
Parkwood Dr, Great Neck

9.61 m
Tomb Memorial Field
15 Elmridge Rd, Kings Point

9.61 m
Riverdale Country School - Hill Campus
5250 Fieldston Ave, New York City

9.65 m
Bogota Racquet Club
156 W Main St, Bogota

9.69 m
A Hudde Junior High School
2500 Nostrand Ave, New York City

9.69 m
Cardinal Spellman High School
1991 Needham Ave, New York City

9.72 m
Edward R Murrow High School
1600 Ave L, New York City

9.79 m
Riverdale Yacht Club
800 W 254th St, Bronx

9.79 m
Baisley Pond Park - South
130th Ave. & 150th St., New York City

9.81 m
August Martin High School
156-10 Baisley Blvd, New York City

9.83 m
Englewood Field Club
363 Engle St, Englewood

9.89 m
Roy Wilkins Recreation Center
Merrick Blvd & 119 Ave, New York City

9.92 m
Argonne Park
140 Schoonmaker Rd, Teaneck

9.92 m
Nelson A Rockefeller Middle School
5301 20th Ave, New York City

9.97 m
Joseph T Mcguire Park
Avenue W & Bergen, New York City

9.98 m
Leif Ericson Park & Square
8th Ave & 66th St, New York City

10.01 m
Arrandale Avenue Town Park
77 Polo Rd, Kings Point

10.02 m
McGovern Park
42 Sycamore Rd, Jersey City

10.07 m
Parkwood Tennis Center
65 Arrandale Ave, Great Neck

10.12 m
Parkwood Indoor Tennis
65 Arrandale Ave, Great Neck

10.16 m
Skyview Health Club
5701 Arlington Ave, New York City

10.16 m
Friends Field
Ave L & East 4th St, New York City

10.19 m
Rochdale Park
Guy Brewer Blvd & 134th Ave, New York City

10.20 m
North Middle School
77 Polo Rd, Great Neck

10.20 m
Louis Pasteur Park
52 Ave & Marathon Pkwy, New York City

10.20 m
North High School
35 Polo Rd, Great Neck

10.22 m
Elementary School 236
6302 Ave U, New York City

10.24 m
Alley Pond Tennis Center
79-20 Winchester Blvd, New York City

10.27 m
Milton Votee Park
West Englewood Ave, Teaneck

10.31 m
Orchard Beach
1 Orchard Beach Rd., New York City

10.35 m
Polifly Park
Polifly Rd & Sutton Ave, Hackensack

10.44 m
The Teaneck Swim Club
700 Pomander Walk, Teaneck

10.45 m
Jewish Community Center
411 E Clinton Ave, Tenafly

10.47 m
McKinley Park
7th Ave. & 75th St., New York City

10.49 m
James Madison High School
3787 Bedford Ave, New York City

10.50 m
Hasbrouck Heights High School
144 Paterson Ave, Hasbrouck Heights

10.50 m
Conor Park
McLean & Central Park Ave, Yonkers

10.52 m
Phelps Park
935 River Rd, Teaneck

10.56 m
Tamblyn Field
62 Delafield Ave, Rutherford

10.57 m
Magnet High School
20701 116th Ave, New York City

10.60 m
Fay Park
55 Depeyster St, Yonkers

10.63 m
Marine Park
E 31st St, New York City

10.64 m
Johnson Memorial Park
490 River St, Hackensack

10.65 m
Athletic Field
Fairview Ave, Great Neck

10.67 m
Hackensack High School
135 1st St, Hackensack

10.74 m
Cross Island YMCA
238-10 Hillside Ave, Bellerose

10.80 m
Deepdale Gardens Community Center
5825 Little Neck Pkwy, New York City

10.85 m
Fairleigh Dickinson University
1000 River Rd, Teaneck

10.89 m
Allenwood Park
5 Greenacre Ct, Great Neck

10.97 m
Wildwood Pool & Tennis Club
935 Middle Neck Rd, Kings Point

10.99 m
Kelly Playground
Avenue S & E 14th St, New York City

11.00 m
Hutchinson Field
101 Secor Ln, Mt. Vernon

11.04 m
Knickerbocker Country Club
188 Knickerbocker Rd, Tenafly

11.06 m
George Washington Carver High School
143-10 Springfield Blvd, New York City

11.06 m
Village Park
Horace Harding Blvd, Lake Success

11.06 m
Stephen R Gregg Park
John F Kennedy Blvd, Bayonne

11.09 m
Riverside County Park - North Arlington
Riverside Ave, Lyndhurst

11.11 m
Immaculate Conception High School
258 S Main St, Lodi

11.14 m
Montammy Golf Club
Montammy Dr, Alpine

11.15 m
Samuel Nelkin Park
Rose St, Wallington

11.16 m
Morris H Weiss Elementary School
415 Ave South, New York City

11.23 m
Joseph Carucci Area - Riverside County Park
279 Riverside Ave, Lyndhurst

11.23 m
Arlington Players Club
12 Washington Place, Kearny

11.25 m
Springfield Park
147 Ave & Springfield Ave, New York City

11.28 m
Softball Fields
34 Grant St, East Rutherford

11.29 m
Park Hill Racquet Club
2 Glenbrook Ave, Yonkers

11.31 m
Lodi Memorial Park
1 Memorial Dr, Lodi

11.37 m
Rutherford Memorial Park
172 Monona Ave, Rutherford

11.38 m
NYAC Platform Tennis
31 Shore Rd, Pelham

11.38 m
North Shore Towers Country Club
27240 Grand Central Parkway, Great Neck

11.40 m
Pelham Country Club
940 Wynnewood Rd, Pelham

11.40 m
New Harrison High School
800 Hamilton St, Harrison

11.41 m
MT Vernon Tennis Center
431 Garden Ave, Mt. Vernon

11.41 m
Mcdonald Playground
McDonald Ave & Ave S, New York City

11.43 m
New York Athletic Club
31 Shore Rd, Pelham

11.43 m
Poly Prep Country Day School
9216 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn

11.44 m
Lincoln High School
375 Kneeland Ave, Yonkers

11.45 m
Fresh Meadow Country Club
255 Lakeville Rd, Great Neck

11.50 m
Bellerose Village Park
50 Superior Rd, Bellerose

11.58 m
Monsignor Owens Park
25 Park Ave, Nutley

11.59 m
Laurelton Middle School
229-02 137th Ave, New York City

11.61 m
Tibbetts Brook Park
S County Trailway, Yonkers

11.62 m
Roosevelt Common
100 Riveredge Rd, Tenafly

11.64 m
Belgrove Playground
42 Park Ave, Kearny

11.65 m
John J. Carty Park
95 St & Fort Hamilton Pkwy, New York City

11.66 m
West Hudson Park
Kearny Ave, Harrison

11.69 m
Maureen Freyne
186 Weyman Ave, New Rochelle

11.71 m
Dyker Beach Park
Cropsey Ave & B 8th St, New York City

11.72 m
Shore Road Park
Shore Rd. & 3rd Ave., New York City

11.77 m
Riverbank Park
571 Market St, Newark

11.80 m
Great Neck South Middle School
339 Lakeville Rd, Lake Success

11.80 m
Great Neck South High School
341 Lakeville Rd, Great Neck

11.81 m
Tenafly Racquet Club
195 County Rd, Tenafly

11.82 m
Bayonne High School
669 Ave A, Bayonne

11.84 m
North Shore Hebrew Academy High School
400 N Service Rd, North Hills

11.85 m
Dag Hammarskjold Elementary School
1801 Ave Y, New York City

11.86 m
Dunney Park
Linden Ave, Clifton

11.86 m
Imperial Yacht Club
583 Davenport Ave, New Rochelle

11.91 m
Skyline Playground
Clyde Pl. & Prospect Ave., New York City

11.92 m
Manhasset High School
200 Memorial Place, Manhasset

11.92 m
Whitney Pond Park
Northern Blvd & Community Dr, Manhasset

11.95 m
Brookville Park
Brookville Blvd & 145th Ave, New York City

11.95 m
Third Ward Park
Brook Ave, Passaic

11.97 m
VIP Beach & Tennis Club
600 Davenport Ave, New Rochelle

11.99 m
Elmont Memorial High School
555 Ridge Rd, Elmont

12.02 m
Sheepshead Playground
2617 E 29th St, New York City

12.04 m
Tenafly Borough High School
19 Columbus Dr, Tenafly

12.04 m
Lafayette High School
2630 Benson Ave, New York City

12.06 m
Neptune Boat Club
545 Davenport Ave, New Rochelle

12.10 m
Alpine Swim & Racquet Club
Sylvan Ave, Alpine

12.11 m
Bensonhurst Park
Cropsey Ave. & Bay Pkwy., New York City

12.14 m
Mary Jane Davies Green
1 Memorial Pl, Manhasset

12.17 m
Saint Boniface School
621 Elmont Rd, Elmont

12.19 m
Castaways Yacht Club
425 Davenport Ave, New Rochelle

12.26 m
Ahdeek Tennis Club
43 Pelham Pl, Bergenfield

12.29 m
New Milford Swim Club
Trotta Dr, New Milford

12.30 m
Nutley Tennis Club
27 Maple Pl, Nutley

12.31 m
St. Joseph's Seminary
201 Seminary Ave, Yonkers

12.32 m
Brookline Park
100 3rd St, Cresskill

12.35 m
Maywood Tennis Club
263 W Passaic St, Maywood

12.38 m
John Dewey High School
50 Ave X, New York City

12.39 m
Plandome Village
16-28 Park Dr, Plandome

12.39 m
Belleville High School
100 Passaic Ave, Belleville

12.43 m
Walker Park
Bard Ave & Delafield Place, New York City

12.47 m
Manorhaven Town Park
33 Manorhaven Blvd, Port Washington

12.47 m
Academy of the Holy Angels
315 Hillside Ave, Demarest

12.49 m
Rochelle Area Saddle River County Park
Railroad Ave, Rochelle Park

12.51 m
Surf Club
280 Davenport Ave, New Rochelle

12.51 m
Floral Park Recreation Center
2 Pool And Garage Rd, Floral Park

12.55 m
Berta A Dreyfus Middle School
101 Warren St, New York City

12.56 m
Port Washington Yacht Club
1 Yacht Club Dr, Port Washington

12.56 m
Kingsborough Community College
2001 Oriental Blvd, Brooklyn

12.57 m
Broad Channel Park
Cross Bay Blvd & E 16th Rd, New York City

12.58 m
Bayonne City Park
198 W 16th St, Bayonne

12.59 m
Plandome Country Club
145 Stonytown Rd, Plandome Manor

12.61 m
Clinton G Martin Park
Marcus Ave & New Hyde Park Rd, New Hyde Park

12.67 m
Garfield High School
500 Palisade Ave, Garfield

12.78 m
Manhattan Beach Park
1516 Oriental St, New York City

12.78 m
Manhasset Bay Yacht Club
455 Main St, Port Washington

12.78 m
Althea Gibson Tennis Center
Heller Pkwy, Belleville

12.79 m
Latteri Park
27 Hampton Rd, Clifton

12.82 m
Silver Lake Park
Hart Blvd & Revere St, New York City

12.84 m
Sewanhaka High School
500 Tulip Ave, Floral Park

12.87 m
Mount Vernon High School
100 California Rd, Mt. Vernon

12.90 m
Bronxville Field Club
40 Locust Ln, Mt. Vernon

12.90 m
Rutgers University
350 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Newark

12.90 m
Saddle Brook High School
355 Mayhill St, Saddle Brook

12.93 m
Multi Park Project
83 Pershing St, Dumont

12.97 m
North Woodmere Park
750 Hungry Harbor Rd, Woodmere

12.98 m
Cresskill High School
1 Lincoln Dr, Cresskill

13.00 m
North Hills Country Club
Long Island Expy N Service Rd, Manhasset

13.01 m
New Hyde Park Memorial Park
610 Albert St, New Hyde Park

13.01 m
3300 Coney Island Ave, New York City

13.02 m
3300 Coney Island Ave, New York City

13.02 m
NJIT Fleisher Athletic Center
58-72 Lock St, Newark

13.15 m
Leon S Kaiser Playground
Neptune Ave & W 28th St., New York City

13.15 m
Alpine Country Club
80 Anderson Ave, Demarest

13.15 m
Strathmore Vanderbilt Country Club
260 Country Club Dr, Manhasset

13.20 m
Trevor Park
431 Warburton Ave, Yonkers

13.21 m
Buckley Country Day School
I. U. Willets Rd, Roslyn

13.23 m
Eastbrook Jr High School
190 Spring Valley Rd, Paramus

13.24 m
Welty Park
57 Bryn Mawr Terrace, Yonkers

13.25 m
Inwood Country Club
50 Peppe Dr, Inwood

13.25 m
Wagner College
1 Campus Rd, Staten Island

13.26 m
New Milford High School
330 River Rd, New Milford

13.28 m
De Muro Park
32 Wilson St, Nutley

13.28 m
Society Hill Condominium
1 Cornerstone Ln, Newark

13.30 m
Amackassin Club
557 Palisade Ave, Yonkers

13.31 m
Mayor Dennis P Collins park - East Side
74 W 1st St, Bayonne

13.33 m
New Hyde Park Memorial High School
500 Leonard Blvd, North New Hyde Park

13.34 m
Bronxville Village Tennis Courts
5 Garden Ave, Bronxville

13.36 m
Paramus High School
145 Spring Valley Rd, Paramus

13.36 m
Bergen County Tennis Center
216 Forest Ave, Paramus

13.37 m
Beach Channel High School
10000 Beach Channel Dr, New York City

13.39 m
Chelsea Park
Chelsea Rd, Clifton

13.40 m
Mayor Dennis P Collins park - West side
200 W 1st St, Bayonne

13.40 m
North Hempstead Town Park
1801 Evergreen Ave, New Hyde Park

13.42 m
Staten Island YMCA
651 Broadway, New York City

13.46 m
Port Washington Tennis Academy
100 Harbor Rd, Port Washington

13.49 m
Inwood Park
Bayview Ave, Inwood

13.54 m
Andrus Park
1392 New York 100, Yonkers

13.54 m
New Rochelle High School
98 Flandreau Ave, New Rochelle

13.55 m
Valley Stream South High School
150 Jedwood Place, South Valley Stream

13.60 m
Central High School
135 Fletcher Ave, Valley Stream

13.60 m
Sperling Park
399 Speer Ave, Clifton

13.61 m
North Hempstead Country Club
291 Port Washington Blvd, Port Washington

13.67 m
Siwanoy Country Club
Pondfield Rd, Bronxville

13.67 m
Arthur J Hendrickson Park
2 Austin St, Valley Stream

13.68 m
Rockaway Community Park
Almeda Ave & Beach 54th St, New York City

13.69 m
Kinsley Park
Moresmere Ave & Park Ave, Yonkers

13.73 m
Pulaski Park
John F Kennedy Dr N, Bloomfield

13.77 m
Huguenot Park
20 Sicard Ave, New Rochelle

13.80 m
Clarks Pond
190 Dewey St, Bloomfield

13.82 m
River Dell High School
55 Pyle St, Paramus

13.83 m
College Racquet Club
171 White Plains Rd, Bronxville

13.83 m
Nassau Indoor Tennis
73 De Sibio Pl, Inwood

13.84 m
Schreiber High School
101 Campus Dr, Port Washington

13.85 m
Shelter Rock Tennis Club
Powerhouse Rd, Manhasset

13.86 m
Wakelee Field
243 County Rd, Demarest

13.86 m
Jesse Allen Park
Avon Ave, Newark

13.87 m
Foley Field
John F Kennedy Dr & Belleville Ave, Bloomfield

13.94 m
Herricks High School
100 Shelter Rock Rd, New Hyde Park

13.95 m
Breezy Point Racquet Club
76 Ocean Ave, Breezy Point

13.98 m
Terrace Garden Park
27 Merril Place, Inwood

14.02 m
Oak Ridge Park
1061 Clifton Ave, Clifton

14.03 m
Main Memorial Park North
US Hwy 46, Clifton

14.05 m
White Beeches Country Club
70 Haworth Dr, Haworth

14.05 m
Demarest High School
150 Knickerbocker Rd, Demarest

14.05 m
Herricks Middle School
7 Hilldale Dr, Searingtown

14.06 m
Garden City Country Club
206 Stewart Ave, Garden City

14.06 m
Larchmont Shore Club
1 Oak Bluff Ave, Larchmont

14.07 m
Malcolm X Shabazz High School
80 Johnson Ave, Newark

14.07 m
Michael J Petrides High School
715 Ocean Ter, New York City

14.09 m
Main Street Playground
70 S High St, Tuckahoe

14.11 m
Roosevelt High School
631 Tuckahoe Rd, Yonkers

14.11 m
Rath Park
849 Fenworth Blvd, Franklin Square

14.12 m
Park Street Playground
293 Haworth Ave, Haworth

14.14 m
Michaelis-Bayswater Park
Beach 32nd St & Oceancrest Blvd, New York City

14.15 m
Far Rockaway High School
821 Bay 25th St, New York City

14.15 m
Frisch School
120 W Century Rd, Paramus

14.17 m
Port Richmond High School
85 Saint Josephs Ave, New York City

14.17 m
Morley County Park
500 Searingtown Rd, Roslyn

14.19 m
New Rochelle Tennis Club
114 Valley Rd, New Rochelle

14.20 m
H Frank Carey High School
230 Poppy Ave, Franklin Square

14.20 m
Woodmere Middle School
1170 Peninsula Blvd, Woodmere

14.20 m
Getty Avenue Park
Lizenbold Dr, Clifton

14.20 m
Silver Gull Club
1 Beach 193rd St, Breezy Point

14.21 m
Upper Montclair Country Club
177 Hepburn Rd, Clifton

14.22 m
Valley Stream North High School
750 Herman Ave, Franklin Square

14.27 m
Lawrence Woodmere Academy
336 Woodmere Blvd, Woodmere

14.27 m
Haworth Country Club
5 Lake Shore Dr, Haworth

14.30 m
Oradell School
363 Prospect Ave, Oradell

14.36 m
Wykagyl Country Club
1195 North Ave, New Rochelle

14.37 m
Village Club of Sands Point
1 Thayer Lane, Sands Point

14.38 m
Roslyn Estates Tennis Club
25 The Tulips, Roslyn Heights

14.39 m
Mineola High School
10 Armstrong Rd, Garden City Park

14.39 m
Westerleigh Tennis Club
369 College Ave, Staten Island

14.40 m
East Orange Campus 9 High School
129 Renshaw Ave, East Orange

14.44 m
Glen Ridge Country Club
555 Ridgewood Ave, Glen Ridge

14.52 m
Garden City High School
219 Brompton Rd, Garden City

14.55 m
Memorial High School
375 River Dr, Elmwood Park

14.56 m
Albertson Park
89 San Juan Ave, Albertson

14.62 m
Brookdale Park
Argyle Rd, Montclair

14.63 m
Number 25 Elementary School
287 Trenton Ave, Paterson

14.64 m
West Side Park
18th Ave, Newark

14.67 m
The Ursuline School
1354 N Ave, New Rochelle

14.70 m
Larchmont Yacht Club
1 Woodbine Ave, Larchmont

14.71 m
Robin Hood Park
137 Broadale Ave, Clifton

14.71 m
East Orange Public Library
Freeway Dr E, East Orange

14.79 m
South Beach Psychiatric Center
777 Seaview Ave, New York City

14.79 m
W Hempstead High School
400 Nassau Blvd, West Hempstead

14.83 m
Chaminade High School
319 Jackson Ave, Mineola

14.84 m
Ruckman Park
185 Ruckman Rd, Closter

14.84 m
Yonkers Tennis Center
493 Sprain Rd, Yonkers

14.85 m
Mamaroneck Memorial Park
4 Baldwin Ave, Larchmont

14.90 m
Thomas Jefferson Middle School
35-01 Morlot Ave, Fair Lawn

14.90 m
George W Hewlett High School
60 Everit Ave, Hewlett Bay Park

14.91 m
Lynbrook North Middle School
529 Merrick Rd, Lynbrook

14.92 m
Holster Park
61 Vincent Dr, Clifton

14.94 m
Grant Park
1625 Broadway Ave, Hewlett

14.95 m
Glenfield Park
41 Maple Ave, Montclair

14.97 m
Ravine Park
141 Rutgers Pl, Clifton

14.98 m
Adelphi University
1 S Ave, Garden City

14.98 m
Ridgewood Country Club
96 West Midland Ave, Paramus

14.99 m
Woodmere Club
99 Meadow Drive, Woodmere

15.00 m
Glen Ridge Club
Glen Ridge Woodland Ave & Willowdale Ave, Montclair

15.00 m
Staten Island Academy
715 Todt Hill Rd, New York City

15.01 m
Weequahic Park
Elizabeth Ave & Meeker Ave, Newark

15.01 m
Martin Luther King High School
1 S Broadway, Hastings-On-Hudson

15.02 m
Clifton Indoor Tennis & Racquet Club
1075 Us Highway 46, Clifton

15.02 m
Montclair Beach Club
725 Grove Street, Clifton

15.04 m
Lawrence Golf Club
101 Causeway Rd, Lawrence

15.05 m
Sportime Roslyn
1 Landing Rd, Roslyn

15.05 m
Richmond County Country Club
1122 Todt Hill Rd, New York City

15.05 m
Elmwood Park
Rhode Island Ave, East Orange

15.06 m
Fair Lawn Racquet Club
11-19 Saddle River Road, Fair Lawn

15.06 m
Soverel Park
Springdale Ave & Brighton Ave, East Orange

15.07 m
Albert Leonard Middle School
25 Gerada Lane, New Rochelle

15.07 m
East Side Park
61 E Park Dr, Paterson

15.12 m
Flint Park
Locust Ave, Larchmont

15.18 m
Berdan Grove
28 Berdan Ave, Fair Lawn

15.23 m
Pinebrook Tennis Center
2 Albert Leonard Pl, New Rochelle

15.23 m
Saddle River Park
Dunkerhook Rd, Fair Lawn

15.24 m
Rand Park
175 N Fullerton Ave, Montclair

15.25 m
Emerson High School
131 Main St, Emerson

15.25 m
Lynbrook South Middle School
333 Union Ave, Hewlett

15.26 m
Cherry Valley Country Club
28 Rockaway Ave, Garden City

15.26 m
Rockaway Hunting Club
615 Ocean Avenue, Lawrence

15.28 m
Leewood Park
62 Leewood Dr, Eastchester

15.30 m
Maple Valley Park
99 Stevens Rd, Clifton

15.31 m
Hackensack Golf Club
800 Soldier Hill Rd, Emerson

15.36 m
Sun & Surf Beach Club
2189 Bay Blvd, Atlantic Beach

15.36 m
Susan E Wagner High School
1466 Manor Rd, Staten Island

15.37 m
Bergen Community College
400 Paramus Rd, Paramus

15.38 m
Silver Point Beach Club
2189 Atlantic Blvd, Atlantic Beach

15.38 m
Garden City Casino
51 Cathedral Ave, Garden City

15.39 m
Lynbrook High School
9 Union Ave, Lynbrook

15.40 m
Mamaroneck Central School
1100 Palmer Ave, Larchmont

15.40 m
Roslyn High School
475 Round Hill Rd, Roslyn Heights

15.41 m
Albion Memorial Park
201 Maplewood Ave, Clifton

15.43 m
Nash - Surgent Park
23 Craig Pl, Clifton

15.43 m
Fair Lawn High School
14-00 Berdan Ave, Fair Lawn

15.45 m
Roslyn Middle School
375 Locust Lane, Roslyn Heights

15.48 m
Hampshire Country Club
1025 Cove Rd, Larchmont

15.50 m
Tennis Racquet Stringers
Name Location
Sean Cotter
73 west 5th st
Bayonne, New Jersey
Home Based201-679-3072
Will Coston (MRT, CS, USPTA Instructor)
61 Davis Ave
Hackensack, New Jersey
Leo Mihalkovitz
106 4th Street
Hoboken, New Jersey
Home Based908-910-4894
Your neighbor, your friend
332 webster ave
Jersey City, New Jersey
Greg Jastrzab

Kearny, New Jersey
(201) 562-3877
Jamie McLaron

North Bergen, New Jersey
(201) 707-1184
3529 Charles Ct.
North Bergen, New Jersey
Patrick Rocca
32 Lenox Ave
Paterson, New Jersey
973 934 3488
500 Central Ave
Union City, New Jersey
Pro Shop201-422-9514
David Jacome
2nd Street Washington Park
Union City, New Jersey
Pro Shop2013885435
1231 East 100th Street
Brooklyn, New York
Stringer Pro
105-17 Martense Ave 3fl
Corona, New York
Tony's Strings
PO Box 20865
Floral Park, New York
lillo casesa
199 monroe st
Franklin Square, New York
631 327 1476
Grand Central Racquet
341 Madison Avenue
44th St. between Madison & Vanderbilt
New York City, New York
Pro Shop212-292-8851
String My Rackets
229 West 97th Street
New York City, New York
Home Based917-509-8476
429 E 102 str
New York City, New York
509 W 110th St
Apt 7H
New York City, New York
2890 Broadway
New York City, New York
Sander Brenner
601 W 57th st
New York City, New York

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Russ Terry
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Timothy Ryan Olson
New York City, New York
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New York City, New York
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New York City, New York
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