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This is an overview of all things tennis in Cambridge, England. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Cambridge, England.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Looking for a tennis partner, or a group of players to play with? Do you want to check-in to a court, and let everyone know the current conditions? Post a comment here, and we will notify everyone nearby.
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Arnaldo Martinez      Lammas Land Recreation Ground
6 months, 2 weeks
I'm fairly new to tennis and looking for someone to hit some balls.
I live in Trumpington so any court around the Cambridge area would suit well.
With a bit of luck someone will be keen to head to the court this afternoon? :)

adult2.50 to 3.00

Trevor Meier      Worldwide
2 years, 1 month
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Kate Larson      Cambridge, England
1 year, 4 months
Hi. Seems no recent comments but I’ll give it a go. Moved to Cambridge a couple of months ago from Amsterdam (I’m American though). I played tennis there and enjoyed it so would like to continue but don’t have anyone to play with. I am basically a “skilled beginner” so if you’re interested in meeting up for a bit but are quite skilled, I hope you’re patient too :) Any level, male/female—I don’t care. Just want to have a hit

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1 year, 6 months
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Dean King      Cambridge, England
1 year, 8 months
Hi, just moved back to Cambridge and looking for people to have a knock up/play with. Have played casually for a number of years but wouldn't mind stepping it up a little. Be nice to meet some cool people too of course. Let me know. Cheers Dean
2.50 to 4.00

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Eric Alves      Cambridge, England
6 years, 5 months
Hi. I am a competitive tennis player ( played semi-professional tennis and various national/intl tournaments and have been playing for 20+ years) and currently moving to Cambridge. Very interested in finding a partner. to play 1-2 / week.

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Local Events
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There are no events this week, or in the future.
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Local Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Christ's Pieces Park
off King Street, Cambridge

0.17 m
Jesus Green
off Chesterton Road/Park Parade, Cambridge

0.44 m
Lammas Land Recreation Ground
Fen Causeway, Cambridge

0.75 m
Cambridge Lawn Tennis Club
Wilberforce Rd, Cambridge

1.09 m
Cocks and Hens Tennis Club
Clerk Maxwell Rd, Cambridge

1.16 m
Coleridge Recreation Ground
Coleridge Road, Cambridge

1.38 m
Hills Road Sports and Tennis Centre
Purbeck Rd, Cambridge

1.40 m
Barnwell Tennis Court
Barnwell Road, Cambridge

1.75 m
King George V Playing Fields
Byron Square, Trumpington

2.12 m
Cherry Hinton Hall Recreation Ground
Cherry Hinton Rd, Cambridge

2.16 m
Nightingale Avenue Recreation Ground
Nightingale Avenue, Cambridge

2.30 m
Cherry Hinton Tennis Club
Queen Ediths Way, Cambridge

2.56 m
Histon Tennis Club
New Rd, Cambridge

2.70 m
Girton Tennis Club
Orchard Close, Cambridge

2.84 m
Milton Tennis Club
Coles Rd, Cambridge

2.88 m
Great Shelford Tennis Club
Woollards Ln, Great Shelford

4.18 m
Comberton Recreation Ground
Hines Lane, Comberton

4.36 m
Haslingfield Lawn Tennis Club
New Road, Haslingfield

4.63 m
Fulbourn Recreation Ground
Home End, Fulbourn

4.73 m
Fulbourn Tennis Club
Recreation Ground Home End, Cambridge

4.78 m
Waterbeach Recreation Ground
Cambridge Road, Waterbeach

4.93 m
Comberton Lawn Tennis Club
West St, Cambridge

5.01 m
Bottisham Tennis Club
Lode Rd, Cambridge

5.76 m
Longstanton Tennis Club
77 High St, Longstanton

6.30 m
Coldecote Park
Furlong Way, Highfields Coldecote

6.32 m
The Lawn
Mill Lane, Whittlesford

6.52 m
Little Abington Recreation Ground
High Street, Little Abington

7.79 m
Cambourne Tennis Club
Back Ln, Greath Cambourne

7.87 m
Duxford Recreation Ground
Hunts Rd, Duxford

7.89 m
Bourn Playing Fields
Alms Hill, Bourn

7.93 m
Great Cambourne Recreation Ground
Monkfield Lane, Greath Cambourne

8.08 m
Meldreth Tennis Courts
by Village Hall, off High Street, Meldreth

9.08 m
Great Chesterford Sports Field
New Market Road, Great Chesterford

10.05 m
King George VI Playing Field
Ermine Street North, Papworth Everard

10.65 m
Needingworth Tennis Club
Overcote Ln, St Ives

10.70 m
Papworth Tennis
Chequers Ln, Papworth Everard

10.71 m
Exning Tennis Club
Cotton End Rd, Exning

11.59 m
Studlands Rise Amenity Space
Studlands Rise, Royston

12.46 m
Priory Gardens
Priory Ln, Royston

12.49 m
Hemingfords Pavilion Tennis
Manor Rd, Huntingdon

12.51 m
Soham Lawn Tennis Club
Sand St, Soham

12.52 m
Tadlow Recreation Ground
High Street, Tadlow

12.66 m
Bar Hill Tennis Club
Picknage Road, Barley, Royston

12.76 m
Royston Tennis Club
Baldock Rd, Royston

12.82 m
Castle Hill Tennis Club
Museum St, Saffron Walden

13.44 m
Norwood Playing Field
Park Hall Road, Somersham

13.60 m
Houghton and Wyton Tennis Club
Houghton Hill Rd, Cambridge

13.62 m
The Grove Lawn Tennis Club
East St, Saffron Walden

13.77 m
Steeple Morden Tennis Club
17 Hay St, Steeple Morden

14.24 m
Ely 10is Tennis Club
Barton Rd, Ely

14.32 m
Behind Village Hall
School Lane, Coveney

14.78 m
Ely Tennis Club
Downham Rd, Ely

15.20 m
Huntingdon Tennis Centre
St Peter's Rd, Huntingdon

15.90 m
Ashwell Tennis Club
30 Ashwell St, Ashwell

16.08 m
Haverhill Lawn Tennis Club
Ehringshausen Way, Haverhill

16.15 m
Clavering Tennis Club
High St & Stortford Rd, Saffron Walden

16.60 m
Little Downham Recreation Area
B1411, School Lane, Little Downham

16.65 m
Buckden Tennis Club
Burberry Rd, Buckden

16.73 m
St Neots Lawn Tennis Club
St. Anselm Pl, St Neots

16.78 m
Chatteris St Peter's Tennis Club
St Peter's Dr (off New Road), Chatteris

17.56 m
Biggleswade Tennis
Eagle Farm Rd, Biggleswade

17.82 m
Buntingford Tennis Club
81 High St, Buntingford

18.68 m
Norfolk Road Playing Fields
Norfolk Rd, Buntingford

18.83 m
Langford Tennis Club
Gurneys Ln, Langford

19.69 m
Ellington Playing Field
Windmill Close, Ellington

19.97 m
Thaxted Tennis Club
Dunmow Rd, Bardfield Rd, Thaxted

20.04 m
Avenue Park
West Ave, Baldock

20.12 m
Weston Tennis Club
Maiden St, Hitchin

21.18 m
Norton Common
Icknield Way, Letchworth Garden City

21.27 m
Finchingfield Playing Fields
Stephen Marshall Ave, Finchingfield

21.66 m
Letchworth Sports and Tennis Club
Muddy Lane, Letchworth Garden City

22.12 m
King George V Playing Fields
Old Hale Way, Hitchin

23.88 m
Lister Tennis Club
North Rd, Stevenage

23.89 m
Hitchin Lawn Tennis Club
Bancroft Gardens, Hitchin

24.25 m
Bancroft Gardens
Bancroft, Hitchin

24.26 m
Wymondley Tennis Club
Tower Close, Wymondham

24.38 m
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