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This is an overview of all things tennis in Fairfield, California. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Fairfield, California.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Walnut ladderLadder League10
These are all the leagues and tournaments currently underway in the area.
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looking for someone to hit with/play games, either singles or doubles

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Hi, I am new to California and I’ve tried tennis lessons as a kid. Now I would like to start playing again, but I don’t know anyone here that would like to play…

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Local Events
Mar 28 - Apr 03 Add
There are no events this week, or in the future.
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Local Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Fairfield High School
205 E Atlantic Ave, Fairfield

0.31 m
Solano Athletic Clubs
3001 Dover Ave, Fairfield

0.92 m
Armijo High School
824 Washington St, Fairfield

1.67 m
Allan Witt Park
1741 W Texas Stree, Fairfield

2.36 m
Millennium Sportsclub Rancho Solano
3250 Rancho Solano Pkwy, Fairfield

2.44 m
Vanden High School
2951 Markeley Lane, Fairfield

3.85 m
Youth Center - AFB
310 Fairchild Dr, Travis AFB

4.46 m
Walter V Graham Center
1100 Alamo Dr, Vacaville

5.06 m
Travis Air Force Base
Waldron St, Travis AFB

5.38 m
Solano Community College
360 Campus Lane, Fairfield

5.39 m
Alamo Creek Park
Alamo Dr, Vacaville

5.86 m
Perimeter Rd - AFB
Perimeter Rd, Travis AFB

6.06 m
Vacaville High School
100 W Monte Vista Ave, Vacaville

6.33 m
North Orchard Park
491 Crestview Dr, Vacaville

7.10 m
Green Valley Country Club
35 Country Club Dr, Green Valley

7.35 m
Centennial Park
479 Browns Valley Pkwy, Vacaville

7.60 m
Angelo Rodriguez High School
5000 Red Top Rd, Fairfield

7.82 m
Millennium Sportsclub Vacaville
3446 Browns Valley Rd, Vacaville

8.48 m
Napa Valley Country Club
3385 Hagen Rd, Napa

11.63 m
Silverado Middle School
1133 Coombsville Rd, Napa

12.39 m
Napa College
2277 Napa-Vallejo Hwy, Napa

13.14 m
Silverado Resort and Spa
1600 Atlas Peak Rd, Napa

13.52 m
Lake Chabot Congregation
11 Melvin Rd, American Canyon

13.84 m
Jesse Bethel High School
1800 Ascot Pkwy, Vallejo

13.93 m
Setterquist Park
Stanford Dr, Vallejo

14.52 m
Napa High School
2475 Jefferson St, Napa

14.63 m
Vallejo Elks Lodge
2850 Redwood Pkwy, Vallejo

14.63 m
Garfield Little League Park
Garfield Ln, Napa

15.06 m
Napa Valley Tennis Association
1375 Trower Ave, Napa

15.06 m
Vintage High School
1375 Trower Ave, Napa

15.13 m
Peoples High School
233 Hobbs Ave, Vallejo

15.20 m
Hogan High School
50 Rosewood Ave, Vallejo

15.32 m
Redwood Middle School
3600 Oxford St, Napa

15.60 m
Vallejo High School
840 Nebraska St, Vallejo

15.74 m
St Patrick - St Vincent High School
1500 Benicia Rd, Vallejo

15.82 m
Justin Siena High School
4026 Maher St, Napa

16.04 m
Benecia Middle School
1100 Southampton Rd, Benicia

16.09 m
Benecia High School
1101 Military West, Benicia

16.32 m
Amador Park
1190 Virginia St, Vallejo

16.37 m
Las Flores Community Center
4300 Linda Vista Ave, Napa

16.42 m
Jensen Park
150 E L Steet, Benicia

16.60 m
Hall Memorial Park
285 E Chestnut St, Dixon

16.66 m
Glen Cove Park
501 Glen Cove Pkwy, Vallejo

16.81 m
Gateway High School
235 Pacifica Ave, Bay Point

16.99 m
Millenium Sports Club
124 Lincoln Rd East, Vallejo

17.06 m
California Maritime Academy
200 Maritime Academy Dr, Vallejo

17.53 m
Winters High School
715 Hemenway St, Winters

17.61 m
Chapel Park
Walnut Ave, Vallejo

17.78 m
Touro University
1310 Johnson Lane, Vallejo

17.90 m
Alexander Park
Rolph Ave & Pomona St, Crockett

18.27 m
Ambrose Park
125 Memorial Way, Bay Point

18.44 m
Cappy Ricks Park
2 Brown St, Martinez

18.63 m
Morello School Park
1200 Morello Park Dr, Martinez

19.17 m
Pittsburg High School
250 School St, Pittsburg

19.44 m
Alhambra High School
150 E St, Martinez

19.51 m
Willow Pass Community Park
2748 East Olivera Rd, Concord

19.88 m
YMCA - Rodeo
2 California St, Rodeo

20.44 m
Stoneman Elementary School
2929 Loveridge Rd, Pittsburg

20.47 m
Los Medanos College
1221 Lakeview Cir, Pittsburg

20.71 m
Lefty Gomez Park
470 Parker Ave, Rodeo

21.01 m
Gino Marchetti Park
Kendree St, Antioch

21.34 m
Foxboro Park
1025 Canterbury, Hercules

21.68 m
Antioch High School
700 W 18th St, Antioch

21.85 m
Woodfield Park
1991 Lupine Rd, Hercules

21.86 m
Contra Loma Park
1200 Mohagany Way, Antioch

21.99 m
Refugio Valley Park
1392 Refugio Valley, Hercules

22.41 m
Chichibu Park
Acorn Rd, Antioch

23.14 m
West Manor Park
Portage Bay W, Davis

23.31 m
Stonegate Country Club
919 Lake Blvd, Davis

23.42 m
Harbour Park
3079 Ashburton Dr, Antioch

23.44 m
Emerson Junior High School
2121 Calaveras Ave, Davis

23.83 m
Sigma High School
2119 Shea Dr, Pinole

23.89 m
Almondridge Park
Almondridge Dr, Antioch

23.94 m
Hillcrest Park
3029 Sunflower Dr, Oakley

24.16 m
Marya Welch Tennis Center
1 Shields Ave, Davis

24.17 m
Robert E Willett Elementary School
1207 Sycamore Lane, Davis

24.23 m
Redwood Park
1087 Anderson Rd, Davis

24.41 m
Montalvin Park
Nob Hill, San Pablo

24.78 m
Davis Tennis Club
14th St, Davis

24.99 m
Merryhill School
2650 Lillard Dr, Davis

25.03 m
Chestnut Park
Chestnut Lane, Davis

25.57 m
Crockett Park
4158 Richard Way, Oakley

25.73 m
Oakley Park
3231 Main St, Oakley

25.82 m
Ohara Park
1066 1 St, Oakley

26.26 m
Slide Hill Park
2899 Grinnel Dr, Davis

26.27 m
El Macero Country Club
44571 Clubhouse Dr, El Macero

26.67 m
Tennis Racquet Stringers
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VOLLEYS Tennis Shop
130 G Street, Ste B3
(between 1st & 2nd St)
Davis, California
Store Front530-759-0109

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