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This is an overview of all things tennis in Fresno, California. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Fresno, California.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Wednesday Night Ladies DoublesLadder League10Copper River Country Club Tennis
3.5 ladies winter 2023Team League00Copper River Country Club Tennis
These are all the leagues and tournaments currently underway in the area.
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Bhupinder singh      Clovis, California
1 year, 4 months
hello everyone who are the members and who visited this page. i want to play tennis on every tuesday. if anyone free on that day and wanr to play. please let me know through (email hidden) or whatsapp-(phone hidden)

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Robert Pereira      Fresno, California
4 years, 8 months
Looking for 3.5 or 4.0 to play couple sets in Fresno CA from June 8th to 25th.

Robert Pereira      Fresno, California
4 years, 8 months
Like to find tennis partner to play June 8th to June 25th

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There are no events this week, or in the future.
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Local Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Holmes Playground
3008 E Platt Ave, Fresno

0.89 m
Romain Park
745 N 1st St, Fresno

1.17 m
Fresno City College
2144 N College Ave, Fresno

1.82 m
Edison High School
540 E California Ave, Fresno

1.88 m
Fresno High School
1839 N Echo Ave, Fresno

1.96 m
Edison Computech Middle School
555 E Belgravia Ave, Fresno

1.98 m
Roosevelt High School
4250 E Tulare St, Fresno

2.04 m
Yosemite Middle School
1292 N 9th St, Fresno

2.09 m
Hinton Park
2377 S Fairview Ave, Fresno

2.12 m
Sequoia Middle School
4050 E Hamilton Ave, Fresno

2.18 m
Hamilton K-8 School
102 E Clinton Ave, Fresno

2.20 m
Roeding Park Tennis Center
1165 W Olive Ave, Fresno

2.21 m
Mclane High School
2727 N Cedar Ave, Fresno

2.83 m
Einstein Park
3566 E Dakota Ave, Fresno

3.28 m
Duncan Polytechnical High School
4330 E Garland Ave, Fresno

3.43 m
Pacific College - Steinert Athletic Complex
1717 S Chestnut Ave, Fresno

3.57 m
Quigley Playground
3884 N Teilman Ave, Fresno

3.58 m
Kings Canyon Middle School
5117 E Tulare Stree, Fresno

3.79 m
Elizabeth Terronez Middle School
2300 S Willow Ave, Fresno

3.86 m
Sunnyside High School
1019 S Peach Ave, Fresno

4.11 m
Fig Garden Swim & Racquet Club
Fig 4722 N Maroa Ave, Old Fig Garden

4.19 m
Cary Park
4732 N Fresno St, Fresno

4.21 m
T-Sport Health & Racquet Club
4774 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno

4.22 m
Cooper Middle School
2277 W Bellaire Way, Fresno

4.23 m
Tioga Middle School
3232 E Fairmont Ave, Fresno

4.43 m
Fresno Adventist Academy
5397 E Olive Ave, Fresno

4.48 m
Vineland Park
4695 E Gettysburg Ave, Fresno

4.87 m
El Capitan Middle School
4443 W Weldon Ave, Fresno

4.96 m
Lions Park
4650 N Marks Ave, Fresno

4.98 m
California State University Fresno
5241 N Maple Ave, Fresno

5.14 m
Sunnyside Health & Tennis Club
5707 E Balch Ave, Fresno

5.27 m
Bullard High School
5750 N Palm Ave, Fresno

5.30 m
Sunnyside Country Club
5704 E Butler Ave, Sunnyside

5.33 m
Herbert Hoover High School
5550 N 1st St, Fresno

5.35 m
Central High School E Campus
3535 N Cornelia Ave, Fresno

6.03 m
Logan Park
5450 N Santa Fe Ave, Fresno

6.09 m
Melody Park
5935 E Shields Ave, Fresno

6.35 m
East Rotary Park
6464 N Cedar Ave, Fresno

6.37 m
Washington High School
6041 S Elm Ave, Easton

6.58 m
Fresno Christian Schools
7280 N Cedar Ave, Fresno

7.15 m
Kastner Middle School
7676 N 1st St, Fresno

7.25 m
Glacier Point Middle School
4055 N Bryan Ave, Fresno

7.50 m
Orchid Park
3420 W Fir Ave, Fresno

7.51 m
Clark Middle School
902 5th St, Clovis

7.62 m
Sierra Sport and Racquet Club
2626 W Alluvial Ave, Fresno

7.64 m
Clovis High School
1055 Fowler Ave, Clovis

7.97 m
San Joaquin Country Club
3484 W Bluff Ave, Fresno

8.06 m
Clovis West High School
1070 E Teague Ave, Fresno

8.18 m
Alta Sierra Middle School
380 W Teague Ave, Clovis

8.80 m
Buchanan High School
1560 N Minnewawa Ave, Clovis

8.85 m
Rio Vista Middle School
6240 W Palo Alto Ave, Fresno

9.00 m
Clovis East High School
2940 N Leonard Ave, Clovis

9.06 m
Copper Hills Elementary School
1881 E Plymouth Way, Fresno

9.44 m
Fowler High School
701 E Main St, Fowler

10.18 m
Central High School
2045 N Dickenson Ave, Fresno

10.20 m
Clovis North High School
2770 E International Ave, Fresno

10.60 m
Granite Ridge Middle School
2770 E International Ave, Fresno

10.71 m
Copper River Country Club
11500 N Friant Rd, Fresno

11.37 m
Sanger High School
1045 Bethel Ave, Sanger

12.05 m
Washington Academic Middle School
1705 10th St, Sanger

12.94 m
Valley Regional Occupational
1305 Q St, Sanger

13.03 m
Liberty High School
12220 Rd 36, Madera

13.89 m
Mark High School
13620 S Kincaid Ave, Caruthers

14.34 m
Selma High School
3125 Wright St, Selma

14.70 m
Kerman High School
205 S 1st St, Kerman

15.36 m
Brentlinger Park
2439 Olive St, Selma

15.78 m
Parlier Junior High School
1200 E Parlier Ave, Parlier

16.73 m
Parlier High School
603 3rd St, Parlier

17.06 m
Rafer Johnson Junior High School
1300 E Stroud Ave, Kingsburg

19.88 m
Reedley College
995 N Reed Ave, Reedley

20.52 m
Kingsburg High School
1900 18th Ave, Kingsburg

20.65 m
Duane E Furman High School
955 W Pecan Ave, Madera

20.72 m
Madera High School
200 S L St, Madera

21.05 m
Reedley High School
477 W Manning Ave, Reedley

21.09 m
Immanuel High School
1128 S Reed Ave, Reedley

21.46 m
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