Tennis in Kaukauna, Wisconsin

Are you looking to play tennis in Kaukauna, Wisconsin? From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, and courts in Kaukauna, Wisconsin.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Kaukauna Middle School
1701 County Trunk CE, Kaukauna

0.18 m
Kaukauna High School
1701 County Rd Ce, Kaukauna

1.75 m
Doyle Park
165 Canal St, Little Chute

2.06 m
Kimberly High School
2662 Kennedy Ave, Combined Locks

2.49 m
Gerritts Middle School
545 S John St, Kimberly

3.23 m
Colony Oaks Park
3244 E Edgemere Dr, Appleton

4.44 m
Appleton East High School
2121 E Emmers Dr, Appleton

5.42 m
North High School
5000 N Ballard Rd, Appleton

5.68 m
Erb Park - South
1723 N Drew St, Appleton

6.39 m
Fox Valley Lutheran High School
5300 N Meade St, Appleton

6.46 m
Einstein Middle School
324 E Florida Ave, Appleton

6.46 m
Erb Park
1800 N Morrison St, Appleton

6.53 m
St. Joseph Middle School
236 E Greenfield St, Appleton

6.53 m
Lake Park Swim & Fitness
730 Lake Park Rd, Menasha

6.55 m
Lawrence University
115 S Drew St, Appleton

6.55 m
Green Meadows Park
65 Pheasant Court, Appleton

6.64 m
Barker Farms Park
Plank Rd, Menasha

7.16 m
Summit Park
2423 N Summit St, Appleton

7.48 m
Pierce Park
1035 W Prospect Ave, Appleton

7.57 m
West High School
610 N Badger Ave, Appleton

7.70 m
University of Wisconsin
1478 Midway Rd, Menasha

7.79 m
Kiwanis Park
2315 N Nicholas St, Appleton

7.89 m
Linwood Park
1668 W Franklin St, Appleton

7.96 m
Houdini Elementary School
2305 W Capitol Dr, Appleton

8.66 m
Clovis Park
974 9th St, Menasha

8.69 m
Patriot Park
3004 W Darling St, Appleton

8.84 m
Bluemound Park
724 S Bluemound Dr, Appleton

9.22 m
Butte Des Mortes Club
3600 W Prospect Ave, Appleton

9.44 m
Winz Park
145 Manitowoc St, Menasha

9.65 m
Smith Park
311 Park St, Menasha

9.99 m
Pleasants Park
348 7th St, Menasha

10.03 m
Fox Cities Racquet Club
4592 W Converters Dr, Appleton

10.06 m
Racquet Club Inc
325 7th St, Neenah

10.51 m
Valley Athletics
720 E Shady Ln, Neenah

10.57 m
Doty Park
701 Lincoln St, Neenah

10.71 m
Columbia Park
Paul Pl, Neenah

11.33 m
St. Mary Central High SchoolJacobsen Rd
1050 Zephyr Dr, Neenah

11.40 m
Shattuck Middle School
600 Elm St, Neenah

11.66 m
Washington Park
631 W Winneconne Ave, Neenah

12.12 m
O'Hauser Park
1986 Oleary Rd, Neenah

12.74 m
Meadowview Park
Meadowview Dr, Greenville

12.83 m
Southview Park
298 Parkwood Dr, Neenah

13.02 m
Greenville Cooperative Park
Municipal Dr, Greenville

13.22 m
Neenah High School
1275 Tullar Rd, Neenah

13.71 m
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Active Tennis Networks
Picture Network Details
Kaukauna 2012
Members: 1   Location: Kaukauna, Wisconsin
Family tournament
Wimbeldon 2012
Members: 1   Location: Kaukauna, Wisconsin
Yearly Tournament
Members: 1   Location: Oshkosh, Wisconsin
oshs girls tennis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Activities Underway
Name Type Start End Network
Mondays 9-10:30Team League2020-01-132022-05-16
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Here are some of the features...
- Minimum and maximum players
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- Determine allowed guests per member
- Determine when members can sign up
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