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Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Ciuccoli Field
80 E Ridge St, Ridgefield

0.32 m
Onatru Park
99 Elmwood Rd, South Salem

2.97 m
Ridgefield High School
700 N Salem Rd, Ridgefield

3.36 m
Four Seasons Racquet Club
589 Danbury Rd, Wilton

4.82 m
John Jay High School
60 N Salem Rd, Katonah

5.83 m
Lakeside Field Club
5 Brookside Ln, North Salem

6.26 m
Wilton High School
395 Danbury Rd, Wilton

6.33 m
Roger's Park
Memorial Dr, Danbury

7.52 m
Western Connecticut State University
University Blvd, Danbury

7.78 m
Weston High School
115 School Rd, Weston

8.16 m
Hardscrabble Club
22 Sutton Place, Brewster

8.46 m
Uncle John's Road - Redding, CT
Uncle John's Road, Redding

8.64 m
Danbury High School
43 Clapboard Ridge Rd, Danbury

9.24 m
The Patterson Club
1118 Cross Highway, Fairfield

11.93 m
Putnam Fitness & Racquet Club
111 Old Route Six, Carmel

12.12 m
Grand Slam Tennis Club
1 Bedford-Banksville Rd, Bedford

12.34 m
Carmel High School
30 Fair St, Carmel

13.46 m
Armonk Tennis Club
546 Bedford Rd, Armonk

13.77 m
Local Chat
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Cece Soprano      Katonah - 1 year, 9 months
Bedford Village Memorial Park? Anyone want to practice there? I've been playing since February 2017 and working hard at it.

gene bo      Westport - 1 year, 10 months
I see they have the Oak Hills Tennis courts on Fillow St. in Norwalk listed here, but they call it a club. It's not. It's a public Park with 7 outdoor hard-tru courts. In season, it's $15/pp. Last year, pro shop closed up in Aug, so it was free from Aug till they took down the nets and locked the gates in Dec.

Be glad to play Sat/Sun. I'm probably a solid 2.8.

Timothy Walker      Danbury - 2 years, 5 months
Played a lot of tennis as a kid, but for the last 20 years only play once or twice a year. Looking to get back into it. Live in Danbury don't know anyone who plays. Guess I'm level 3, forehand a bit squirrely and weak serve.

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Fairfield County Tennis
Members: 209   Location: New Canaan, Connecticut
The Fairfield county men's singles league is played in 2019 at the New Canaan...
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Fairfield county singles league 2019Ladder League2019-01-182019-05-10Fairfield County Tennis
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True Tension Raquet Sports
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