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This is an overview of all things tennis in Brampton, Ontario. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Brampton, Ontario.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Local Stats

Ladder Leagues Underway:
Team Leagues Underway:
Tournaments Underway:
Total Matches Played: 7,961

3283 Local Players

Activities Underway
GTA LADDER 1 Tennis Ladder League


Ladder League
All levels
187 players
RH-ON-CA Summer League by Fans Tennis Ladder League

RH-ON-CA Summer League by Fans

Ladder League
Richmond Hill
3.00 to 4.99
28 players
GTA TOURNEYS Tennis Tournament


All levels
199 players
Bellwoods Boys Tennis Ladder League

Bellwoods Boys

Ladder League
All levels
7 players
Testing Tennis Tournament


All levels
9 players
These are all the leagues and tournaments currently underway in the area.
Local Chat
Looking for a tennis partner, or a group of players to play with? Do you want to check-in to a court, and let everyone know the current conditions? Post a comment here, and we will notify everyone nearby.
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gillian duggan      Richmond Hill, Ontario
1 day, 15 hours
Looking to rally or play doubles or singles games in Richmond Hill
or nearby. i’m intermediate not advanced ( yet!!)
(email hidden)

gillian duggan      Richmond Hill, Ontario
1 day, 15 hours
Looking for a partner to play doubles tennis with male or female weekends or weekdays after 5

Zaid Mobashir      Milton, Ontario
3 years, 4 months
Hi Im looking for someone to hit with whether its just to rally or a game. Can play anywhere in Milton, west Mississauga, and Oakville. Shoot me a message and we can set something up!
3.00 to 4.00

Zaid Mobashir      Milton, Ontario
4 months, 3 weeks
Hi everyone, looking to hit in and around Halton. Free anytime after 6 and all day weekends.

Diego Yepes      Milton, Ontario
5 months
I am Diego. I am located in Milton. I am looking for a partner to play with. Level 3.0
maleadult2.75 to 3.25

Zaid Mobashir      Milton, Ontario
2 months
Hi! i am located in Milton but willing to play in Oakville/Burlington/West Mississauga. I can play most days. I am 3.5 (4 on a good day). If you're up for a hit shoot me a msg at (phone hidden) and we can set it up!

M Ahmed      Milton, Ontario
2 months
player with level 2.0 though not a absolute beginner. Available to play in Milton courts on weekends and after 6 p.m on workdays. I like to rally and not very interested in points and games at this stage.
maleadult2.25 to 2.50

Steven K.      Mississauga, Ontario
2 months, 1 week
Anyone interested in playing at burnhampthorpe and dixie area or anywhere close? Please let me know. Thanks

Lana C.      Brampton, Ontario
1 week, 4 days
Hello! I’m just beginning to learn how to play, and I am seeking a tennis partner at a similar level for outdoor play, in the Brampton area. Hopefully, we can improve together!

Anwar K      Mississauga, Ontario
2 weeks, 1 day
Anyone available for tennis practice? I'm intermidiate, I live in Mississauga but can go farther especially in Weekends.

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Local Events
Oct 01 - Oct 07 Add
There are no events this week, or in the future.
These are the nearby events. Events are just play sessions for leagues, tournaments, lessons, or just open play. Learn more.

Local Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Tennis Courts
Richvale Dr N, Brampton

1.71 m
Bramalea Tennis Club
9050 Bramalea Rd, Brampton

2.08 m
Brampton Tennis Club
38 Union St, Brampton

2.94 m
Malton Tennis Club
Wildwood Park, Mississauga

6.79 m
Gihon Spring Park Outdoor Pool
75 Gihon Spring Dr, Toronto

8.52 m
Gordon Alcott Tennis Club
221 Guelph St, Georgetown

8.77 m
Veneto Tennis Club
7465 Kipling Ave, Woodbridge

9.01 m
Four Winds Hollow Park
636 Avonwick Ave, Mississauga

9.46 m
Inglewood Tennis Club
15825 McLaughlin Rd, Caledon

9.90 m
Kiloran Park
300 Wycliffe Ave, Vaughan

9.90 m
Maxey Park
181 Willis Rd, Vaughan

9.94 m
Bolton Tennis Club
18 Royal Terrace Cres, Bolton

10.13 m
Albion Gardens Park
Deanlea Court, Toronto

10.16 m
Torii Park
50 Torii Street, Vaughan

10.31 m
Kleinburg Tennis Club
299 Stegman's Mill, Kleinburg

10.44 m
Marco Park
301 Airdrie Dr, Vaughan

10.60 m
Tennis Courts - Montevideo
5830 Montevidoe Rd, Mississauga, Mississauga

10.61 m
Pine Point Tennis Club
15 Grierson, Toronto

11.01 m
Silverthorn Tennis Club
291 Mill Rd, Toronto

11.10 m
Lisgar Fields
3805 Doug Leavens Blvd, Mississauga

11.18 m
Gulleden Park
1485 Gulleden Dr, Toronto

11.24 m
Applewood Tennis Club
Golden Orchard Dr, Mississauga

11.33 m
Joey Panetta Park
Marietta Street, Woodbridge

11.38 m
Deer Run Tennis Club
Rathburn Rd W, Mississauga

11.38 m
Velmar Downs Park
30 Velmar Dr, Vaughan

11.55 m
Rose Mandarino Park
80 Greenpark Blvd, Woodbridge

11.67 m
Mississauga Valley Park
1275 Mississauga Valley Blvd, Mississauga

11.71 m
East Mall Park
355 The East Mall, Toronto

12.01 m
Stonebrook Park
25 Mississauga Valley Blvd, Mississauga

12.01 m
Fairview Tennis Club
395 Fairview Rd W, Mississauga

12.26 m
Rosethorn Tennis Club
Great Oak Dr., Etobicoke

12.27 m
York Weston Tennis Club
2125 Lawrence Ave W, Toronto

12.42 m
Chatfield District Park
100 Lawford Rd, Vaughan

12.52 m
Cloverdale Park
63 Shaver Ave S, Toronto

12.82 m
Rexall Centre
1 Shoreham Dr Suite 400, Toronto

12.84 m
Nobleton Tennis Club
15 Old King Road, Nobleton

12.92 m
Tait McKenzie Centre
1 Thompson Rd, Toronto

13.04 m
Springfield Tennis Club
3325 the Credit Woodlands, Mississauga

13.11 m
Mohawk Tennis Club
2409 Delkus Crescent, Mississauga

13.14 m
Edenbridge Tennis Club
Scarlett Mills Park, Toronto

13.14 m
West Acres Tennis Club
2166 Westfield Dr, Mississauga

13.20 m
Fountainhead Community Tennis Club
455 Sentinel Rd, Toronto

13.29 m
Grandravine Park
23 Grandravine Dr, Toronto

13.60 m
Credit Valley Tennis Club
830 Paisley Blvd W, Mississauga

13.68 m
Erin Mills Tennis Club
2126 Burnhamthorpe Rd W, Mississauga

13.70 m
Eglinton Flats
3601 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto

13.79 m
Rimwood Park
211 Phillips Ln, Woodbridge

13.87 m
Lora Hill Park
36 Fernalroy Blvd, Toronto

13.96 m
Parc Downsview Park
70 Canuck Ave, Toronto

14.20 m
Sherwood Forrest Tennis Club
1864 Deers Wold, Mississauga

14.28 m
Mississauga Golf & Country Club
1725 Mississauga Rd, Mississauga

14.45 m
Mayfair West
3855 Chesswood Dr, North York

14.55 m
York Olde Mill
70 Old Mill Dr, Toronto

14.70 m
Oakridge Tennis Club
Bruce Reynolds Park - 2173 Springbank Rd, Mississauga

14.74 m
Glen Shields Park
90 Cherry Hills Rd, Vaughan

14.78 m
Tecumseh Tennis Club
Woodeden Park, Mississauga

14.80 m
Laburnham Park
23 Evergreen Ave, Toronto

14.84 m
Ourland Park
36 Ourland Ave, Toronto

14.93 m
Joshua Creek Sports
1330 Burnhamthorpe Rd E, Oakville

15.03 m
Sheridan Tennis Club
Homelands Dr, Mississauga

15.04 m
Civic Park
2141 Major MacKenzie Dr W, Vaughan

15.26 m
Birch Park
75 Arcadian Cir, Etobicoke

15.27 m
Dufferin District Park
1441 Clark Ave W, Thornhill

15.28 m
Irving W. Chapley Park
205 Wilmington Ave, Toronto

15.43 m
The Tennis School
3091 Ninth Line Rd, Mississauga

15.50 m
Whiteoaks Park Tennis Club
1608 Birchwood Dr, Mississauga

15.57 m
Manchester Park
75 Manchester St, Toronto

15.61 m
Conley Park - South
Conley St, Thornhill

15.62 m
Swansea Tennis Club
18 Rennie Terrace, Toronto

15.63 m
Erin Tennis Club
Boland Dr, Erin

15.68 m
Palgrave Tennis Club
Brich Ave, Caledon

15.72 m
Prospect Park
Park Ave, Acton

15.76 m
Promenade Green Park
Chelwood Dr, Vaughan

15.86 m
Mimico Tennis Club
29 George St, Toronto

15.87 m
Rockford Park
70 Rockford Rd, Toronto

15.88 m
High Park
1873 Bloor St W, Toronto

15.88 m
Howard Park Tennis Club
430 Parkside Drive, Toronto

16.13 m
Shoreline Tennis Club
Jack Darling Park, Mississauga

16.23 m
High Park Curling & Lawn tennis
100 Indian Rd, Toronto

16.57 m
Bronte Meadows Park
165 Laurier Ave, Milton

16.70 m
Bathurst Estates Park
99 Campbell Ave, Vaughan

16.71 m
Cedarvale Park
443 Arlington Ave, Toronto

16.72 m
Milton Tennis Club
800 Santa Maria Blvd, Milton

16.78 m
York Hill District Park
501 Clark Ave W, Toronto

16.80 m
Ontario Raquet Club
884 Southdown Rd, Mississauga

16.88 m
Moore Park
110 Cactus Ave, Toronto

16.89 m
Sorauren Park
345 Sorauren Ave, Toronto

16.89 m
Vaughan Crest Park
300 Pinewood Dr, Thornhill

16.91 m
Richmond Hill Country Club
8905 Bathurst St, Richmond Hill

17.01 m
Hefhill Park
Pondview Rd, Vaughan

17.09 m
Toronto Cricket Skating & Curling Club
141 Wilson Ave, North York

17.10 m
Gwendolan Park Tennis Club
3 Gwendolen Ave, Toronto

17.14 m
The Boulevard Club
1491 Lakeshore Blvd West, Toronto

17.18 m
Forest Hill Tennis Club
666 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto

17.20 m
Hendon Park
104 Hendon Ave, Toronto

17.33 m
Wychwood Tennis Club
1 Hillcrest Dr, Toronto

17.33 m
Goulding Park
Goulding Ave, Toronto

17.49 m
Twelve Oaks Park
525 Via Romano Blvd, Maple

17.52 m
North Toronto Tennis Club
200 Lytton Blvd, Toronto

17.58 m
The Queens Club
568 Dupont St, Toronto

17.67 m
Thornhill Park Tennis Club
26A Old Yonge St, Thornhill

17.79 m
North York Tennis Club
75 Hollywood Ave, Toronto

17.82 m
Optimist Park
881 Savoline Blvd, Milton

17.85 m
King City Tennis Association
Kingslynn Dr, King City

17.92 m
Morgan Boyle Park
5 B Pearson Ave, Richmond Hill

17.93 m
North Toronto Memorial Community Centre
200 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto

17.96 m
Sir Winston Churchill Park Tennis Club
301 Saint Clair Avenue West, Toronto

17.97 m
Harbord Collegiate Institute
286 Harbord St, Toronto

18.05 m
Meadowwood Tennis Club
1463 Litchfield Rd, Oakville

18.08 m
Tournament Park Tennis Club
40 Tournament Dr, Toronto

18.13 m
Lawrence Park Tennis Club
51 Alexander Muir Rd, Toronto

18.15 m
Stavert Park
71 Regent St, Richmond Hill

18.22 m
Newtonbrook Tennis Club
Lillian Park, North York

18.27 m
Glendora Tennis Courts
197 Avondale Ave, Toronto

18.31 m
Trinity Bellwoods Park
155 Crawford St, Toronto

18.45 m
Wanless Park
250 Wanless Ave, Toronto

18.45 m
Mount Pleasant Park
Hopkins St, Richmond Hill

18.54 m
Badminton & Racquet Club
25 St Clair Ave W, Toronto

18.60 m
Cottingham Tennis club
107 Cottingham St, Toronto

18.64 m
Athletic Centre at University of Toronto
55 Harbord St, Toronto

18.68 m
Pomona Valley Tennis Club
200 John St, Thornhill

18.72 m
Stanley Park
700 Wellington St W, Toronto

18.76 m
Ramsden Park
1020 Yonge St, Toronto

18.77 m
107 Princes' Blvd, Toronto

18.77 m
Davisville Tennis Club
220 Davisville Ave, Toronto

18.81 m
Bayview Village Park
2945 Bayview Ave, North York

18.86 m
Toronto Lawn Tennis Club
44 Price St, Toronto

19.00 m
Pottageville Tennis Club
4635 Aurora Rd, Kettleby

19.06 m
Johnsview Park
41 Porterfield Crescent, Thornhill, ON, Thornhill

19.11 m
Bayview Village Tennis Club
30 Elkhorn Dr, North York

19.13 m
Moore Park Tennis Club
175 Moore Ave, Toronto

19.15 m
Rosedale Tennis Club
Scholfield & MacLennan, Toronto

19.46 m
Lawson Tennis Club
Lawson Park, Oakville

19.50 m
Richmond Hill Lawn Tennis Club
167 Newkirk Rd, Richmond Hill

19.70 m
Dunlace Park Tennis Club
20 Dunlace Dr, Toronto

19.78 m
Toronto Tennis Academy Fitness Institute
35 MacNaughton Rd, Toronto

19.80 m
Saddle Creek Park
317 South Park Rd, Thornhill

19.85 m
Wallace Park Tennis Club
245 Reynolds St, Oakville

19.89 m
Duncan Park
395 John St, Thornhill

19.90 m
Bridlebrook Tennis Club
Alamosa Park, North York

19.91 m
Cummer Park Community Centre
6000 Leslie St, Toronto

20.05 m
Bayview Country Club
25 Fairway Heights Dr, Thornhill

20.10 m
Blackmore Tennis Club
114 Blackmore Ave, Richmond Hill

20.11 m
Newberry Park
234 Bernard Ave, Richmond Hill

20.19 m
Moss Park
140 Sherbourne St, Toronto

20.20 m
Adventure Valley Tennis Club
7015 Leslie St, Thornhill

20.28 m
Grovewood Park
Grovewood St, Richmond Hill

20.40 m
Hillcrest Tennis Club
37 Cresthaven Dr, North York

20.44 m
German Mills Tennis Club
19 Simonston Blvd, Markham

20.64 m
Royal Canadian Yacht Club
2 Chippewa Ave, Toronto

20.99 m
Oak Ridges Lions Park
45 Red Cardinal Trail, Richmond Hill

21.06 m
Headwaters Community Park
235 Redstone Rd, Richmond Hill

21.16 m
Racoon Park
41 Beaufort Hills Rd, Richmond Hill

21.20 m
Russel Tilt Park
47 Blackforest Dr, Richmond Hill

21.34 m
Norm Weller Park
91 Cashel Ct, Aurora

21.67 m
Henry White Park
135 Moss Creek Blvd, Markham

22.12 m
Frisby Park
15 Murison Dr, Markham

22.46 m
Fontainbleu Park
Bloomington Rd E, Aurora

22.79 m
Summit Park
253 Orchard Heights Blvd, Aurora

23.12 m
Timberlane Athletic Club
155 Vandorf Rd, Aurora

23.22 m
Fleury Park
L4G 7B1, Aurora

23.57 m
Aurora Community Tennis Club
76 Maple St, Aurora

23.94 m
Tennis Racquet Stringers
Name Location
Vip Racquets
188 Clark Blvd
Brampton, Ontario
Home Based647-930-2419
Magic Stringing
Falling River Drive
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Home Based647.606.3521
Gabe Palummo
1 Century Grove Blvd.
Vaughan, Ontario
1 Century Grove Blvd.
Vaughan, Ontario
80 Glen Shields Ave
Vaughan, Ontario
Home Based6478129245
177 Aberdeen Ave.
Woodbridge, Ontario

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Mississauga, Ontario
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Marco Supper
Toronto, Ontario
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