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Are you looking to play tennis in Bernalillo, New Mexico? From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Bernalillo, New Mexico.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Bernalillo High School
224 Camino Del Pueblo, Bernalillo

1.47 m
Twin Warriors Golf Club
1301 Tuyuna Trail, Bernalillo

3.62 m
Cleveland High School
4800 Laban Rd Northeast, Rio Rancho

5.26 m
Corrales Community Recreation Center
500 Jones Rd, Corrales

6.72 m
Rio Rancho High School
301 Loma Colorado Blvd NE, Rio Rancho

7.11 m
Felician Sisters Convent
4210 Meadowlark LnSoutheast, Rio Rancho

7.11 m
Chamisa Hills Country Club
500 Country Club Dr SE, Rio Rancho

7.59 m
La Cueva High School
7801 Wilshire Ave Northeast, Albuquerque

8.15 m
Haynes Park
2006 Grande Blvd, Rio Rancho

8.19 m
North Domingo Baca Park
7212 Carmel Ave NE, Albuquerque

8.50 m
North Domingo Baca Park
Eubank Blvd NE, Albuquerque

8.50 m
Cibola High School
1510 Ellison Dr NW, Albuquerque

9.20 m
Cottonwood Ranch Apartment Homes
7 Bar Loop Rd NW, Albuquerque

9.35 m
Loma Del Norte Park
7479 Loma Del Norte Rd NE, Albuquerque

9.36 m
Quintessence Park
9801 Quintessence Rd Northeast, Albuquerque

9.55 m
The Aspen's
9669 Eagle Ranch Rd NW, Albuquerque

9.71 m
Tanoan Country Club
10801 Academy Rd NE, Albuquerque

10.04 m
Eagle Ranch Park
3580 Congress Ave Nw, Albuquerque

10.11 m
Albuquerque Academy
6400 Wyoming Blvd NE, Albuquerque

10.20 m
Sister Cities Park
6371 Esther Ave NE, Albuquerque

10.39 m
Oak Tree Park Apartments
5712 Osuna Rd NE, Albuquerque

11.05 m
Sandia Preparatory School
532 Osuna Rd NE, North Valley

11.09 m
Arroyo del Oso Park
5301 Wyoming Blvd NE, Albuquerque

11.12 m
Los Ranchos Racquet Club
6718 Rio Grande Blvd NW, Albuquerque

11.40 m
Lakes Apartments
4940 San Mateo Ln NE, Albuquerque

11.51 m
Del Norte High School
5323 Montgomery Blvd Northeast, Albuquerque

11.70 m
Stardust Skies Park
7505 Bellrose Ave NE, Albuquerque

11.87 m
Montgomery Park
5640 Ponderosa Ave NE, Albuquerque

12.12 m
Eldorado High School
11300 Montgomery Blvd Northeast, Albuquerque

12.14 m
Highpoint Sports & Wellness
4300 Landau NE, Albuquerque

12.28 m
Aztec Park
9144 Cherokee Rd NE, Albuquerque

12.34 m
Sandia High School
7801 Candelaria NE, Albuquerque

12.51 m
Columbus Park
5201 Guadalupe Trail, Albuquerque

12.55 m
Sombra Del Oso
6008 Montano Plaza Dr NW, Albuquerque

12.82 m
Del Rio Apartments
4649 Montano Rd NW, Albuquerque

12.86 m
Sierra Vista West Tennis Complex
5001 Montano Rd NW, Albuquerque

13.00 m
Hoffman Park
8701 Phoenix Ave NE, Albuquerque

13.04 m
Volcano Vista High School
8100 Rainbow Blvd Northwest, Albuquerque

13.28 m
Zuni Park
7250 Prospect Ave NE, Albuquerque

13.32 m
Bosque School
4000 Learning Rd Northwest, Albuquerque

13.39 m
Valley High School
1505 Candelaria Rd NW, Albuquerque

13.48 m
Don Juan de Onate Park
2104 Chelwood Park Blvd, Albuquerque

13.66 m
Menaul School
301 Menaul Blvd Northeast, Albuquerque

13.76 m
Tennis Club of Albuquerque
2901 Indian School Rd NE, Albuquerque

14.06 m
Jerry Cline Tennis Center
7905 Constitution Ave NE, Albuquerque

14.18 m
Altura Park
4241 Aspen Ave NE, Albuquerque

14.21 m
Sun Village Apartments
801 Locust Pl NE, Albuquerque

14.46 m
Los Altos Park
10100 Lomas Blvd NE, Albuquerque

14.82 m
Jefferson Middle School
712 Girard Blvd NE, Albuquerque

14.97 m
Fox Memorial Park
700 Alvarado NE, Albuquerque

14.98 m
Mesa Verde Park
7900 Marquette Ave Northeast, Albuquerque

15.01 m
Manzano High School
12200 Lomas Blvd NE, Albuquerque

15.04 m
Kennedy Middle School
721 Tomasita St NE, Albuquerque

15.10 m
University of New Mexico - Student Residence Center
301 Redondo E Dr NE, Albuquerque

15.39 m
Cinnamon Tree Apartments
7294 Zuni RD SE, Albuquerque

15.67 m
Wellesley Park
306 Wellesley Dr SE, Albuquerque

15.74 m
Highland High School
4700 Coal Ave SE, Albuquerque

15.79 m
Lauren C Bolles Park
13121 Skyview NE, Albuquerque

15.88 m
Rinconada Point Park
Ouray Rd & Painted Rock Dr, Albuquerque

15.92 m
Prince of Peace Lutheran School
12121 New Mexico 14, Cedar Crest

16.13 m
Albuquerque Country Club
601 Laguna Blvd SW, Albuquerque

16.27 m
Mountain View Club
22000 Club Rd SE, Albuquerque

16.28 m
Barelas Park
801 Barelas Rd SW, Albuquerque

16.47 m
Wilson Middle School
1138 Cardenas Dr SE, Albuquerque

16.48 m
Birch Court - Kirtland AFB
800 Birch Court SE, Albuquerque

16.48 m
Webster University - Kirtland AFB
20602 E Kirkland Rd, Albuquerque

16.70 m
West Mesa High School
6701 Fortuna Rd NW, Albuquerque

16.78 m
Pat Hurley Park
5210 Rincon Rd NW, Albuquerque

16.79 m
Linda Estes Tennis Complex - UNM
1392 University Blvd SE, Albuquerque

16.86 m
Kirtland AFB
Texas St SE, Albuquerque

16.89 m
Elks Lodge
2430 Centre Ave Southeast, Albuquerque

17.03 m
Morris Field - AFB
Aberdeen Dr SE, Albuquerque

17.07 m
Four Hills Golf Course
911 Four Hills Rd Southeast, Albuquerque

17.43 m
South San Jose Park
402 San Jose Ave SE, Albuquerque

17.83 m
Alamosa Elementary School
6500 Sunset Gardens Rd Southwest, Albuquerque

18.08 m
Avalon Park
9200 Starboard NW, Albuquerque

18.50 m
Rio Grande High School
2300 Arenal Rd SW, South Valley

19.17 m
Mountain View Park
1349 Ojo Felez St SW, Albuquerque

19.18 m
Sunrise Terrace Park
102nd St SW, Albuquerque

19.92 m
Carlos Rey Park
10685 Benavides Rd SW, Albuquerque

20.59 m
Rio Bravo State Park
3904 Isleta Blvd Southwest, South Valley

20.81 m
Atrisco Heritage Academy High School
10800 Dennis Chavez Blvd Southwest, Albuquerque

22.14 m
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A singles tennis ladder for anyone over the age of 18 in the Albuquerque area.
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Albuquerque's tennis network.
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Lance Kegelman      Rio Rancho - 7 months, 1 week
Looking for a game in Rio Rancho. I’ve played on and off since elementary school but never competitively.
maleadult2.25 to 4.00

Theresa Araiza      Albuquerque - 1 year, 3 months
Looking to play weekends or early mornings Wednesday or Friday
femalesenior3.00 to 4.00

Becca Abraham      Albuquerque - 8 months, 3 weeks
Hello. I am new to the area and looking for partners to play doubles. I am 3.0-3.5. Female, senior, will play with men or women. I live in the 87114 zip code.
3.00 to 3.50

Trevor Meier      Worldwide - 1 year
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BRENT DUNLOP DUNLOP      Albuquerque - 1 year, 5 months
Have you been planning on playing tennis but have no idea where to take your start from. Let us guide you in that matter. Tennis has three stages, beginners, intermediates and advanced players. Every player has his own needs and requirements and these requirements must be filled with the type of tennis he uses..
So,I Came up with MY recommandations:

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Tennis Racquet Stringers
Name Location
Sandia Racquet Services
Chip Brenn
3016 Camino de la Sierra NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Store Front505-299-8052
Indian School Rd.
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Home Based703-585-9655

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