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This is an overview of all things tennis in Nampa, Idaho. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Nampa, Idaho.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Douglas Collins      Nampa, Idaho
10 months, 1 week
Hi! I'd like to hit or play games with anyone in the 3.25 to 5.25 range, and am fairly quick on the court. Ideally I'd like to play in Nampa, but could commute to Caldwell/Meridian or near. Singles or doubles is fine. Best times for me are morning or early afternoon Mon thru Thu or any time on Fri Sat Sun. I generally don't mind the heat or cold. My email is (email hidden) or text (phone hidden).
maleadult3.25 to 5.25

Bonnie Rodrigues      Caldwell, Idaho
8 months, 3 weeks
Looking for a group of womens doubles.3.5-4.0. also interested in pickleball.I have played league but prefer social tennis.Love the competitionand fun.I live in Marsing but will travel to Caldwell/Nampa.My time is flexible but prefer later mornings or evenings.Afternoon is ok until it gets too hot.I.have played for 30 years but took a break last year.Ready to play.I am probably a bit rusty.Bonnie
femaleadult3.50 to 4.00

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Boris Reynov      Mountain View High School
10 months, 1 week
Want to return to court after long recovery from knee injury. Looking for partner in South Meridian or at reasonable distance. Open at daytime, have flexible schedule. (email hidden)

Bonnie Rodrigues      Caldwell, Idaho
1 year, 3 months
Moved here recently.Looking for some tennis doubles,womens or mixed.I'm a solid 3.5.Also interested in learning pickleball.I live in Marsing.Willing to travel to Caldwell.Would lije to get some tennis in.before it gets too cold.Can play late morning or afternoon
adult3.50 to 4.00

Trevor Meier      Worldwide
1 year, 6 months
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dhaval shah      Boise, Idaho
1 year, 9 months
Hi, I am Dhaval Shah new to Boise.
I play tennis a lot. Looking for to join a community to to play with someone. Weekdays after 6.
Please contact me on (phone hidden) thanks

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Local Events
Feb 06 - Feb 12 Add
There are no events this week, or in the future.
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Local Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Skyview High School
1303 E Greenhurst Rd, Nampa

0.57 m
South Middle School
229 W Greenhurst Rd, Nampa

0.72 m
Lions Park
S Jupiter St, Nampa

0.85 m
Northwest Nazarene University
623 S University Blvd, Nampa

1.39 m
Nampa High School
203 Lake Lowell Ave, Nampa

1.46 m
East Valley Middle School
4085 E Greenhurst Rd, Nampa

2.22 m
West Middle School
28 S Midland Blvd, Nampa

2.63 m
River City Racquet Club
63 South Midland Blvd, Nampa

2.63 m
Columbia High School
389 S Happy Valley Rd, Nampa

2.85 m
Lions Park
462 Davis Ave, Nampa

3.29 m
Lone Star Middle School
11055 Lone Star Rd, Nampa

3.53 m
Desert Springs Elementary School
18178 Santa Ana Ave, Nampa

6.85 m
Ridgevue High School
18800 Madison Rd, Nampa

7.11 m
Kuna Jr High School
934 N Ten Mile Rd, Kuna

7.19 m
Vallivue Middle School
16412 S 10th Ave, Caldwell

8.00 m
Vallivue High School
5454 S Montana Ave, Caldwell

8.12 m
Kuna High School
637 E Deer Flat Rd, Kuna

8.44 m
Victory Middle School
920 W Kodiak Dr, Meridian

8.46 m
Caldwell High School
3401 Indiana Ave, Caldwell

8.66 m
Meridian Senior High School
1799 W Warrior Dr, Meridian

8.97 m
Jefferson Middle School
3429 S 10th Ave, Caldwell

9.29 m
Syringa Middle School
1100 Willow St, Caldwell

9.42 m
The College of Idaho - Indiana Ave
2112 Cleveland Blvd, Caldwell

9.47 m
Meridian Middle School
1507 W 8th St, Meridian

9.51 m
College of Idaho
2100 Indiana Ave, Caldwell

9.54 m
Sawtooth Middle School
3730 N Linder Rd, Meridian

10.22 m
Mountain View High School
2000 Millenium Way, Meridian

10.23 m
Settlers Park
3245 N Meridian Ro, Meridian

10.52 m
Memorial Park
599 Grant St, Caldwell

10.74 m
Luby Park
1702 Marble Front Rd, Caldwell

10.87 m
The Club at Spurwing
6800 N Spurwing Way, Meridian

10.93 m
Rocky Mountian High School
5190 N Linder Rd, Meridian

11.04 m
Heritage Middle School
4990 N Meridian Rd, Meridian

11.47 m
Lake Hazel Middle School
11625 La Grange St, Boise

11.95 m
Pepperidge Park
2252 S Sumpter Way, Boise

12.02 m
Lewis & Clark Middle School
4141 E Pine Ave, Meridian

12.10 m
Middleton High School
1538 Emmett Rd, Middleton

12.95 m
Lowell Scott Middle School
13600 W Mcmillan Rd, Boise

12.96 m
Centennial High School
12400 West McMillan Rd, Boise

13.66 m
West Boise YMCA
5959 N Discovery Way, Boise

13.74 m
Eagle High School
574 Park Ln, Eagle

13.77 m
West Junior High School
W Salt Creek Ct, Boise

14.12 m
Bishop Kelly High School
7009 Franklin Rd, Boise

15.23 m
Eagle Tennis Club
1650 E Riverside Dr, Eagle

15.36 m
Fairmont Park
7929 W Northview St., Boise

15.37 m
Bishop Kelly High School
7009 W Franklin Rd, Boise

15.44 m
Boise Racquet and Swim Club
1116 N Cole Rd, Boise

15.47 m
Springs of Royal Oaks
1800 N Cole Rd, Boise

15.59 m
Friendship Park
765 Ranch Dr, Eagle

15.62 m
Borah High School
S Mataro Ln, Boise

15.67 m
Capital High School
8055 Goddard Rd, Boise

15.85 m
Phillippi Park
2255 S Phillippi St, Boise

15.95 m
Mountain View Park
3198 Mckinney St, Boise

16.11 m
Optimist Youth Sports Complex
9889 W Hill Rd Pkwy, Boise

16.34 m
Hillcrest Country Club
4610 W Hillcrest Dr, Boise

16.51 m
Winstead Park
6150 Northview St, Boise

16.54 m
Plantation Country Club
6515 W State St, Boise

16.74 m
Cassia Park
899 S Harding St, Boise

16.76 m
Riverglen Junior High School
6801 N Gary Ln, Boise

17.04 m
Owyhee Park
3198 S Owyhee St, Boise

17.14 m
Willow Lane Park
4645 Willow Ln, Garden City

17.36 m
Castle Hills Park
5312 Eugene St, Garden City

17.51 m
Shoshone Park
2912 W Canal St, Boise

17.57 m
South Junior High School
3101 Cassia St, Boise

17.64 m
Catalpa Park
4498 Catalpa Dr, Garden City

17.81 m
Ann Morrison Park
898 Ann Morrison Park Dr, Boise

17.83 m
Fairview Park
2300 W Idaho St, Boise

18.13 m
Sunset Park
3205 W Hansen Ave, Boise

18.19 m
Terry Day Park
1225 S Federal Way, Boise

18.26 m
Boas Tennis Center
1507 Oakland Ave, Boise

18.35 m
Hillside Junior High School
3536 East Hill Rd, Boise

18.46 m
Manitou Park
2011 Manitou Ave, Boise

18.48 m
Elm Grove Park
1898 N 24th St, Boise

18.53 m
Boise State University
Theatre Ln, Boise

18.67 m
Julia Davis Park
700 S Capitol Blvd, Boise

18.76 m
Boise High School
1010 W Washington St, Boise

18.81 m
Ivywild Park
2298 Division Ave, Boise

18.96 m
Homedale High School
259 E Idaho Ave, Homedale

19.07 m
Camel's Back Park
1200 Heron St, Boise

19.24 m
Williams Park
100 E Provident Dr, Boise

19.35 m
Fort Boise Park
375 E Garrison Rd, Boise

19.45 m
Timberline High School
701 East Boise Ave, Boise

19.62 m
Hidden Springs Elementary School
5480 W Hidden Springs Dr, Garden City

19.99 m
Crane Creek Country Club
500 W. Curling Drive Boise, ID, Boise

20.04 m
Baggley Park
1411 E Parkcenter Blvd, Boise

20.17 m
Boise Hills Park
651 E Clubview Dr, Boise

20.20 m
Quarry View Park
2101 N Kellogg Ln, Boise

20.30 m
Foothills Heritage Park
N McLeod Way, Garden City

22.19 m
Parma High School
1005 N 8th St, Parma

25.32 m
Parma Elementary School
607 E McConnell Ave, Parma

25.40 m
Tennis Racquet Stringers
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Sports Authority
East Gate Plaza
670 East Boise Avenue
Boise, Idaho
Store Front208-344-2037
Skip Miller
Apple Valley
Parma, Idaho
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