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Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Ridges at Ashburn
20361 Susan Leslie Drive, Ashburn

0.66 m
Ashburn Village Sports Pavilion
20585 Ashburn Village Blvd. Ashburn, VA , Ashburn

0.83 m
Ashburn Village-Lakes Community Center
44078 Cheltenham Circle, Ashburn

1.01 m
Ashburn Farm
21400 Windmill Dr, Ashburn

1.01 m
Stone Bridge High School
43100 Hay Rd, Ashburn

1.32 m
Stone Bridge High School
43100 Hay Rd, Ashburn

1.32 m
Broad Run High School
21670 Ashburn Rd, Ashburn

1.55 m
Ashburn Farm - Garden Gate Circle
Springwater Ct, Ashburn

1.70 m
Belmond Country Club
19661 Belmont Manor Ln, Ashburn

1.81 m
Janelia Research Campus
19700 Helix Dr, Lansdowne

2.31 m
Hillside Park
43083 Waxpool Rd, Ashburn

2.38 m
Broadlands Community Association
21907 Claiborne Pkwy, Ashburn

2.67 m
Lansdowne Resort
44050 Woodridge Pkwy, Leesburg

2.76 m
The National Conference Center
18980 Upper Belmont Pl, Lansdowne

3.25 m
LVE Recreation Center
Lucketts Bridge Circle, Ashburn

3.84 m
River Creek Club
43800 Olympic Blvd, Leesburg

4.27 m
Briar Woods High School
22525 Belmont Ridge Rd, Ashburn

4.31 m
Briar Woods High School
22525 Belmont Ridge Rd., Ashburn

4.32 m
Rock Ridge High School
43460 Loudoun Reserve Dr, Ashburn

4.48 m
Loudoun Country Day School
20600 Red Cedar Dr, Leesburg

4.64 m
Legacy Park
42488 Greenside Dr, Brambleton

4.84 m
Brambleton - Legacy Park
42530 Legacy Park Dr., Ashburn

4.84 m
Park View High School
400 W Laurel Ave, Sterling

5.01 m
Sterling Middle School
201 W Holly Ave, Sterling

5.16 m
Potomac Falls High School
46400 State Route 1582, Sterling

5.18 m
Heritage High School
520 Evergreen Mills Rd, Leesburg

5.20 m
Gwen Thompson Briar Patch Park
21660 Sterling Blvd, Sterling

5.65 m
Washington Dulles Airport Marriott Hotel
45020 Aviation Dr, Dulles

6.14 m
Dominion High School
21326 Augusta Dr, Sterling

6.26 m
Dominion High School
21326 Augusta Dr, Sterling

6.26 m
Loudoun County High School
415 Dry Mill Rd SW, Leesburg

6.86 m
Herndon Community Center
Ferndale Rd, Herndon

6.98 m
John Poole Middle School
17014 Tom Fox Ave, Poolesville

6.99 m
Ida Lee Park Tennis Center
60 Ida Lee Dr NW, Leesburg

7.09 m
Ida Lee Park Recreation Center
60 Ida Lee Dr NW, Leesburg

7.10 m
Herndon High School
700 Bennett St, Herndon

7.17 m
Tuscarora High School
801 N King St, Leesburg

7.35 m
Arrowbrook Centre Park
2360 Centreville Rd, Herndon

7.41 m
Arrowbrook Park
2351 Field Point Rd, Herndon

7.41 m
E E Halmos Park
17027 Hoskinson Rd, Poolesville

7.43 m
Trump National Golf Club
20391 Lowes Island Blvd, Sterling

7.47 m
Chandon Park
900 Palmer Dr, Herndon

7.56 m
Bruin Park
652 Alabama Dr, Herndon

7.75 m
Bruin Park
415 Van Buren St, Herndon

7.76 m
Poolesville High School
17501 W Willard Rd, Poolesville

7.77 m
L M Stevens Park
17399 Seneca Chase Park Rd, Poolesville

8.34 m
Bretton Woods Recreation Center
13536 Violettes Lock Rd, Darnestown

8.70 m
North Hills Club
1325 N Village Rd, Reston

8.83 m
Stratton Woods Park
2431 Fox Mill Rd, Reston

8.84 m
John Champe High School
41535 Sacred Mountain St, Stone Ridge

8.86 m
Raspberry Falls Golf & Hunt Club
41601 Raspberry Dr, Leesburg

9.04 m
Freedom High School
25450 Riding Center Dr, Chantilly

9.24 m
Great Falls Nike Park
1085 Utterback Store Rd, Great Falls

9.33 m
Great Falls Nike Park
1085 Utterback Store Rd, Great Falls

9.33 m
Hidden Creek Country Club
1711 Clubhouse Rd, Reston

9.46 m
Conklin Community Park
25701 Donegal Dr, Chantilly

9.53 m
Pinecrest Swim & Tennis Club
12515 Pinecrest Rd, Herndon

9.63 m
Dairy Lou Club
13501 Franklin Farm Rd, Herndon

10.01 m
Fox Mill Swim and Tennis Club
2720 Viking Dr, Herndon

10.19 m
Darnestown Swim and Racquet Club
15004 Spring Meadows Dr, Darnestown

10.35 m
Owens Park
19900 Beallsville Rd, Beallsville

10.48 m
Still Pond Club
12700 Franklin Farm Rd, Oak Hill

10.79 m
South Lakes High School
11400 S Lakes Dr, Reston

10.97 m
Glade Recreation Club
11550 Glade Dr, Reston

11.10 m
Hamilton Elementary School
54 S Kerr St, Hamilton

11.14 m
South Lakes Village Park
Sunrise Valley Dr & Barton Hill Rd, Reston

11.33 m
Montgomery TennisPlex
18010 Central Park Cir, Germantown

12.29 m
Germantown Greenbelt Park
14501 Schaeffer Rd, Germantown

12.35 m
Local Chat
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Rodrigo Garcia      Ashburn - 6 months, 1 week
Hello tennis fans! Just moved to Ashburn Farm and I am looking for people who want to train hard; drills (forehand, backhand, volleys, tournament point emulation, etc). I am a block away from Windmill and Summerwood courts. Please let me know if you are interested (202) 374 9143.

Mara Pheng      Ashburn - 7 months
Anyone want to get aggressive, competition. I am new comer in Ashburn, Va. Current level 4-5. text me (770) 310-2316

Huy Le      Sterling - 7 months
Just joined ATN...looking to meet up with players in the Herndon/Sterling/Ashburn area to hit or play matches. I'm about a 3.5

Paul Houghtaling      Broadlands - 11 months, 2 weeks
Does anyone know who i can contact to join a mens single ladder in the Broadlands area?

Deepak Harathi      Herndon - 11 months, 3 weeks
Time for some tennis...I am in Herndon. Anyone in the Herndon area want to hit some balls? Weekends couple of hours or even weekday evenings will work. Let me know.

Sunil Goureddy      Ashburn - 1 year, 6 months
Any one with rating 3.5 or higher interested in playing singles? Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Suraj Basnet      Ashburn - 1 year, 10 months
Looking for tennis partners near Ashburn, Broadlands areas. If anyone is interested, let me know.

Tennis USTA      Herndon - 2 years, 6 months
Hello to all...I love the sport and started playing in my early teens. I played a lot in my 20s & 30s but I'm a bit older with a busier lifestyle which leaves little time to play tennis these days. However I do have time on weekends and would love to hit sometimes.

I find it easy to find men to play tennis with, but a bit challenging to find solid ladies to hit with. With this, If you are an active female hitting at 3.0 to 4.0 level...I would love to get on the court and hit with you.

I also hit on weekends in Ashburn with a good tennis group in both men's doubles and mix doubles as well. Your welcome to join me for mix doubles on weekend mornings.

Suraj Basnet      Ashburn - 2 years, 3 months
Looking for a hitting partner that is 3.5 or close to that range somewhere close to Ashburn or nearby areas.

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