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This is an overview of all things tennis in The Hague, Netherlands. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in The Hague, Netherlands.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Fedor Zarodyshev      The Hague, Netherlands
4 days, 20 hours
Who wants to play in Den Haag? 3,5-4 my level.
+(phone hidden)27
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Fedor Zarodyshev      The Hague, Netherlands
6 days, 12 hours
Hello! Who wants to play in Den Haag in 25-27 November? My level 3,5-4
3.50 to 4.50

Trevor Meier      Worldwide
2 weeks, 1 day
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Unai Martín      The Hague, Netherlands
4 years, 9 months
I'm new in the city. Looking for tennis partner. I have been playing tennis for more than 10 yrs.

Joel Trotter      Rotterdam, Netherlands
2 weeks, 2 days
Hello, I’m here in Rotterdam and looking for a tennis partner, preferably to play at Tennisvereniging Ridderkerk "TVR", I’m eu level 5-6 (not sure how that related to the rankings on this website.
4.50 to 5.75

Michel Chaccour      Capelle aan Den Ijssel, Netherlands
1 month, 2 weeks
Hi all,
I'm looking for a tennis partner in Capelle aan den IJssel to play preferably on Saturdays. My level is good to intermediate. Let me know if interested.

Jovan Djordjevic      Rotterdam, Netherlands
4 months, 1 week
Looking for tennis player in Rotterdam

Anatolii Sokoliuk      Rotterdam, Netherlands
2 months
Hi, I am looking for tennis partner in Rotterdam. My level is intermediate. The best time for me is any Saturday or Sunday.
3.50 to 4.00

Alessandro Sculati      Rotterdam, Netherlands
2 months, 3 weeks
I am looking for a partner to play with (on a friendly way), level around 3-4, is someone interested? :)
There are free tennis courts in Rotterdam Zuiderpark, or if you have any other proposition. Any day of the week :) (September 2022)
3.00 to 4.50

Alessandro Sculati      Rotterdam, Netherlands
2 months, 3 weeks
I am looking for a partner to play with (on a friendly way), level around 3-4, is someone interested? :)
There are free tennis courts in Rotterdam Zuiderpark, or if you have any other proposition. Any day of the week :) (September 2022)
3.00 to 4.50

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Local Events
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There are no events this week, or in the future.
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Local Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
De Verademing
Asmansweg 100, The Hague

0.58 m
Teijlerstraat 126, The Hague

0.81 m
H.L.T.C. Leimonias
Klatteweg 103, The Hague

2.30 m
Tennispark De Rhijenhof
Noordweg 44, The Hague

2.66 m
HLTC de Metselaars
Berkenbosch Blokstraat 20, The Hague

2.67 m
Tennispark Leeuwenbergh
Lindelaan 7, Leidschendam

2.71 m
Tennispark Vreugd en Rust
Oosteinde 3-5, Voorburg

2.82 m
Tennispark Marlot
Leidsestraatweg 75, The Hague

3.16 m
Ring Pass Delft
Westblok 1, Delft

4.59 m
Tennisvereniging LTC Keenenburg
Tiendweg 2, Schipluiden

6.32 m
Tennishal Meerzicht B.V.
Zalkerbos 320, Zoetermeer

7.15 m
Noviflora Tennispark
van Leeuwenhoekstraat 20, s-Gravenzande

7.44 m
ZTC Zoeterwoude
nieuweweg 2, Zoeterwoude

9.15 m
Holiday Inn Leiden
Haagse Schouwweg 10, Leiden

9.21 m
Stichting Tenniscentrum Schiedam-Noord
Zoomweg 4, Schiedam

9.35 m
Tennisvereniging Holy
Willem de Zwijgerlaan 220, Vlaardingen

10.12 m
T.C. Overschie
Torenlaan 100, Rotterdam

10.67 m
Oltc Tennispark
Hofbrouckerlaan 53, Oegstgeest

10.94 m
Tennispark Plaswijck
Plaswijcklaan 56, Rotterdam

10.98 m
Katwijkse LTV
Tennisparkweg 1, Katwijk

11.10 m
Leidse Tennisvereniging
Merendonk 173, Leiden

11.38 m
Krajicek Playground Schuttersveld
76 Schuttersweg, Rotterdam

12.45 m
Overbos Tennisclub Warmond
Herenweg 98, Warmond

12.80 m
Exploitatimaatschappij Zephir BV
Strandweg 23, Zevenhuizen

12.87 m
Tennispark Oosthout
Fuchsiastraat 1, Voorhout

12.90 m
Noordwijkse IJsclub
Gooweg 26, Noordwijk

13.58 m
STV Tennisvereniging
Parklaan 58, Sassenheim

14.02 m
TC Rijpwetering
Oud Adeselaan 54, Rijpwetering

14.35 m
Tennisclub Kaag De
Julianalaan 3, Kaag

15.02 m
David Lloyd Health & Fitness - Capelle Aan Den Ijssel
P.C. Boutenssingel 5, Capelle aan Den Ijssel

15.50 m
Jacqueline van der Bas Tennislessen
Ambonstraat 54, Alphen aan den Rijn

15.65 m
Parc du Soleil
Kraaierslaan 7, Noordwijk

15.69 m
Tennis- en squashcentrum Nieuwe Sloot
President Kennedylaan 1, Alphen aan den Rijn

16.33 m
Tenniscentrum IJsselmonde B.V.
Akkeroord 10, Rotterdam

17.05 m
Sportcentrum De Lis
Sportlaan 2, Lisse

17.38 m
Sportcentrum De Lis
Sportlaan 2, Lisse

17.38 m
TV de Molen
Karweistraat, Nieuw-Beijerland

17.79 m
Hal Oud-Beijerland
Hortensiastraat 5, Oud-Beijerland

18.05 m
My HealthClub
Oud Reeuwijkseweg 3, Reeuwijk

18.06 m
Langeweg 16, Oud-Beijerland

18.43 m
TV Leimuiden
Beukenlaan 48, Leimuiden

18.62 m
Tennisclub Lekkerkerk
Groen van Prinsterersingel 18, Lekkerkerk

19.98 m
Tennisvereniging Nieuwveen
Ursulapad 1, Nieuwveen

21.35 m
TC Zwaanshoek
Noppenstraat 1, Zwaanshoek

21.62 m
Tennisvereniging Hoofddorp
Prins Hendriklaan 35, Hoofddorp

23.17 m
Tennisvereniging All Out
Sportlaan 43, Aalsmeer

23.92 m
Intens B.V.
Parkweg 5, Papendrecht

23.98 m
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