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This is an overview of all things tennis in Shenandoah, Virginia. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Shenandoah, Virginia.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Local Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Town of Shenandoah Tennis Courts
304 2nd St, Shenandoah

0.40 m
Stonewall Memorial Park
Terrace Ave, Elkton

4.87 m
Stonewall Memorial Park
North Terrace Ave, Elkton

4.87 m
Mountain Valley Conference Center
3091 Ragtown Rd, Harrisonburg

5.46 m
East Rockingham High School
250 Eagle Rock Rd, Elkton

6.41 m
East Rockingham High School
250 Eagle Rock Rd, Elkton

6.41 m
Massanutten Resort - Meadow Vista Ln
1822 Resort Dr, McGaheysville

7.38 m
Massanutten Resort - Fareway
4156 Delwebb Dr, McGaheysville

8.79 m
Spotswood High School
368 Blazer Dr, Penn Laird

10.86 m
Spotswood High School
368 Blazer Dr, Penn Laird

10.86 m
Shenvalee Resort
9660 Fairway Dr, New Market

11.03 m
New Market Community Park
9670 Cadet Rd, New Market

11.20 m
New Market Community Park Tennis Courts
9670 Cadet Rd, New Market

11.21 m
Spotswood Country Club
1980 Country Club Rd, Harrisonburg

12.39 m
Broadway High School
269 Gobbler Dr, Broadway

12.62 m
Ralph Sampson Park
431 E Washington St, Harrisonburg

12.83 m
Ralph Sampson Park
431 East Washington St, Harrisonburg

12.83 m
East Rockingham Recreation Club
1699 Barracuda Dr, Harrisonburg

13.01 m
Kiwanis Club Park
320 S Carlton St, Harrisonburg

13.20 m
Eastover Courts
909 Reservoir St, Harrisonburg

13.20 m
J Frank Hillyard Middle School
226 Hawks Hill Dr, Broadway

13.44 m
Broadway Community Park
102 S Sunset Dr, Broadway

13.63 m
Eastern Mennonite School
801 Parkwood Dr, Harrisonburg

13.71 m
Eastern Mennonite School
Parkwood Dr, Harrisonburg

13.71 m
James Madison University - Hillside Field
800 S Main St, Harrisonburg

13.78 m
Morrison Park
461 2nd St, Harrisonburg

13.84 m
Morrison Park
461 2nd St, Harrisonburg

13.84 m
Eastern Mennonite University
1398 Park Rd, Harrisonburg

13.89 m
James Madison University
1670 Driver Dr, Harrisonburg

13.96 m
University Park - J.M.U.
1090 Devon Lane, Harrisonburg

14.11 m
Camp Dogwood Summer Academy
1389 Garth Run Rd, Madison

14.56 m
Purcell Park
41 Monument Ave, Harrisonburg

14.60 m
Purcell Park
41 Monument Ave, Harrisonburg

14.60 m
Town of Luray Tennis Court
106 Zerkel St, Luray

15.05 m
RMH Wellness Center
501 Stone Spring Rd, Harrisonburg

15.06 m
Blue Ridge School
273 Mayo Dr, Dyke

15.55 m
Graves Mountain Lodge
4105 Old Blue Ridge Tpke, Syria

15.66 m
Harrisonburg High School
935 Garbers Church Rd, Harrisonburg

16.03 m
Harrison High School
1001 Garbers Church Rd, Harrisonburg

16.04 m
Greene Hills Club
3858 State Route 619, Stanardsville

16.13 m
Town Park
20th St, Grottoes

17.98 m
Wilbur S Pence Middle School
375 Bowman Rd, Dayton

18.11 m
Mt Jackson Town Park
326 Wunder St, Mount Jackson

18.38 m
Turner Ashby High School
800 N Main St, Bridgewater

19.13 m
Doug Will Tennis Center
201 Green St, Bridgewater

20.29 m
Bridgewater College
465 E College St, Bridgewater

20.33 m
Blue Ridge Community College
1 College Lane, Weyers Cave

22.17 m
Highland Retreat of the Mennonite Church
14783 Upper Highland Dr, Bergton

25.03 m
S Gordon Stewart Middle School
118 Fort Defiance Rd, Fort Defiance

25.55 m
Tennis Racquet Stringers
Name Location
Stef's Stringing
1470 springside drive
Harrisonburg, Virginia
Kirk Comer
917 junior avenue
Shenandoah, Virginia
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