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Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
6e Arrondissement, Paris

1.04 m
Château des Rentiers
Rue Châ,teau des Rentiers, Paris

1.64 m
Rue Dunois, Paris

1.76 m
Rue du Cdt Mouchotte, Paris

1.94 m
Terrain d'éducation physique
24 Rue Édouard Pailleron, Paris

1.98 m
Charles Moureu
avenue Edison, Paris

2.03 m
Rue de Coulmiers, Paris

2.53 m
Poterne des peupliers
Rue Max Jacob, Paris

2.54 m
Tennis Davout
134 Boulevard Davout (20th), Paris

2.64 m
Tennis Louis Lumière
30 Rue Louis Lumière (20th), Paris

2.74 m
Avenue Paul Appell, Paris

2.75 m
Tennis de la Porte de Bagnolet
72, rue Louis Lumière (20th), Paris

2.75 m
Terrains de Tennis Championnet
172 Rue Championnet, Paris

2.81 m
Léo Lagrange
bd Poniatowski, Paris

2.81 m
Paul Valéry
Rue de la Nouvelle Calédonie, Paris

2.99 m
Centre Sportif Poissonniers
2, rue Jean Cocteau (18th), Paris

3.02 m
Tennis Sept Arpents
Rue des Sept Arpents (19è), Pantin

3.11 m
Porte de la Plaine
Rue du Gal Guillaumat, Paris

3.22 m
Centre sportif Jules Ladoumègue
Avenue de la Porte de Pantin, Paris

3.28 m
Porte d'Asnieres
1/11, boulevard de Reims, Paris

3.37 m
229, rue de Courcelles, Paris

3.40 m
Porte d'Asnières
Bd de Reims, Paris

3.55 m
rue André-Wishbone, Paris

3.63 m
Aurelle de Paladines
17 Boulevard d'Aurelle de Paladines, Paris

3.70 m
rue André-Wishbone, Paris

3.72 m
Tennis Pereire
Boulevard Pereire, Paris

4.05 m
Suzanne Lenglen
Rue Louis Armand, Paris

4.20 m
Quai de Saint-Exupéry, Paris

4.22 m
La Faluère
Route de la Pyramide, Paris

4.30 m
Tennis Club Du 16e
15 Avenue du Général Clavery, Paris

4.43 m
Tennis Club de Paris
15 Avenue Félix d'Herelle, Paris

4.49 m
CASG Paris, Stade Jean Bouin
26 Avenue du Général Sarrail, Paris

4.57 m
Fonds des Princes
Avenue de la porte d'Auteuil, Paris

4.85 m
Complexe Sportif Nelson Mandela
134 Rue de Bernaü, Champigny-sur-Marne

7.95 m
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INSEAD Tennis Club
Members: 1   Location: Paris, France
Insead Tennis Club - 
Paris Tennis Network
Members: 5   Location: Paris, France
I live in NYC and travel to Paris at least once a year. I would love to play with...
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Husain Raj      Champigny-sur-Marne - 2 months
Hi, my name is Husain and take my kids to hit balls once a week but want to practice decently and looking for a beginner level partner around Parc Du Tremblay. Am free most mornings during school days. Thanks.

Monica Kahura      Paris - 2 months
Hello, Looking for a hitting partner that is 3.5 or better to practice for a few weeks.

Vince Duque      Paris - 2 months, 2 weeks
Hey all! Looking for serious players in Paris. Training for ITF Senior tournaments. Hope to find some cool people! V

Stewart Gray      Elisabeth - 2 months, 4 weeks
Here until 11/11 and looking to play singles or make up doubles
male2.50 to 5.00

Adrienne Sprouse      Paris - 3 months
I am visiting Paris from New York City and would love to play singles and/or doubles between October 28 and November 11, 2021. My level is 3.5 singles,/3.5 doubles
adult3.00 to 3.75

Paul Coleman      Paris - 4 months
Hi, looking for a hitting partner that is 3.0 or better. Available Fridays/Sat/Sun. Paris and close suburbs.

shuely Zhang      Fontenay-sous-Bois - 5 months, 2 weeks
I just moved to Paris from the Netherlands and looking for a partner for practising at the weekend or on weekday evenings. I have been playing tennis for more than one and a half years, now I need to resume and improve my level after stopping for a year due to covid.

Yena Kim      Paris - 11 months
Hello, I just moved to Paris and am looking for tennis partner. (Lefty, Ntrp 2.5) I'm working hard on getting better. Plz let me join you if there's some spot!

Josh T      Paris - 3 months, 3 weeks

My name is Josh and I am from the sunny island of Singapore.

I am going to be in Paris for work from 15th October – 26 October.

I am an NTRP4 player, can hold both rallies and games at an intermediate level. I am looking for a game across the different locations I travel for work just for the experience and fun of it!

Do let me know if you have court access (we can share cost of course) and open for a hit.

I will be staying in La Defense area with a metro right next to my hotel. I can do very basic French to try to figure my way out if necessary.

Am looking to get a rally / game in on 15, 16, 17 22, 23 October.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!

Josh Thio

Zam S      Paris - 3 months, 2 weeks
Hello there, I am new to Paris via New York City but from London. I have tried MeetUp, other apps and now this. I am interested in meeting players at beg to int level who are keen to play at least twice per week minimum. In NYC, I was playing 3 mornings every week. I’d like the same consistency here :)
adult2.75 to 3.25

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