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This is an overview of all things tennis in Colorado Springs, Colorado. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Looking for a tennis partner, or a group of players to play with? Do you want to check-in to a court, and let everyone know the current conditions? Post a comment here, and we will notify everyone nearby.
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Levi Marshall      Colorado Springs, Colorado
6 months, 2 weeks
Looking for tennis partner(s) in Colorado Springs area. I just moved here from Hawaii, where there's a competitive tennis scene, and friends there told me I was USTA 3.5 to 4, although I don't have an actual formal rank. Looking for partners, male or female, single or doubles, recreational or competitive!

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Mauricio Alas      Colorado Springs, Colorado
5 years, 3 months
Looking for someone to play with ;) I’m usually available during weekends.
Bear Creek and Memorial work for me but open to more options.

I am a 3.0-3.5 willing to play against anyone

Send me a text or an email

(phone hidden)
(email hidden)

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Alison R      Woodland Park, Colorado
5 years, 11 months
Hello, Woodland Park! I am new to the area and looking for a tennis partner. I am about a level 3.0 player and looking for someone who plays anywhere between level 2.0 - level 4.0, and I would love to play on a regular basis. I would like to play in Woodland Park, CO so please only respond if you are local. Thanks, Alison

Rich Gurganus      Colorado Springs, Colorado
6 years, 6 months
Hey everyone strong 4.5+ player looking for workout partner. Mostly play points to get the most out of play but would also be up for playing sets as well. All court player with one handed backhand. Play at USAFA and Lifetime currently. Please give me a ring if interested. (phone hidden)

Joel Cowan      Colorado Springs, Colorado
6 years, 7 months
Looking to play at Memorial Park

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Local Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Palmer High School
301 N Nevada St, Colorado Springs

0.42 m
Middle Shooks Run
430 N El Paso St, Colorado Springs

0.67 m
Colorado College
14 E Cache La Poudre St, Colorado Springs

1.01 m
Memorial Park
1315 E Pikes Peak Ave, Colorado Springs

1.16 m
Boulder Park
425 N Foote Ave, Colorado Springs

1.18 m
Olsen Field CC
19 W Uintah St, Colorado Springs

1.22 m
Bonforte Park
2323 N Wahsatch Ave, Colorado Springs

2.22 m
Bear Creek Park
2201 Argus Blvd, Colorado Springs

2.32 m
Bott Park
815 S 26th St, Colorado Springs

2.60 m
2553 Gold Rush Dr, Colorado Springs

2.62 m
Wasson High School
2115 Afton Way, Colorado Springs

2.87 m
Cheyenne Mountain High School
1200 Cresta Rd, Colorado Springs

2.94 m
Harrison High School
2755 Janitell Rd, Colorado Springs

3.18 m
Cheyenne Mountain Country Club
9 Lake Ave, Colorado Springs

3.21 m
Westmoor Park
3315 Water St, Colorado Springs

3.34 m
Coronado High School
1590 W Fillmore St, Colorado Springs

3.39 m
The Broadmoor
1 Lake Ave, Colorado Springs

3.42 m
Colorado Springs Country Club
3333 Templeton Gap Rd, Colorado Springs

3.57 m
The Country Club of Colorado
125 Clubhouse Dr, Colorado Springs

3.64 m
Portal Park
3636 Manchester St, Colorado Springs

3.65 m
Gen William Mitchell High School
4025 E San Miguel St, Colorado Springs

3.91 m
Garden of the Gods Tennis Club
3320 Mesa Rd, Colorado Springs

3.93 m
Kissing Camels Park
Camels Ridge Ln, Colorado Springs

4.02 m
Manitou Community
Beckers Ln, Manitou Springs

4.20 m
Jackson Park
1111 Holland Park Blvd, Colorado Springs

4.22 m
Sierra High School
2250 Jet Wing Dr, Colorado Springs

4.25 m
Park Ridge Apartments
2640 Serendipity Cir W, Colorado Springs

4.33 m
Cobblestone Ridge
4321 Pebble Ridge Cir, Colorado Springs

4.36 m
Ridgeview Place Apartments
3485 Knoll Ln, Colorado Springs

4.60 m
Colorado Springs Racquet Club
2529 North Murray Blvd, Colorado Springs

4.68 m
Grant Park
2813 Shadowglen Dr, Colorado Springs

4.98 m
Sunset Creek Apartments
New Santa Fe Regional Trail, Colorado Springs

5.06 m
Broadmoor Glen Park
4065 Danceglen Dr, Colorado Springs

5.23 m
Doherty High School
4515 Barnes Rd, Colorado Springs

5.92 m
North Fitness Center
Ent Ave, Peterson AFB

6.15 m
Peterson AFB
Ent Ave & Perterson Blvd, Colorado Springs

6.32 m
Eagle Ridge Middle School
1325 Vindicator Dr, Colorado Springs

6.35 m
Patriot Park
McChord St, Peterson AFB

6.51 m
Foothills Park
853 Allegheny, Colorado Springs

6.75 m
Foothills Swim & Racquet Club
6955 Delmonico Dr, Colorado Springs

6.79 m
SGT Robert Foy Tennis Club
1234 Specker Ave, Fort Carson

7.10 m
The Village at Woodland Hills
2840 Woodland Hills Dr, Colorado Springs

7.17 m
Wilson Ranch Park
2335 Allegheny Dr, Colorado Springs

7.22 m
Widefield High School
665 Widefield Dr, Fountain

7.23 m
Widefield Community Center
705 Aspen Dr, Colorado Springs

7.45 m
Cottonwood Creek Park
6740 Rangewood Dr, Colorado Springs

7.45 m
Hunters Point HOA
1610 Oak Hills Dr, Colorado Springs

7.46 m
SandStone Park
7160 Ashley Dr, Colorado Springs

7.98 m
Briarglen Apartments
1620 Chapel Hills Dr, Colorado Springs

8.13 m
Woodmen Valley Park
1679 W Woodmen Rd, Colorado Springs

8.17 m
Rampart High School
8250 Lexington Dr, Colorado Springs

8.47 m
USAA Recreation Center
1055 Chapel Hills Dr, Colorado Springs

8.53 m
Fountain Valley School
6151 Fountain Valley School Rd, Fountain

8.69 m
Widefield Community Park
1134 Drury Ln, Fountain

9.03 m
Air Academy High School
6900 Carlton Dr, Air Force Academy

9.25 m
Venezia Park
3555 Briargate Pkwy, Colorado Springs

9.70 m
Pine Valley Housing
W Pine Loop, Air Force Academy

9.86 m
Liberty High School
Scarborough Dr, Colorado Springs

9.86 m
Mesa Ridge High School
Syracuse St, Fountain

9.93 m
Lifetime Fitness Club
4410 Royal Pine Dr, Colorado Springs

10.17 m
USAF Prep School
5136 Community Center Dr, Air Force Academy

10.24 m
Challenger Middle School
10215 Lexington Dr, Colorado Springs

10.31 m
Banning Lewis Ranch
6885 Vista Del Pico Blvd, Colorado Springs

10.36 m
Pine Creek High School
10750 Thunder Mountain Ave, Colorado Springs

10.95 m
Rampart Lodge
3130 Academy Dr, Air Force Academy

11.70 m
Aga Park
515 El Paso St, Fountain

12.05 m
Mary Kyer Park
1102 Middle Creek Pkwy, Colorado Springs

12.24 m
Town Court
10715 Ute Pass Ave, Green Mountain Falls

12.66 m
Air Force Academy
Cadet Dr, Air Force Academy

12.83 m
The Club at Flying Horse
1880 Weiskopf Point, Colorado Springs

12.85 m
Fountain Fort Carson High School
900 Jimmy Camp Rd, Fountain

13.32 m
Black Forest Regional Park
4800 Shoup Rd, Black Forest

13.40 m
Falcon High School
10255 Lambert Rd, Falcon

16.75 m
Lewis Palmer High School
1300 Higby Rd, Monument

17.25 m
Meadow Wood Park
2000 Evergreen Heights Dr, Woodland Park

18.04 m
Monument Hill Country Club
18945 Pebble Beach Way, Monument

18.84 m
Palmer Ridge High School
19255 Monument Hill Rd, Monument

19.23 m
Glen Park
110 Walnut Ave, Palmer Lake

20.21 m
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