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Understand your racket stringing patterns

With experience you will start to understand racket patterns and know which holes to skip when stringing rackets.  Sometimes it is still helpful to know which holes to skip,share and if the mains end on the top or bottom to help you determine if you will be stringing a one piece, around the world or two piece string job.  I am configuring a 'string pattern' page on my site for helping you with just that.  Check out how its getting started (currently have Babolat racket pattern info).  I will be adding other manufactuers this month and hope to have the page done by the end of February.  Please check it out at racketstringingtips.  Patrick - USRSA MRT

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Pete Sampras and what is his new prototype frame.

Pete Sampras has literally used one racket type in his entire professional playing career.  The St. Vincent Model along with heavy modifications helped propell him to the top of the tennis world.  It appears now that he is using a new prototype of sorts, a Wilson or Babolat? read more at my blog here.

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Stringway and a new approach to weaving the cross strings on a racket restring

If you string tennis rackets, undoubtedly you are always looking for a way to make the job easier.  I ran across this invention by Stringway that helps ease the cross weave.  It appears to reduce friction and provide a easier method to weave the crosses, it does appear however to take a bit longer than if working the traditional way, watch the video and check it out for yourself.


You can visit the website at Stringway to find out more and view a description of how it works.

 To see a short video, check it out at

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Learn how you can start a racket stringing business for $500?

The idea of stringing tennis rackets for a living does not appeal to everyone but if you are a tennis player and want to explore the idea of starting a stringing business than read on because I am going to spell out the steps in a simple systematic way so that you can follow the plan and be up and running in 30 days or less with your own racket stringing business! Seriously...this article is for anyone who has a desire to string tennis rackets and no experience required.


$500 dollars to an underemployed high school student might seem a reach but for young entrepreneurs, college players, tennis parents or just about any other level of tennis fanatic this should be a reachable figure. I am going to take you through the steps to getting your stringing business operational in 30 days or less.  First and foremost we will start with acquiring the biggest investment and most likely the one crucial component here - the stringing machine. Follow here to continue reading at my blog............

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The challenges of a professional tournament onsite racket stringer and my road to the tour

In 1989 I never thought that I would one day be invited to string at Grand Slam events.  The road to professional status as a racket stringer was not an overnite reality.  Learning to string at Industry Hills Tennis Center  (a swim and tennis club in southern California ) on a gamma manual crank machine and setting up a business picking racquetball rackets at a health club doesn't sound all that glamourous but it set the stage for experiences that would come my way 8 years later and it was a good part time business while in college. 

I was fortunate to learn from two great stringers early on in my career and the fact that they did things the correct way and didn't take any shortcuts and the fact that they still are stringing and have a business 20 some years later is a testament to their know how and persistence (thats a run on sentence...).  Although I turned away several opportunities to string full time on tour years later,  I still was able to learn from many great stringers on my journey to the Australian Open.  I was fortunate to have started my own retail tennis business, be a manufacterers representative, have numerous stringing gigs, teach others to string and ultimately be able to string at various WTA / ATP events.  The journey allowed me to meet many great players, coaches and tennis freaks and have a stringing tips website that provides valuable stringing information to all level of stringers.

Attending the "SuperShow" (The Annual sporting goods trade show ) in 1995 was a great way to see what the tennis industry was all about.  It was a stretch to pay for a way to Atlanta and attend a 3 day event when our tennis shop some 2000 miles away was only 3 months old.  It turned out to be the best opportunity to learn about other store owners, stringers and industry professionals.  This would also be the place I became a certified stringer by the USRSA (United Racquet Stringers Association).  At this time it was considered the CRT (certified racquet stringer), but later changed to MRT (master racquet technician).  This certiifcation is more for demonstrating to your retail customers that you have a certain level of stringing proficiency, but it really won't get you too far for stringing for professional level players. 

Many stringers ask me how to become a professional stringer and I usually say that it takes a lot of practice stringing and a little luck.  Stringing under pressure at a tournament is much different than stringing a practice racket for a player at your club or shop.  If you screw up a racket for a pro at a tournament you will definitely hear about it, if you screw up stringing at your club or shop most likely you won't hear about and probably won't see that player in your shop again.

String a racket from the throat up, get the tension off by 2 lbs, use the wrong string from the hybrid setup, screw up the stencil, put the tie off knot in the wrong area, have the buttcap upside down and you just FAILED!  These are some of the pressures along with having the ability to string consistently for a period of 12 to 15 hours + without messing up.  It doesn't sound all that fun anymore? but for those of us who live tennis, love the sport it is the thing we love.

More to come soon..




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Babolat Propulse 3 Tennis Shoe Review

Every die-hard tennis fan has heard of Babolat. Based in France, Babolat is known the world over for making high-quality tennis shoes, racquets, strings and accessories. Babolat isn’t just a name, like Holabird, it’s a family business. It was originally started by Pierre Babolat and decades later, it is now run by CEO Eric Babolat. Today, Babolat makes a variety of tennis shoes, racquets and equipment. Until 1994, Babolat’s main focus was on tennis strings. In fact, Albert Babolat is still known today as one of the great pioneers in string development. Professional Players

Two of the biggest stars in tennis play with Babolat racquets: Rafael Nadal and Andy Roddick. Today Roddick also wears the Babolat Propulse 3. Babolat tennis shoes

In 2003, Babolat launched their shoe division. The first thing they did was partner with Michelin, the tire company. This allowed them to create extremely durable tennis shoes. Roddick works with Babolat’s shoe engineers to help them create the perfect tennis shoe. What could be better than having a professional, ranked player tell you what’s working with your shoe and what’s not? This just goes to show, that Babolat is truly dedicated to what the player needs. Babolat Propulse 3

Those of you who loved the Babolat Propulse 2, don’t despair. The Propulse 3 keeps everything that’s good about the Propulse 2 and makes it better. The two major changes between the Babolat Propulse 2 and Babolat Propulse 3:

•    The 3’s are lighter (Babolat found a way to shave some weight without sacrificing anything else)

•    They added the Kompressor

Continue reading
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How much does your racket stringer charge you?

I want to take a survey on labor prices around the country.  I string racquets in Hawaii and charge $20.00 labor.  I am a certified MRT racquet technician with 20 + years stringing and use computerized equipment.  How much does it cost in your part of the country and what type of equipment is used?  I wan't to know, please post your comments.

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Nearly 300 tennis rackets strung today at the US Open and the qualifying rounds have just begun!

The US OPEN TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPS will officially get underway Monday Aug 29th with first round action but the qualifying rounds are happening now.  The behind the scenes action started already as did the 2011 Wilson STring team.  Saturday was the first day the racquets were strung onsite, nearly 300 frames strung just today.  Although I am not at the open this year, I will be posting stringing posts, updating you on details of what its like as an onsite stringer at the US OPEN and much much more, please check back daily for more updates, tell your friends and visit me at the racketstringingtips website.

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What is a bracket challenge for a tennis tournament?

A bracket challenge is a simple competition to see who can best predict the results of a tournament. This is just like the office pools you see each year during March Madness.

At Global Tennis Network, we host 4 of these challenges a year, for each of the Grand Slam tennis tournaments.

  • French Open
  • Wimbledon
  • US Open
  • Australian Open

This year, Holabird Sports has sponsored these challenges, by giving away some great prizes. For the French Open Bracket Challenge, they gave away a free racquet of choice, to the winner!

Bracket challenges are easy to sign up for, and only take a few minutes to make your picks. You can even create a private pool for some friends, or members of your Network. When you create a private pool, your contestants are automatically entered in the main bracket.

Go here to see a list of the current and past bracket challenges:


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One Day Tennis Tournaments

One of the biggest drawbacks of entering a tennis tournament is just how much time it can consume. Players can spend the entire weekend, and sometimes more, playing in a tournament.

A one day tournament is a great way to attract time strapped, and short attention span players (like myself). A one day tournament is identical to a regular tournament, but it comprises of playing multiple mini matches throughout the day.

The match format of the mini matches depends on the size of the tournament. For example, a tournament with 8 teams would use a 8-game pro-set. This is because in an 8 team tournament, the maximum amount of matches that a team can play is three. This means a team must win three, 8-game pro-set mini matches to win the tournament. This is an achievable amount of tennis for a day, considering there may be long breaks between each match. For larger bracket sizes, you would want smaller size matches. Perhaps best 3 out of 5 games.

I would love to see some of these one day tennis tournaments here at the GTN, and would love to hear your ideas. It is a such a simple concept, and I really think it could catch on.

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