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What is up with this tournament title "the -bet-at-home Open"

Aside from the Atlanta tennis championships kicking off the US OPEN series tour the tournament of mention is the 'Bet-at-home Open in Hamburg.   It might be just me or maybe others feel this way ?  A online betting site (which by the way would be Illegal in the US due to non betting laws, I believe) is the title sponsor for a Professional Tennis Tournament in Germany.  It would almost seem that we are supporting gambling online this way.  You can read my post on my site at  I would welcome all comments.  I am trying to figure this out, and maybe I am wrong, but it just seems illogical.

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Top Ten Tennis Matches with the Most Aces


113 - John Isner (Wimbledon 2010) 5 sets, defeated Nicolas Mahut
103 - Nicolas Mahut (Wimbledon 2010) 5 sets, lost to John Isner
78 - Ivo Karlovic (Davis Cup 2009) 5 sets, lost to Radek Stepanek
55 - Ivo Karlovic (Roland Garros 2009) 5 sets, lost to Lleyton Hewitt
54 - Gary Muller (Wimbledon 1993, qualifying match) 3 sets, defeated Peter Lundgren

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New Notification System

You may have noticed a new notifications system that was just introduced last week. This notification system was created to help members stay up to date with was is happening around the site. You will now see a "Notifications" link, at the top of each page.Here are a few of the notifications you will receive.

  • Someone replies to a comment you have made anywhere on the site.
  • Someone posts a comment on a ladder you are in.
  • Someone posts a comment on a tournament you are in.
  • Someone posts a comment on a Network you are a member of.
  • Someone posts a comment on a Network Event that you are attending.
  • A new Network Announcement was made on a Network you are a member of.
  • A Network Event was added to a Network you are a member of.

I will be adding more notifications as time goes on. If you have any requests, add a comment below.

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How to Video on stringing tennis rackets part 1

Here is the first of a series of stringing videos.  This first video reviews racket mounting, preweaving and securing the first main string.  Please check it out and give me feedback.  I am working on improving these and would appreciate any comments.  Thanks and I hope this helps your stringing along.  Rackettec Stringing Video 1

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3 Winning Hybrid Tennis Racket String Combinations

This is an entry from my regular blog about racket stringing and I posted it here:  After reading this article you will have 3 winning hybrid combinations to improve your game. Some time back I published an article on eHow about understanding hybrid racket strings. In this article I spelled out some information on the theory of using hybrid stringing as a strategy for your game. In the early days of hybrid stringing only several 'packaged' hybrid strings were available one of which was Prince ProBlend. This kevlar/synthetic gut combination was designed for the hard hitting frequent string breaking player. This string became very popular and is still used today. The advantages of this string was that when the kevlar strings were installed in the main strings it provided extra durability and the player would have more hours on court before the strings broke. The downside to this string combination was the higher possiblity of arm problems due to the stiff characteristics of kevlar. The string is not forgiving, not elastic and tends to project the vibration back to the player. Polyester string started to gain popularity and many realized that it too was durable and more forgiving than kevlar. A hybrid string job does not need to include polyester but a majority will.

WHAT DO YOU WANT YOUR STRINGS TO DO? There are two extreme opposite sides to finding the right string, durability or playability with a midpoint somewhere inbetween. If you tend to break strings frequently and want your strings to last longer than using a poly based string in the mains is the way to go. Combine this with a synthetic in the crosses. Other players are looking for playability so maybe a combination of natural gut and multifilament strings would give you great playabiliy and save you some money. The fun part of all this is that you can try various combinations of strings until you find just the right combination. Don't be stuck on only choosing from options that are 'pre packaged' hybrids, any two strings on the market can be transformed to create a hybrid.

TOO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM. With 100's of different strings being offered along with the different gauges, what type of combination is best? Hopefully your local racket stringer is versed on some options for you to try, or you can email me for support as well, thats what this blog is all about.

3 Winning hybrid stringing combinations.

At the beginning of this article I promised to give you 3 combinations so here they are. I am also working on an article that will go into more details and include spin, power, control issues.

1. Luxilon m2 pro 16L in the mains and Wilson NXT 17g in the crosses. This combination will provide you durability of a polyester string that is not too stiff and has soft multifilament type characteristics along with a thinner cross multifilament for playability and power.

2. Babolat RPM Blast 17g in mains / Wilson NXT 17 crosses. This combination will give you spine and playability.

To read more please follow this link to my blog at

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9234 Hits announces the launch of Tennis Earth’s Tennis Exchange - Fantasy Tennis has always had a reputation for bringing unique and interesting features to tennis fans worldwide and its latest contribution is a one of a kind ‘Tennis Exchange’ where the sporting world meets the hustle and bustle of the stock exchange.



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HEAD Penn Star Series Raquets!!

With tennis season in full swing, as players and fans, we ALL want to know more about the next great product for America’s fastest growing traditional sport.

HEAD/Penn, a leading manufacturer of superior racquet sports equipment, has unveiled its new line of tennis racquets - The Star Series. The three racquet series features revolutionary new technologies that help provide more power, more control and more comfort. Each racquet features a unique look and appeal which evokes the true spirit of a Champion racquet.

The racquets were developed by legendary tennis players Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf who worked with an elite team to produce racquets that will maximize your performance on the court, no matter what your skill level.  Perfect for beginners and advanced players that want to play like the pros, the Star Series racquets range in price from $180 - $250.  

 Feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information and pictures!


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Why Create a Tennis Network

Global Tennis Network has a great feature that most members are not even aware of. This feature is the Networks.

Any member can create a Network. A Network is just a group of people with a common tennis connection. We have Networks for cities, schools, USTA tennis leagues, friends and more.

Networks just help organize players, events, news, ladders and tournaments into one central location. They are especially useful for tennis clubs that may have many ladders and tournaments, and need to keep all of them organized.

Here are just a few of the Network features:

  • Add news and events to keep your Network members up to date.
  • Send out emails and/or private messages to your Network members.
  • Manually add Network members directly to Network ladders and tournaments.
  • Comment board for Network members to keep in touch.

I would love to see the Networks take off. If there is not a Network near you, don't hesitate to start one yourself.

Go here to check out the existing Networks, or to start your own:

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HEAD player, Andy Murray Takes It To The Streets!

Whether on clay, grass or hard courts, HEAD player Andy Murray has consistently served up some impressive wins throughout his career. This time, Andy showcases his impressive skills off the court in a freestyle street-tennis video.

With help from HEAD’s Radical Pro Tennis Racquet, watch the 4th ranked player in the world maneuver tennis balls through alleyways, against buildings and other unlikely spaces demonstrating that his superb touch with the HEAD YOUTEK Radical Pro is not just limited to the tennis court.

Click to watch Andy Murray and HEAD’s Radical Pro take tennis to the streets!!!!



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A Chance for Amateur Players Worldwide to Play Tennis & Win Prizes is one of the world leading Tennis sites and its commitment to bringing the worldwide tennis community together will once again be shown by the inauguration of its first Amateur Grand Slam Singles Tennis Tournament.

The site is inviting players of all ages and abilities to take part and in addition offers prizes for the top three players and consolation prizes for many others taking part. The Tournament will take place over 30 days with the overall winner receiving a ‘Head’ six star tennis racquet. The first runner up and second runner up will also receive the latest five star and three star ‘Head’ tennis racquets respectively. Entering the Tournament is simple.

Competitors have to play a minimum of 15 matches with a least five distinct opponents during the course of the Tournament in order to be eligible to win a prize. TennisEarth Rating (TER) points will be won based on match results and all competitors will be able to follow their progress and that of other competitors on throughout the course of the Tournament and the final result will be published on the website the day after the Tournament closes. Entry is free and full details and Term and Conditions of entry can be found on the website
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