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New Tennis Ladder Feature - Injury and Vacation Status

Due to popular demand, I have added the ability for ladder admins to place tennis ladder players on vacation or injury status.

This will keep the players from being challenge, or let other players know that the player is not available to play a match.

To use this feature, ladder admins should go to the "Manage Players" page. 

From there, just select the player, then select injured or vacation, and select when this status will expire. Its that simple.

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Dan Evans investigated for sexual assault

British Davis Cup player Dan Evans is "fully co-operating" with police over an alleged sexual assault in Bath.

Avon and Somerset police published a photo of three men as part of an appeal for more information.

The other two are also believed to be British tennis players and police say they have names for all three, who may be able to help with their enquiries.

Last month, 19-year-old Evans lost the deciding rubber in Britain's Davis Cup defeat in Lithuania.

BBC tennis correspondent Jonathan Overend said Evans' agent confirmed on Sunday he is fully co-operating with police, but has been advised not to make any further comment at this stage.

The alleged incident is reported to have taken place in the early hours of Friday 19 March.

Evans, Britain's top-ranked teenager, was beaten in the second round of a tournament in Bath that week by compatriot Josh Goodall.

Avon and Somerset police issued an appeal on their website for help in identifying three men "who may have information".

The appeal said a woman left a nightclub with a friend and they began talking with two men before one allegedly pushed her onto a discarded mattress and sexually assaulted her.

Two years ago, Evans, who is believed to be in the United States, had his funding suspended by the LTA after being caught on a late night out while still involved in the doubles event at Wimbledon.


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5 April 2010 10:31 UK

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Online Tennis Arcade Game

A fun online tennis arcade game. Completely free. Play as much as you like.


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Learn How to Stencil a Tennis Racquet


Have you ever wondered how racquet stringers stencil your tennis racquets? Stencils are painted on designs on the strings of a tennis racquet. Most of the time these designs are the logo of the tennis racquet brand.

This video shows how simple it is to stencil your tennis racquet.

Tennis Warehouse sells stencil of the major racquet brands, but if you want something more unique, then check out Racquet Art.  Racquet art has many unique stencil, like the ones below, or you can even custom design a stencil.

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Synthetic Gut vs Natural Gut Tennis Strings


As a tennis racquet stringer, I get asked all the time what is the difference between Natural Gut tennis strings, and Synthetic Gut tennis strings.

Natural Gut strings is generally made from a cows gut in a complex process. Because of this, Natural Gut is the most expensive tennis string on the market. Natural Gut strings are popular among tennis professionals because of its superior performance. Natural Gut strings offer great elasticity, tension stability and liveliness. Because of the high price, Natural Gut may not be the best choice for recreational players. This is where Synthetic Gut strings come in.

Synthetic Gut strings come in a wide variety of materials, textures, colors etc.. Synthetic Gut strings are basically everything outside of the Natural Gut strings. Here is a breakdown of the different types of Synthetic Gut strings:

Nylon Strings

Nylon Strings are a good all-around string category. This is the basic, and most popular string choice in tennis. It also happens to be one of the cheapest. It has a crisper feel compared with Multifilaments, good, but not as gentle on the arm as Multi or Gut. It's reasonably durable and holds tension well. A good category of string when you're looking for power and control and affordability.

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A Portable Foam Tennis Backboard

I just saw this on youtube. It is a portable backboard called the EZ Shot. Actually looks like a lot of fun. Check it out.

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Do You Know Prince? Win Free Prince Gear!

Ready to get hooked up with a fully-loaded Prince performance gear pack? Show your tennis knowledge and its all yours. Prince, makers of the highly-acclaimed new EXO3 racquet line is asking, “Do You Know Prince?” and they are offering members of the Global Tennis Network an exclusive opportunity to get gear! All you have to do is test your knowledge of Prince by texting PRINCEGTN to short code 95495 OR by visiting to take the challenge. On Monday, August 31 at Noon (EST) we will pull a winner from our list of unique enters and give away a special Prince Prize Pack including a new EXO3 racquet, racquet bag, string, grip and Prince Aerotech apparel court shirt.

Players should also join the Official Prince Facebook Page for additional chances to win additional complimentary prizes as new questions are posted daily! But to win the full pack, be sure to use one of the unique registration methods above to be registered for our exclusive GTN promotion!

One lucky winner has now been selected.

Steve Holderman of Greenwood Mssouri has won the exclusive GTN drawing.

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WinSock comes in 4 colors. Get yours now and play with power.

Our ProTrainer WinSocks are one of a kind Revolutionary patented designs that give you fast results no matter what level you play at. You will Improve your game after just minutes.It's fun to win... So have more of fun with ProTrainer Tennis Innovations Products. See our products at Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The WinSock is a training weight that slides on and off your racquet quickly and easily. Unlike other sport training weights that are limited in real feel and timing because your not able to hit the ball, the WinSock can be used while actually hitting the tennis ball and your regular shots thus allowing you to focus on timing and swinging through the sweet spot, and at the same time, strengthening your tennis muscles which makes you a better tennis player. The small amount of weight is positioned at the center point of balance so it does not throw off timing and is used to hit all shots during your warm-up or practice sessions. After your warm-up; you remove the WinSock and you get instant powerful results including more racquet speed, stronger wrist and forearm muscles for better racquet control, more endurance, more penetrating ground strokes, faster reflexes and a higher level of overall confidence. Endorsed by Oscar Wegner " The Father of Modern Tennis" , Hawaii Tennis and Daily Racquet at
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How to Install an Overgrip on a Tennis Racquet

I found this good youtube video on how to install an overgrip on a tennis racquet.

An overgrip goes over the replacement grip that is wrapped directly onto the handle of the racquet. Replacement grips are thinner, cheaper and easier to install than replacement grips. Some players also like them because they make the handle size bigger.

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Common Tennis Terms

It is important to understand the various tennis terms when you are looking at the game of tennis. Knowing the terms will help you understand the game and be able to play it even better. There are some basic terms that you can use to help you identify the rules of the game and what each of them means.

An ace is a service winner that was unable to be touched by the opponent. It can also be used to refer to a good tennis player. An alley is the portion of the court that is being used - in doubles, the doubles alley is the court that extends from the singles court.

If you have a bagel, it means that you've won a set without losing any games. Also, in tennis, a bye is when you advance to the next round of play without actually playing a match.  A challenger is someone who initiates a ladder match. Conventional scoring is the same as regular scoring. When the score is at deuce, it is tied at 40-40. Love in tennis is actually a bad thing because it mean you have no points in a particular game. Also, when you have a draw in a tournament, this means that you are drawing for the order of play.  A drop shot is when you hit the ball short so that it drops right over the net. If you have been called for a fault, it means that the serve has not landed in the service box. If your serve hits the net, and goes in, it is called a net. The match point is called when the player who is ahead only needs to have one more point in order to win the match. Mixed is a term that is used for a game where one female and one male are playing against one female and one male.
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