Tennis Court Locations near Ajax Ontario

There are 17 tennis court locations near Ajax Ontario. These tennis court listings were all submitted by members of GTN. More tennis courts are submitted each day. If you can't find one of your favorite tennis courts, submit it.
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Tennis Courts near Ajax Ontario
Tennis Court
Ajax Tennis Club
75 Centennial Rd., Ajax, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo4130.45 miles
Hermitage Park
57 Leah Crescent, Ajax, Ontario
PublicNoNoNo261.94 miles
Pickering Recreation Complex
1867 Valley Farm Rd, Pickering, Ontario
ClubYesYesYes413.08 miles
Kinsmen Park
705 Sandy Beach Rd, Pickering, Ontario
PublicNoYesNo453.16 miles
Glendale Tennis Club
David Farr Memorial Park, Pickering, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo403.26 miles
Maple Ridge Park
2050 Bushmill S, Pickering, Ontario
PublicNoYesNo203.94 miles
Whitby Tennis Club
Iroquois Park, 444 Victoria St W, Whitby, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo613.95 miles
Glendale Tennis Club
1074 Glenanna Rd, Pickering, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo444.06 miles
Amberlea T.C.
1831 Fairport Rd, Pickering, Ontario
ClubNoYesNo205.02 miles
West Rouge Tennis Club
270 Rouge Hills Dr, Scarborough, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo3296.44 miles
Charlottetown Tennis Club
65 Charlottetown Blvd, Scarborough, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo3337.50 miles
Campus Tennis Centre, Durham College/UOIT
50 Conlin Road W, Oshawa, Ontario
SchoolYesYesYes609.35 miles
Heron Park Tennis Club
292 Manse Rd, Scarborough, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo569.52 miles
Tam Heather Curling & Tennis Club
730 Military Trail, Scarborough, Ontario
ClubYesYesYes479.69 miles
Seven Oaks Tennis Club
432 Military Trail, Toronto, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo3010.33 miles
Curran Hall Tennis Club
277 Orton Park Rd, Scarborough, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo43010.64 miles
Guildwood Tennis Club
170 Sylvan Ave, Scarborough, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo42611.81 miles

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