Tennis Court Locations near Aurora Ontario

There are 25 tennis court locations near Aurora Ontario. These tennis court listings were all submitted by members of GTN. More tennis courts are submitted each day. If you can't find one of your favorite tennis courts, submit it.
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Tennis Courts near Aurora Ontario
Tennis Court
Aurora Community Tennis Club
76 Maple St, Aurora, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo300.76 miles
Art Ferguson Park
16195 Bayview Ave., Newmarket, Ontario
PublicNoNoNo231.54 miles
Timberlane Athletic Club
155 Vandorf Rd, Aurora, Ontario
ClubYesYesYes1411.67 miles
Summit Park
253 Orchard Heights Blvd, Aurora, Ontario
PublicNoYesNo222.06 miles
Fontainbleu Park
Bloomington Rd E, Aurora, Ontario
PublicNoNoNo212.82 miles
Norm Weller Park
91 Cashel Ct, Aurora, Ontario
PublicNoNoNo202.89 miles
Newmarket Winter
170 Doug Duncan Dr, Newmarket, Ontario
ClubYesYesYes613.36 miles
Oak Ridges Lions Park
45 Red Cardinal Trail, Richmond Hill, Ontario
PublicNoNoNo113.78 miles
Racoon Park
41 Beaufort Hills Rd, Richmond Hill, Ontario
PublicNoNoNo293.80 miles
Russel Tilt Park
47 Blackforest Dr, Richmond Hill, Ontario
PublicNoNoNo313.80 miles
Grovewood Park
Grovewood St, Richmond Hill, Ontario
PublicNoNoNo304.86 miles
King City Tennis Association
Kingslynn Dr, King City, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo406.67 miles
Holland Landing Community Centre
19513 Yonge St, Holland Landing, Ontario
PublicYesYesNo317.05 miles
Newberry Park
234 Bernard Ave, Richmond Hill, Ontario
PublicNoYesNo457.41 miles
Pottageville Tennis Club
4635 Aurora Rd, Kettleby, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo208.38 miles
Richmond Hill Lawn Tennis Club
167 Newkirk Rd, Richmond Hill, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo6248.54 miles
Stavert Park
71 Regent St , Richmond Hill, Ontario
PublicNoYesNo328.78 miles
Angus Glen Indoor Tennis Facility
3960 Major Mackenzie East, Markham, Ontario
PrivateYesYesYes419.50 miles
Berczy Park
Weatherill Rd, Markham, Ontario
PublicNoNoNo2610.53 miles
Rimwood Park
211 Phillips Ln, Woodbridge, Ontario
PublicNoNoNo2211.02 miles
Shannon Park
78 Shannon Rd, Mt Albert, Ontario
PublicNoNoNo2111.27 miles
Wismer Park
Bur Oak Ave & Mingay Ave, Markham, Ontario
PublicNoNoNo2311.28 miles
Unionville Tennis Club
Village Pkwy & Carlton Rd, Markham, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo911911.30 miles
Too Good Park
58 Sciberras Rd, Markham, Ontario
PublicNoYesNo2111.77 miles
Nobleton Tennis Club
15 Old King Road, Nobleton, Ontario
ClubNoYesNo41512.36 miles

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